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Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Like everybody else, I have a serious case of the end of year business.   Some things we/I have been up to...

~I am getting in serious shape. I have been exercising every day.  I have tried cross fit, have been walking/running and even bought a step to do my old favorite step aerobics (I am so old school).  I am also eating super healthy...smoothies for breakfast and big salads for lunch.

~ Kate tried out for the swim team and made it!!!!  Will was signing up for swim team and we decided to see if Kate could make it.  We knew she could swim the 50 meter freestyle but we were not so sure about the backstroke.   Well, it needs some work but she made it!!  So, two of the peanuts will be on swim team this summer.

SO proud of my little fish...







~ In other Kate news, it was the kindergarten awards ceremony last week. Kate got her kindergarten "diploma" and she also got PERFECT ATTENDANCE!!!   This is a first for anyone in our family. I can tell you that I would have never guessed in a million years that Kate would have perfect attendance.  Kate used to be sick ALL THE TIME!  Remember, when she had mono and strep and pneumonia and the flu and constant ear infections?!  I mean she was always, always sick! Well, ever since those big old tonsils came out she has been healthy as a horse! {She also got tubes in her ears and had her adenoids removed.}  BEST thing we ever did!


Kate at the awards ceremony with her principal and her teacher.


~Harry had his last elementary school field trip last week.  The kids spent a whole day out at an awesome ranch.  They swam,  played mini golf, danced (with a DJ), played all kinds of games/sports, had burgers and dogs.  It was such a fun day.  I had tears in my eyes many times watching Harry have  so much fun with his good friends.  BUT the best part of the day was when he came up to me out of the blue and hugged me and told me he loved me. I about melted.  Harry almost did not want me to go to this end of year field trip/party so I was not expecting him to do THAT!  I love that kid!






I even got to see Harry dance!




~ One of the fun things about our kids school is that we are encouraged to go eat lunch with the kids whenever we can.  I try to bring the kids lunch once a month or so.  It is a great way to connect during the hectic school week and I really get to know their friends too.  Since this is the last time we can bring Harry lunch (the middle schoolers would rather DIE than have their parents come for lunch!) Dave and I brought special lunches up to Harry and friends.  Dave bought a ton of buffalo wings a few weeks ago and I bought up 4 pizzas last week.  I am really going to miss lunch with him at school.

harry pizza_0219

~I have been very busy coordinating my summer spreadsheet.  I literally have a spreadsheet for the peanuts summer activities. Will is doing driver's education (Lord help me!), swim team, junior lifeguard program, Zoo Crew volunteer and sleep-away camp.  Harry is doing  3 weeks of sports camp, LaCrosse camp, Vacation Bible School, art camp (architecture) and sleep-away camp.  Miss Kate is doing swim team, art camp, sculpture camp, Vacation Bible school and gymnastics camp!  I guess I will be driving taxi service all summer:)  Our kids like to be busy.  They still have quite a few weeks though with nothing scheduled for pool, fun and down time.

~Okay I think I caught the blog up to date now. Harry has a big program at school tonight and graduation tomorrow night.  Will is at a water park with school all day today, has an 8th grade dance/party tomorrow night and graduation on Thursday.  WHEW! Our summer vacation starts Friday! Hope I make it!

And finally, since I like to tell y'all about good books I read.... LOVED the Book Thief.  Read it for book club and I really enjoyed it a lot.  Also, I read Divergent after Will raved about it.  It is great and if you liked the Hunger Games, you will like it.  I am about half-way through the sequel Insurgent too!


  1. The Book Thief was one of my recent faves as well! Try Girl in Translation by Kwok. About a Chinese immigrant and her mother who come to Brooklyn. Amazing.

    Lacrosse camp! Love that lacorsse is slowly getting bigger and bigger!

  2. Yay for Miss Kate!!!!!! I have heard that once they get their tonsils out, they hardly get sick at all! Before we left the states, the girls had strep about 6 times a year but have not had it once in Latin America. Weird huh?

    Yay for you working out! Ohhh I wish I had the urge to do this, I just KNOW I would have more energy if I did:)

    That made me cry about Harry. I remember when James was wrestling in high school. His tournaments would last all day on Saturday and all of the parents sat with the boys in the bleachers. After a match he would always come and lay his sweaty head in my lap and take a nap...a senior in high school! heart melted each time:)

  3. Wow! Congrats to the swim team members, grads and perfect attendance! You are going to be quite the taxi service, but just think, soon you can share that with Will! :)

    Have fun!


  4. Love you hair in the last photo! Really looks cute - love the curls! Have a great summer.

  5. oh this time of year is so kids have another month still!! So happy to hear you are working too..I love Tosca Reno, she really inspires I am eating clean, which I do most of the time, but am eating 6 small meals a day, lots of water, and doing weights with cardio!

    I am reading Divergent right now...I am glad to know I am not the only one ready Teen fiction..I know it doesn't matter, it is all about what you like..right?? I will check out The Book Thief!

    Enjoy the end of the year festivities!! and CONGRATS to Kate on swim team!!

    1. Hi Dawn,

      I love Clean Eating magazine and cookbooks too. I use them a lot.

      As for "teen"...have you read The Fault in OUr Stars? SO SO SO good!!!! I LOVED it!


  6. Yay Kate!!!! Congratulations on swim team, and your Kindergarten diploma!!!! Sienna and Ruby are signed up for swim team too.. We will find out if they can make it across that pool next week!!!! We are hoping they do... What a fun way to spend the summer!!! It sounds like we are all on the same schedule... School is over for Ainsley Friday, dance recital Sunday, Chicago next week and then our activities kick in!! Now we just need your warm weather!!!!

    "Enjoy" the craziness!!! It sounds like you have some fun things to post about coming up!!!


  7. That ranch looks like a lot of fun! I still have to plan some more summer activities for my Miss P. Hopefully, I'll find some still available. So far she is just doing swim team. It's a few days a week, so it gives us a good start.

    I'm jealous of your fitness routine! I've been eating everything in sight, and have not worked out. Another blog I read has a June challenge I'm thinking of trying. I end school on June 1st, so that could work out great.

    1. It is really hard to get started but now that I am in the groove..>I feel so good. GO for it!!!!

  8. WOW you are going to be one busy mama! Congrats on all the marvelous achievements, you have many reasons to be proud...your kids are fantastic! Love Kates monogrammed bathing suit! Thanks for sharing.....I could so relate to the part you said about Harry coming up unexpectedly and telling you he loves you, is that not the absolute best thing in life? Just when we think they dont' need us as much, they surprise us like that, love it!

    PS I also got a spreadsheet and this is only for my younger one!

  9. LOVE the swim suite Kate has on. If you don't mind, where did you get it!! I so understand the tearing up as your children grow up and move to a new chapter. With 2 grown married daughter I know how you feel. You are not a sissy, you are emotionally attached =)

    1. Thank you Debbie.

      I got Kate's suit at Zulily. The brand is Penelope Mack and it was maybe $10. Then I got it monogrammed locally.

  10. I'm so glad to read that Kate is healthy since her tonsils came out. Carter has been the same: I finally pushed to get to ENT and out they came in February, he's been healthy since. I'm so glad I made the push and glad to hear it's been positive for Kate too.

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  12. You are in the home stretch for the year - must feel good!!! We have a couple more weeks and are very excited to be done!
    We are looking forward to swim team and fewer activities this summer. I was finding that camp and all the extras weren't leaving us much time for spontaneous fun. We spend a lot of time of time at the pool!

    1. I hear ya bout the down time. We go back and forth between scheduled and not so scheduled summers. But believe it or not...with all that going on...Kate and Harry still have 4-5 weeks of nothing. I have purposely kept Will super busy this summer though. He needs to be busy or he drives me NUTS! Must be a teen thing:)

  13. wow, you are a busy Mom but you still look amazing! I am loving your long hair! And your cross is stunning!


  14. CONGRATS to Kate for making the swim team......that is such awesome news!!!
    Looks as though y'all are keeping busy and will have a fun summer ahead.

    you look fabulous as always Kim!!

    Best of luck to Will tomorrow~



  15. So glad that Kate has been healthy. I remember lurking back then and it seemed like every other post was about her being sick :(.

    How do you like cross fit? To be honest, I went to the website and felt too overwhelmed by all of the info there!

  16. All three of my kids play lacrosse (2 girls, 1 boy) - I'm from Maryland so it was pretty much a requirement. Luckily they all love it. ;o) And..... my oldest is a rising Sophomore at Loyola University Maryland - home of the Men's Division 1 2012 Lacrosse Champions! Woot-Woot!

  17. Love her pillowcase style dress--what is the print on it? So cute!


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