The Celebration

Monday, June 13, 2011
{A note about photos~ I feel like my posts are always too laden with photos.  My kids lovingly tease me that I take WAY too many photos. I know both statements are true. But you see, I don't have many photos from my childhood at all. My early childhood was very happy and lots of pictures were taken. We had lots of little family traditions and fun times to record. I don't have many (I think my sister has them).  But then my Dad left and my parents divorced when I was between Harry and Will's ages.  It was really difficult. And it still is in some ways. And not many photos were taken after about 6th or 7th grade.  I want my kids to know that I take all of these photos and document all of this out of pure love for them and for our family life.  So, that's the reason I am so snap happy. I know there are a TON of photos in this post but I cherish every single happy moment and smile:)}

It is officially summer break in the peanut house and I barely survived the first week.  We have a lot going on here hence my lack of posting.  But thank you very, very much for all the great book suggestions.  I had read some but many were new to me.

Now onto Kate's birthday celebration....

Dave and I make a concerted effort to try not to spoil our children materially.  And I think we are doing okay in that department thus far. The children only receive things for occasions (birthday, Christmas, Easter). We don't just buy them things when we go to Target or a toy store.  But I do like to make them feel REALLY special on their birthdays in other ways.  So, I make a big fuss over them for a day or two.

We always let the peanuts have a special treat for breakfast on their birthday.  Kate chose a pink doughnut with sprinkles and she LOVES breakfast in bed.  She started talking about it days before her birthday!



Look how excited her little face is!




I try to do a photo shoot with Kate each year on her birthday too so I have photos to compare as the years pass.  She was pretty cooperative but it was SO HOT (100 degrees) that morning and we were quickly drenched in sweat.  Also, (just so I remember when I look back at these) Kate ran into my desk about two weeks ago and gashed her eye and her cheek.  So, she has some scratches that are not the most photogenic right now.  The white patches around her eyes are lack of pigmentation that she gets every year due to eczema.  I have edited it out in some shots but not in all of them.  I really wish I had gotten some better shots of her.



She spent a lot of her time running around the park.....


and trying to cross the creek on the stones...


Which she succeeded at doing!!!



Then we had to pick up Harry from his last day of school.

Since Kate had a dancing ballerina party, she could not really invite her best boys buddies to the party.  But we did promise that we would take them out for a cupcake or ice cream so she could celebrate with them.  These two guys have really been her close buddies this year.



Kate's friend Josh arrived first.  They are so adorable together!!!

While they waited for Kate's other friend, she opened a gift from Josh...


She danced around (she dances ALL the time.  I love it!)



She also spent quite a bit of time eyeing up the sweets....

5 celeb30164



After they all picked out their cupcakes, we sang Happy Birthday...


And Kate and her buddies giggled a lot...



I love how her little buddy Devan is looking at her here:)

After the cupcakes, we went to our friend and neighbor's house for a swim.  We ended up ordering pizza and having wine and staying until 10 pm:)  In fact, Kate and Harry even spent the night there.

5 celeb3_0341
{I-phone snappy}

So, the next morning we let her open some gifts that friends and family sent.

Look at that face!!!  So cute!

Aunt Dooney, Uncle Moon and cousin Aston sent Kate this mermaid fin (that is what was in the box above.)


  She has asked for one for 3 years and while this one is still too big for her little feet, she loved it.


I give Kate a charm every year for her birthday and this year, I bought Kate ballet slippers.


In a few years, I will give her the bracelet with all the charms on them.

Then that night we went out for Mexican food...


and they brought a little cake and sang to her

I felt bad though because the cake had pineapple in it and Kate is allergic to pineapple so she could not have any:(


  1. I love this post. You dress Kate so well and I feel like she gets prettier each time I see a pic of her. She glows from the inside out! :) xo!

  2. Oh Kim, I love love love seeing all of your pictures! The shots you took in the cupcake store are amazing! What a great place for sweet treats! Happy belated Birthday to your sweet Kate! I love the headbands you put on Kate. They are great!! I need to check on ETSY for some. Can't find any here in FL. Have a fun summer!

  3. I meant to tell you I loved her gold shoes! My Madi would flip over those! We fight the eczema too every summer. Our Dr just gave us Zenieva, and it works great along with Dermaoil right after bath while skin is wet. If you know of anything that works for you, please share (since you have soooo much free time haha)

  4. Magnifiques photos!
    Votre fille est superbe!
    Quel beau matin que de déguster un beigne au lit!

  5. I think Kate might just be! I adore her sweet spirit and little dimple when she smiles. I can tell what a giddy little girl she is. That's what it is all about, my friend. Can I ask you where you get her darling, big flower headbands? Sooo cute! Glad her day was so special!

  6. is that her bed? my 4 year old (almost 5 year old daughter) has a very similar bed- it's a Queen sized brass bed, and i love it! i got her a big bed because it's so great to read her goodnight stories in it and snuggle. :-)

  7. Haha! My family is always picking on me too about the photos. Especially my husband - it drives him crazy! Kate is so adorable! I LOVE the photos of her in her white dress. She is so beautiful. And she looks so excited waiting for her breakfast in bed! That cupcake shop looks divine!

  8. I disagree, wholeheartedly, with you about taking too many pictures. Keep on snapping and keep on sharing. That's what I like most in a blog...the pictures. I, too, am very snap happy and love photographing life, as it happens. They'll be happy you did, too, some day. :)

  9. I think you should just keep being snap happy Kim. I am too, and I agree, it's truly out of love for your child that you do this. You just can't get enough of them in person, so you take pictures. :) And like someone said to me, in a few years, these memories will be the only thing you have left.

    I also make excuses, but you don't have to, you're among friends here! :)

    Also, can I just say how HAPPY Kate looks, what a wonderful mother you are. My favourite pictures are of her with her two little (boy)friends from school. Absolutely darling! She is in heaven with this pair!! also the happiness of her getting that donut in bed, incredible. What a sweet girl.


  10. Wonderful photos! You have a gift.
    Kate is so beautiful. Looks like she had a great time. :) You are capturing wonderful memories.

  11. Stunning photos, and stunning subjects! I adore all of your photos and words - can't get enough! And heh, I know that little cupcake shop sister and I treat ourselves there when we are both in town.

    Thanks for making me smile by sharing these memories!

  12. Love your celebration and your photos! She is most adorable and like the others, Jodee and I are wondering -- where do you get those cute headbands? And do they hurt her head at all?

    Have a great day!


  13. What a GREAT post! Sheis just glowing :)

  14. I love all your photos, almost the number one reason I read your blog. Number 1 reason is you seem like a GREAT family. But I also adore all the clothes, yours and Kates! I wish I could still get my daughter to wear all the darling dresses. Clothes for 12 year old girls are beyond TERRIBLE these days! Could you please always mention the designers, maybe I can get them for little nieces. Keep up the good work....thank you so much!

  15. I am a snap happy mom too. I love the cupcake shop...what a beautiful little place!

  16. Love all the photos!!! Kate is just precious! We just signed Gabriella up for ballet and she begins her lessons next week!

  17. Very cute photos of Miss Kate's birthday! I love that little dessert shop idea for the boys!

  18. Goodness, what FUN! I love how you captured the day with all your photos... they tell a story that will mean so much to you and to Kate when she's bigger :)
    Love the shots of her dancing around the cupcake shop!!

  19. Don't apologize for posting alot of pictures, everyone loves to see them anyway. I do, however think you should get in front of the camera a lot more (maybe you do and just don't post them?). Your kids will want pictures with you in them too, especially when they are older. It looks like Miss Kate had a fabulous birthday. She is always dressed so cute.

  20. happy birthday sweet kate!! i can't believe it, i love the little cupcake celebration with her boyfriends:)

  21. I love how snappy happy you are. I think it is so amazing. After my mother got sick when I was in high school the pictures of my brother and I quickly dwindled. Then later, my parents had gotten divorced, and pictures became even more scarce. You know how important those pictures are as well as how much your children with cherish them for their entire lives. You are amazing.
    Happy Birthday Kate!!:)

  22. Happy Belated 5th Birthday to one of the sweetest little girls!! It looks like her day was perfect in every way.

    That little bakery is ADORABLE..... and I loved her dress:)

    I say there is no such thing as too many photos!! Kate is really growing up.... you can see the changes in her in just the last few months. What a beautiful little lady.

    It looks like you all have had a busy start to your summer. I hope you get to enjoy a little R&R before they all go back to school.

    All my best~



  23. Happy, happy birthday Kate! Love your celebration!
    Can you please share where the white dress is from? I am in love with it and need it for my daughter!!!

  24. Happy belated birthday beautiful Kate! It looks like she had a very fun and special day. I love every one of the photos. I say keep snapping away!! The shots of Kate dancing in that incredible cupcake shop are adorable! On our first "got you" anniversary I got Kerry a charm bracelet and a couple of charms and plan on buying a new charm on each anniversary (which is next week actually!)

    Gin =)


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