S'more cookies

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Kate and Harry LOVE s'mores!  So when I spied this super easy recipe on one of my favorite blogs, we had to try them.  I am linking straight to the recipe but be warned, you will want to spend all day reading my new blog friend, Jennifer's beautiful blog:)

S'more Cookies

I'll tell ya they did not last long or I would have a photo of them finished/cooled too. 

We have still been baking our pies.  I made a blueberry one last week (below).  It was the first time I made the crust from scratch by myself. Dave is really the pro at that in our house. In fact, I did need Dave's help rolling it out.  The blueberry pie tasted great but I should have put something more in the blueberries to thicken them (tapioca or corn startch). I put a little in but it needed more.  It was delicious warm with some Bluebell Vanilla ice cream.



  1. That all looks SO good!! Mmmm...

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  2. Sarah & and I were looking thru your blog...now we are craving these cookies :) and also got tempted tos tart my own blog 9 i have nooo idea) what im doing but so far its fun. Hugs n Kisses to everyone :D

  3. these both look delish!!
    i just took s'more brownies out of the oven...a recipe i just made up...they look great, so we will see how they taste!

  4. Now you are tempting me with those cookies. My mom and Jamie have made them up here in NH but I can't have them because of Lorelei....it is killing me! =)

  5. My HUSBAND was surfing blogs and came to yours and he now wants to a.) make s'mores cookie and b.)travel to Italy! Ha!

    The pie looks yummy as usual! PW's crust is fool proof and super yummy, if you've never tried it.

  6. This post came just in time for a "mom-I'm-bored" rainy weekend!!

  7. I've been obsessed with the idea of smores cookies - those look absolutely delicious! I might just have to bake some up before baby boy is born (and the dieting begins!). :) That pie doesn't look too shabby either...

  8. oh my gosh, those cookies look SINFUL :-)

  9. So super impressed that you are baking in the summer. I can not wait to try these smore cookies. You are such a fun mom.

  10. Yummy! What fun and delicious summer projects! :)

  11. My daughter had a "camp" themed week the last week of school--and I saw these S'more cookies on that blog--made them and sent them to school (I used milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate)--the kids and teacher RAVED about them--my problem--forgot to taste one before I sent them in--so we will be making them again!!!!!
    Your Pie day seems like such fun--Sorry to say, I'm not a fan of pie--but I'm thinking "Cupcake Sunday" might be really fun and yummy--I've come across quite a few delish sounding cupcake recipes this summer (creamscicle, pink lemonade... and of course there is always red velvet!!!). As always you inspire me to try new things with my family! Thanks for having this blog and sharing your family with us!!!


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