Hanging by the pool/beach

Thursday, April 21, 2011
I am not kidding when I tell you that I think the peanuts enjoyed the pool/beach at the Polynesian more than anything else at Disney.  They wanted some time every single day just to hang out there.  At first, Dave and I thought..."we came all the way to Disney and you want to hang out at the pool?" But honestly it was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the parks.



Harry going down the slide-- totally out of focus with the point and shoot.








I love to see my boys playing together on the beach.  Now that Will is in middle school they are not as close as they used to be.  So, whenever I see them reconnect, it warms my heart.


Kate could literally sit for hours building these little mounds and decorating them with sticks and stones and shells.   We had to drag our children away to go eat dinner this night:)

Tips I learned:

The pools look exactly the same at The Polynesian as I remembered from when I was a kid and my family stayed here.  So there are more updated pools at other resorts...BUT the Polynesian has an excellent view of the castle, the Magic Kingdom fireworks and the illuminated boat show (which I remember from 1976 too!) We hung out there a few tired nights watching the shows.


  1. Hahhaa, I can relate, I remember wanting to stay in the pool ALL day when I was little!

  2. Ah, memories! I would say the pool, and beach at the Polynesian were among Allison's favorite memories of our trip a year and a half ago. She and Kate could have decorated sand bumps for hours together!! I made hubby book us at the Polynesian because I had a picture of me there (from '77- we just missed each other!), only to find out later that we just walked through to take pictures there but actually stayed at one of the other resorts. Ha! :)

  3. I have the exact same pictures of my boys on the beach at the Polynesian. :) Thank you for sparking a wonderful memory.

  4. So fun! I used to practically live in the swimming pool as a kid! I've stayed at the Port Orleans, Polynesian, Grand Floridian (for my honeymoon), and Coronado Springs and the Polynesian is both mine and my husband's favorite resort by far.

  5. Right, that's settled then! That's where we will stay too when we go! Dx

  6. FUN FUN! We have stayed at the Cornado Springs and the Grand Floridan Resorts. Both fun!

  7. I always joke that whenever we take our kids on vacation - their favorite thing is ALWAYS the pool! It could be just the HOTEL pool and its their favorite thing :) In fact, for little mini vacations, we often just take them to a hotel close by! They think we've escaped somewhere fabulous (AND I dont have to cook dinner, so it kind of works on me too!)

    I love Kate's cute hair at the beach - were you sad to get it wet after all that work??


  8. Your little girl is such a beautiful princess! Even in a bathing costume! :)

  9. your boys are so handsome and kate is of course precious - love that princess hairdo!

  10. Oh that is my favorite hotel at Disney. I am curious if you met a sweet girl in the gift shop at the hotel named Alyssa that said she had a little sister ftom china? My best friend's daughter is doing the Disney college program and works at the Polynesian(they LOVE that hotel too). Anyway their youngest is from China(Kenzie just turned 8)

    Anyway.... All kid's love the pool!! That's a pretty good pool to love!!

  11. What a fabulous pool area! That would be my favorite part too! Cute pictures of the peanuts!

  12. I grew up in Florida and my mom's best Disney travel advice was always, enjoy the park in the morning then head back to the hotel pool! Have some fun, a nap, dinner and then go back for fireworks. Happy kids!

    ...and I love that handsome picture of Will kneeling on the beach!

  13. YOu are such a relaxed, feeling your family out kinda mom Kim!! I love seeing your boys play together too. And adore Kate in her princess hair and princess bathing suit....pageant please! haha

  14. How fun! I think I need a vacation now!

  15. We stayed at the Polynesian a couple years ago and loved it. We went in early December, so we avoided the pool and beach, but it looks like such fun!

  16. We went to Disneyworld a few weeks ago and my girls wanted to hang at the pool every day LOL so we did!!! It was such a fun week and I loved seeing my girls enjoy each other...your boys will become close again once they hit their 20's. My boys are all VERY VERY close now that they are all adults...I love seeing the tight friendship that they have now...Justin (25) asked Chris (28) recently to be his best man...Chris was honored : ) Love the pictures of your kids playing together..those are very special pictures.


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