more fun in the sun

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
It STORMED really hard yesterday afternoon and evening but we had a little sunshiny fun in the morning. I REALLY hope we don't get more rain.  I need to do some photographs of the peanuts.  These are all candid but I am taking Lisa's photography class and have homework to complete.  Plus, I want to try to capture our Christmas card photo.  At Will's new high school, the seniors shave the freshmen's heads in the beginning of the  school year (for homecoming school spirit--it is completely voluntary and supervised and Will wants to do it).  So, he will be bald for a few months this Fall.  I for sure want our photo taken before that!!!!



Ooh, I just noticed that Kate's suit matches my new blog look:)  That is a total coincidence.  THANK YOU to a bloggy friend who freshened up my look.  I wanted something super simple and she did just what I wanted:)  We're going to have the tabs working after vacation.



Look at that sky!  Can you believe it stormed right after this???

Okay, Kate and I are going to head out to the beach in case we get afternoon showers again:)
The boys are being sleepy heads.

P.S.  Thank you for all the prayers and support for Evie.  If you have not read her story, please do ( a few posts back) and sign the petition and pray for her and her family.  


  1. I did immediately think "How is the world is she going to match the blog background to each of her posts!" Ha.

    The beach looks like heaven. So jealous.

    PS - Christian Grey is one of the main character in 50 Shades of Grey!

    1. So funny. I guess I like polka dots:)

      I realized or pieced together who he was after I commented on your post. I have not read those books (and have no desire to either) but lots of my friends have. This beach is heaven although more crowded than we are used to as we usually come in the end of August.

  2. Enjoying the beach pics and loving Kate's bathing suits! I gotta admit I cringed when I read that Will's hair would be shaved. He has such beautiful thick hair. I know it will grow back but ACK!!! Ok...I'm okay now!!

    PS Went to the Sophia Jane Boutique and saw Kate and several other kiddo's I knew featured!! Too adorable!! I want to get my girl one of the cute bathing suits Kate was wearing but I'm stomped on what color! So many pretty colors to choose from!!! *Kate's bathing suit color was sold out* :(

  3. Kim, these beach photos are gorgeous! And I love how you are still doing homework while on vacation! You rock!

    Did I use enough exclamation points? lol.

    Have fun!

  4. I can't imagine his beautiful dark hair all gone! Can't wait to see the blog post when they shave all the freshman. Love the beach photos. We are hoping to get to the beach soon- summer is going by way toooooooo fast.

  5. Kim, have fun at the beach, the colors are so beautiful!! I hope the rain holds off and you get some beautiful pictures, I'm sure you will! That's funny about Will's hair, he'll still look handsome! And your blog looks great! Enjoy!xo

  6. What a perfect summer day and the pictures are just stunning!! Wow a shaved head, huh? My son did this in 9th grade after sporting rather long hair for a long time, it was hard at first but it grew on me and he loved the no maintenance of almost no hair..haha.
    Hope you keep enjoying your summer days!

  7. The beach looks wonderful!! We are heading to Rosemary Beach Friday and I can't wait!!!! I hope you all have a great time at the beach!!

  8. Your blog looks so cute, Kim! And your kids...just what a happy life you are giving them. It is a joy to share. Please tell me, though. I have two boys, 5 years apart. They wrestle, wrestle, wrestle all the time lately! Did yours ever go through this? I am from a girl family, and don't know what to do!

    Praying for dear Evie.

    In my latest post, I have up a music video that I think is an antidote to the 50 shades stuff going 'round. Maybe stop by when you get a chance.

  9. Hi there!
    I saw your pictures on Paige's fb page and clicked over because I noticed your beautiful daughter....we have a daughter from China, too. And, I also blog, which is how I "met" Paige. :)

    Your family is just beautiful....always feel connected to other families who have adopted!

  10. Your photos are gorgeous! Lisa's class is paying off!

  11. Look at that beautiful water and sky..looks like a georgous day for the beach. I love the new blog look!

    Gin =)

  12. Hi, I'm a first time commenter and am finally saying hi :) I love your blog. My husband and I are considering adoption, which is how I found your blog. I have found your candidness to be refreshing and so very helpful and informative. I also appreciate the other aspects you write about like the gorgeous photography and the posts about just might make me a better dresser!


Thank you for your kindness.