A letter to my 5 year old... {Sunday Snapshot}

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dear Kate Emerson Ru,

I truly cannot believe you are FIVE years old.  It seems like just yesterday that I held you for the first time in the Richmond airport.  It was instant love.  How has it been over four years already?

This morning we were having a family meeting about summer time rules and expectations and you were being so cute.  Out of the blue, Dad jokingly said to you,"when did you get here?"  And without skipping a beat you replied, "just in time." You did come to our family just in time.   And you brought laughter, pink, magic, softness and spontaneity with you to our family.

This year you learned so many new things.  I saw you spread your wings in ways I had not seen before.  You really became independent.  For the first few years you used to follow us around the house all day long.  Dad and I used to joke that you must be so bored watching the rest of us life live.  You seemed to  be content to simply observe for the first four years of life.  But not this year.  This year you soared.  You learned to play independently which was HUGE for me.  You still don't play with toys a lot but you read books, do art, play dress up and set up tea parties by yourself.  You have learned to entertain yourself which I think is a huge lesson in life that will serve you well.

This year I also saw how determined you are.  You set some goals for yourself and you worked relentlessly to achieve them.  This one of the things I love most about you....your "can do" spirit.

Just this year you...

Started Sunday school and learned so much about Jesus and the Bible.

You learned how to blow a bubble.


You mastered the monkey bars (this one took months of perseverance)...





Dad taught you to ride a bike without training wheels in record time....


You are learning how to read (video coming soon)...

You have become a great swimmer....


You figured out how to rollerblade....


And you taught yourself how to yo-yo.

You are working like heck to whistle and sometimes you get it just right:)

{here you are trying to whistle while I am trying to get a photo!}

You love all the nicknames I have for you (pudding, dumpling, cupcake, Ru, Katie Ru, pumpernickel, pumpkin) and you often tell me new ones to call you for the day. Last week you suggested asparagus one day and the next day you wanted to be called Katie instead of Kate:)

Kate, you are a generous and kind friend, a cuddle bug, and a sweet sister.  I love having you for a daughter. You can wrestle like nobody's business with your brothers (and you even know some Judo moves) and a minute later you can pirouette around the house like a prima ballerina! You have the grace and manners and composure to sit still at a fancy tea but you can laugh at the potty humor you unfortunately hear sometimes (from your brothers!).  You make us all laugh when we need it the most.  You are truly gifted in the arts and many people have pointed that out to us lately.  You can draw and paint with such talent.  And you are an amazing dancer.  I cannot wait to see how those God given talents mature along with you.

{one of your recent paintings}

In a few months, you will spread your wings even further as you start kindergarten.  I know you will do great things.  Don't forget that you will never be too big for a snuggle-cuddle in Mama's lap though.  I love the relationship we have.  We are so close and I hope that never changes.  Even though it drives me crazy somedays, deep down I love hearing you say, "Mama?!" 100 times a day.  I hope you always call me Mama.

Most of all you have a love for God and for His goodness.  I love you very much and am so proud God chose me to be your Mama!


P.S. Tomorrow night I will post the photos of how we celebrated on Kate's birthday!

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Happy Birthday Kate...
    Love the photos..
    Kate has an AMAZING family who has taught her so many things and you are all soooo BEAUTIFUL..
    can't wait to see photos..
    Love you BIG..

  2. Happy Birthday to your Kate! I can't believe how big and beautiful she is getting! What a lovely, spunky, sweet little lady. Blessings to your beautiful family!

  3. Happy 5th Birthday sweet Kate! I love all of the pics and am very impressed with the bubble and the monkey bars-we are working on both of those things. Kate sounds like such a sweetie and has such a good heart! So happy she had a year of doing rather than observing. Sounds like there is a lot in store for your sweet girl! Enjoy every minute with her! Wish you both could join Di and the girls here this week! Have a great week ahead!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

  5. Beautiful Emma. Beautiful letter. Beautiful post. Not to mention, one beautiful Mama!

  6. A beautiful letter Kim for your daughter who has blossomed so much this year!

    She is a very special little girl!!!


  7. Sweet and beautiful! Kate is a darling and it is nice to see that independence might one day come for my clingy 4 year old who only wants MAMA!

  8. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter! She is one amazing girl and I know just how you feel -- incredibly blessed to have her in your family! Great letter!


  9. Thank you for your prayers for my FIL and sweet comment.

    What a blessing family is... Especially your sweet Kate!

  10. Happy Birthday Kate!
    You seem to get cuter each year!

  11. Happy Birthday Kate! What a beautiful letter too!

  12. Happy Birthday to beautiful Kate! She had a great family to watch and observe for those years. It is a blessing to have a wonderful Mom/Daughter relationship. My daughter is 24 and we are the best of friends. (She even told someone years ago in Middle School that I was her best friend) God bless you and yours....

  13. Happy Birthday, Katie! It is amazing how fast they grow up. God is GOOD!

  14. happy birthday sweet kate!!!
    i have loved watching you grow up these last few years through your mama's lens. what a beautiful big girl ( i almost said little girl)
    you are!

    kim, my fave picture has to be herriding her bike & dave's excitement in the background!!

  15. I'm Kate and I came from China. Love reading your blog. It is so touching and warm. Happy Birthday to your little Kate. She is blessed to have such a great family and an awesome mama:-)

  16. A mother daughter relationship is so special. Happy Birthday Kate!

  17. The photos are a great look into the beauty of your 5 yr old! What a sweet little girl that has the privilege of knowing & loving Jesus!

  18. hi, i'm new to your blog and wanted to introduce myself!

    beautiful family! i love this letter... i do them for my son, too, but haven't since he turned 12 months (now he's 14 months- STOP GROWING).


  19. What a delightful letter to an even more delightful little girl! I am so glad that Kate Emerson had a happy, happy birthday!

  20. Happy 5th Birthday sweet girl,from Mia and her Mama!! Hope you had a wonderful, happy day :)

  21. Judging by that adorable Lily dress, Kate learned to blow a bubble and accomplish the monkey bars in one day! :) Your daughter is precious and although I am 21, a senior in college with grad school coming up, and no where near ready to be married, your blog has opened my eyes to the beauty of adoption. Happy birthday to Kate. :D

  22. Happy Birthday sweet princess!! What a blessing you are to all of us:)

  23. Great post. I know just what you mean about five...they are not little little anymore. And bailey has had such a growing spurt lately...urg.. But then I look at her tiny arms and know she still has miles to go..lol
    Love kates cute outfits!

  24. Happy 5th Birthday Kate! I love your painting... it is so HAPPY!!! :)

  25. I love this post. I love that girl! What a big year she's had!!
    Happy Birthday Kate!!

  26. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl! She is just so darn cute. It sounds like she's becoming quite an independent spirit - something I'm sure every mother loves to see (while melancholy at the same time, I guess).

  27. Happy Birthday Asparagus!!!
    I was reading this post out loud to my 8 year old cousin and she laughed about the nicknames:-) She also stated quite seriously that she is referred to as "Fertilizer Mertizler" during recess kickball games. LOVE KIDS:-)


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