Trail Ride {Sunday Snapshot}

Sunday, February 26, 2012
So, as I mentioned in my last post, the trail-riders make their way right by Harry and Kate's school.  Most of the kids go out to see them.  Unfortunately, I thought I had to work when they were going to be riding by but my client pushed our appointment back a few hours and I got to be with Kate.  I was so thrilled because I really hate to miss this kind of stuff with my kiddos!  Even more unfortunate is that Harry's class was taking a test so they did not get to come out and see.

When I first got to school they were making Texas crafts.  They made these adorable horses...



And then they painted our state flower, Texas Bluebonnets...



Then we got word the trail-riders were close, so we headed outside.  It was COLD!!!
(For us Sotherners anyway).  Poor lil Kate was freezing.


Katie Ru huddled together with her pals to try to keep warm.



I ♥ how they held hands !


This little girl is Kate's good friend.
She is here from China for one year while her Mom does a fellowship at the medical center.
He grandma speaks to me in Chinese every single day.  I have no clue what she says.  I just smile:)

I had a skirt on so I was standing up.  Kate found another Mom's lap to keep her warm....


Soon, all the other girls piled on.  That is Kate's hat but you cannot see her:)


FINALLY...the trail-riders show up!







See, little kids even ride.  See that lil cowboy up front? These groups literally ride in from all over Texas.  They camp for weeks.




How cute is this lil cowgirl?!


It was a fun Go Texan Day!!!  Now, I am looking forward to watching the Oscars tonight.

I'll be back tomorrow to update you on my Lent stuff.  In the event that I don't post for a few days, it might be due to a dead computer.  I have had my MacBook Pro for about 5 years and it is dying a slow death on me.  I think it's days are truly numbered.  Apparently, I am about out of application memory.  Maybe I can get more?  Anyone know?

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Adorable! My girls and I enjoyed them coming down Shepherd. I absolutely love this time of year and it is strange how normal it feels to have these horses and wagons riding down the streets of the 4th largest city!

    1. I know! When I first moved here I could not believe my eyes when I saw the trail riders on our traffic jammed streets and highways. It seemed so strange. I love Rodeo time too.

  2. Very cute, looks like so much fun. So just out of curiosity, how cold was it? What would be considered cold for your area?
    I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some warm weather. Something beyond 40 would be nice.

    1. Okay will laugh but I think it was 51 degrees! It is all perspective, right? The thing is that the day before it almost reached 80!!!! We were literally sweating the day before. So, we were not really dressed appropriately is more likely the scenario!

  3. Love these pics Kim! I had bought Maggie a pink pair of cowboy boots and we finally gave the away because she didn't like them:) It was nice to come over and visit...and thank you so much for the book, you know me so well! XOXO

  4. Ok, I tried to comment, but I don't think it went through after it asked me to sign in to Google...ugh! Anyway, love these pics! Maggie didn't like her pink cowboy boots, so we gave to a little girl in our neighborhood...she loves all of her others, but refused to wear them:) Thank you so much for the book, you know me so well! It was fun to visit here for a bit...hugs~

  5. Hi :) Big fan of your blog but I have never commented. But since you mentioned your Macbook Pro, I thought I'd jump in.

    A few things you should look at. Your computer running out of application memory doesn't necessarily mean you need more memory (RAM). Is your hard drive almost full? I generally recommend leaving a good 10 GB of space free. Also, if you start up Activity Monitor (command+spacebar will bring up Spotlight, and then you can search for Activity Monitor). You can sort by "real memory" usage and see which applications you are using that are sucking up memory.

    If that still doesn't work, I would suggest bringing it to an Apple Store to have the technicians take a look. They can run a full diagnostics and also give you an opinion as to whether it's worth it to purchase more RAM, or to start thinking about a new machine.

    1. Than you so much Jessica!!! I am going to check into these things. I really appreciate your help!!

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  7. I love her hat and boots! Seriously, I want them in my size:)
    What a neat event!

  8. What a fun tradition, but so disappointing that Harry's teacher didn't allow them to participate! :(

  9. I love that they do this in your city for the big rodeo. My husband grew up riding in a trail ride and sleeping over in Mem park. He has such fond memories of doing this with his brothers and sister and his riding friends!!! Great experience in TX pride:) Love Kate's boots. Hayden LOVES her cowgirl boots and wears them OFTEN:) Last year we had pink.....this year we have moved to RED!!!!

  10. What a great day and a wonderful tradition to bring friends and family together..Kate is too cute in her pink girly cowgirl getup!

  11. What fun! And the pictures are marvelous our your little Texas girl :)

  12. Oh goodness!! What cute pics! I esp love the little "horse" project that Kate and her classmates were making in class. I'm trying to get activities together for Bre's 5th *barnyard party* and this is a cute idea!!

  13. My understanding from Apple is you need to delete stuff.. You can't "buy" more memory..... I will be very sad the day my Mac Book Pro dies.. Another reason to start backing things up!!! I love your 40bags/40 days... If I got on that, I could definitely fill 40+!!!

    We need to catch up!!


  14. Hi there! I've followed along for years but have only commented a few times. My little Ainsley is also from China so I've enjoyed your blog. I thought I would chime in since I just went through the process of adding a new hard drive and ram to my MacBook pro. First I went to the apple store and they told me what I needed and where to go. Do u have an apple store close where u can make a genius bar appt? Apple won't actually do the work but they have apple recc stores. I went to our local micro center store and they doubled my RAM and replaced my hard drive doubling my storage space. My computer runs faster and I've got tons of storage. I'm. It very computer literate so it was a little painful to transfer my data and reload my programs onto the new harddrive but it only cost $300 total and it's almost like new:). Good luck. I find computer issues so stressful... Probably because I!m not very good with them!

  15. I love the Chinese girl's grandma who speaks to you in Chinese every day. And how you have absolutely no idea what she's saying, so you just smile! :)


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