My little cheerleader

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
As a fundraiser, our local public high school (which is HUGE) hosted a cheer/dance clinic this past weekend.  Kate really wanted to do it.  This girl LIVES to turn cartwheels and dance.  It is so natural for her.  So, a few weeks ago I signed her up for the clinic.  Let me just tell you that Kate had the BEST, BEST time.  She loved it.  She loves cheering.  She loves dancing.  She loved the beautiful, sweet teenage girls who showered her with attention. She was 100% in her element.

On the front porch before the clinic...  I had to run to Target to buy her sneakers. 
 She is such a girly girl... she only owned maryjanes and ballet flats
 (well and boots and flip flops...she is a Texas gal after all;)


When we got to the clinic, the girls were so sweet to Kate.  They all wanted to work with her.


The above photo was at the clinic.  Then, Saturday night, the girls got to cheer at the game.
 And at halftime, they did a dance with the dance team.






Here is the dance team.
It was dark and I had my old camera so the photos are not good but the memories are so precious.









I did not get a good shot of Kate being the "flier" but a friend of mine did and I will post it soon.
 She was so good and so confident.

In other good news, the gym where Kate does gymnastics called me yesterday to tell me that they want to move Kate up a level right away because she is excelling at gymnastics.  This dance, gymnastics, cheer stuff is something that just comes easily to her and she loves it.
And I love seeing my girl FLY!!!!!

A 3 second video of my flier!!!

P.S.  I am not sure who is screaming but I don't think it is me:)


  1. Look at Kate perform!! She has style and presence!

  2. Kate is so amazing... love these!! Love her spirit (she gets that from her Mama!!) xoxo

  3. So sweet!! She and Maddy would be best buddies as she loves gymnastics and cheer too! Love that cute dimple of hers!

  4. ADORABLE photos of Kate, Kim! She definitely looks like she's in her element! Yay for her - she's a natural!

  5. These pictures are precious! Reminds me of the days when my girls were little and took the cheerleading camp at The Woodlands High School. They had so much fun! Love Kate's sneaks - is that a Texas star on them? Hope all is going well with you and your family is doing better.

  6. A perfect first pair of sneakers. At _six_!

    Kate really has zeal for everything she does. Cutie!

  7. She is too adorable! Chinese, loves gymnastics and cheer? Sounds like me, just half my age! Haha. My school has a junior cheer squad for the younger grade, as well as a high school squad. Kate would love it! :) Ps. What level is she in gymnastics?

  8. Now that's just precious! It looks like she had an awesome time!!!!

  9. Wow!! Neither one of my girls would ever be on a football field in front of people...I am SO impressed with her confidence and well...those sweet dimples are priceless! ;)

    Praying for sweet Harry my friend, my heart is so heavy for him....

  10. When I went to college my freshman year, I came home on Thanksgiving break and was at church talking to a friend still in high school. I was telling her that I needed to go to the mall before I flew back to school to buy sneakers. She asked why and I explained that college kids wear sneakers and jeans together. The idea was so novel to me. And I didn't even bring a pair of sneakers to college. I didn't own a "cool" pair. I wore loafers and flats typically. And at the time I still ironed my jeans (I like to think I am soooo relaxed now because I don't iron my jeans these days- ha).

    Also, I am closing my eyes and sending up lots of prayers tonight!! Lots!


  11. She is KILLING me with those poses, so so cute. Way to go Kate! She really does seem to enjoy it.

    Gin =)

  12. Kate is just precious and looks so happy cheering! Gabriella starts gymnastics and cheer soon and as she seemed to enjoy cheering her soccer team on more than playing, we may have also found something that is a natural fit:)

  13. She is too cute....I love how infectious her smile, happiness and personality is...she is one adorable girl!

  14. Awww Kate looked so happy!!! I love this!!

    We missed CHEER CAMP here and my girl was so upset. The got to sit with the cheerleaders the whole game and even performed for the crowd. I felt awful!! I didn't get any notices until it was TOO LATE!!

  15. Looks like she simply had a blast!! :)

  16. From one cheerleader to another, tell her she did great! Get her into comp squad, full ride scholarships!

  17. She is so adorable and has such talent and looks like she is having a ball!

  18. This is so sweet! What fun!


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