Forever Family Day {2011 Part One}

Thursday, April 7, 2011
Monday was the fourth anniversary of when we became a family of five.  I walk around with such joy  in my heart on that day because for me, the day I met all of my children was such a miraculous and joyful day.  On Monday, I asked Kate if there was anything special she would like to do and she told me that she wanted to make a pink cake.  So, we did.  We also made some dairy free, gluten free cupcakes for Harry:)



Kate is quite the baker.  Sure we used a box mix for ease and time but still, she knows how do to it all.




Then it was time to make Harry's cupcakes.


I am sad to say that jealousy rears its ugly head on this day.  While Will is happy to honor our forever family day, Harry sometimes gets a little grumpy--just keeping it real, y'all.  And he loves his sister so much.  He just loves the attention to be on HIM!

My 3 peanuts.
( I know I should edit these photos but quite frankly I am overextended right now and just lucky to be posting at all)

We went out to PF Chang's for dinner because Kate LOVES dumplings and they have an extensive gluten free menu for those of us who need that.  It was quite yummy and we need to go there more often.  Then it was home for some cake.



Yup, there is a part two coming soon.

It has been a very busy few weeks and I am utterly exhausted.  I have had lots of medical tests.  I have been scheduling some procedures that Harry needs to have done next month in another city. Prayers on that front are most appreciated.  He needs an endoscopy, colonoscopy and he will have to swallow a pill cam. YIKES!  Also, our dear friends dropped into town from Canada and we always spend as much time as humanly possible with them when they do. We have so much fun with them. And lots of other exciting things have been happening around the peanut house but I feel like I never have a second to spare.

Thank you to everyone for the fabulous suggestions for an orange dress.  I kind of wanted them all!  A very kind reader in Austin bought and sent me the first dress in that post and it looks darling on Kate.  I usually go the traditional route but this one is a lil more funky (and jazzy, Lucy;)  It suits her little frame perfectly.  I love it.  Thank you M!


  1. Happy Forever Family Day to you!! I remember following along as you went to the airport to meet Kate for the very first time!!

    Do not fret...jealousy rears it's head here NOT just on FFD with our 13year old (he was the baby) :) got my favorite dress...and yes, it is funky and jazzy with alot of classy thrown in...cannot wait to see Kate in it...wish I had a Zara close...their clothes are darling!! Just MY and Lucy's style!!

  2. kim. libbie is staring and Kate and saying "pretty" cant wait to see you all tomorrow!

  3. Happy Forever Family Day sweet Kate! Sounds like it was a perfect day with your Mom and your family! Love your special pink cake - I know two girls who would love to be in the kitchen with you:) I have loved watching you grow up these past few years and becoming a part of the lovely family that God meant you to be with!

    ~ Bridget

  4. Happy forever and ever and ever!!!

  5. Happy FOREVER DAY! Editing is so overrated...your pictures are perfect the way they are...natural and untouched.

  6. She is so cute...I love her smile.

  7. Happy Forever Family Day!

    Kate looks like a natural in the kitchen! I love the pink cake that she made!

    Hoping and praying Harry feels better soon. The poor little guy!

  8. Great job on the cake Kate and it looks very yummy!!!!!!!! Praying for Harry and that he just breezes through all of that testing...big hugs!!!!

  9. You will all look back one day and see all the love and joy these photos capture.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Harry for his procedures.

    Enjoy your lovely family.

  10. I have a divine strawberry cake recipe if Miss Kate ever wants to make a pink cake from scratch!

    Happy Forever Family Day! I'm glad to see you honored it in a way that felt special to your family.

    And oh poor Harry. That's more medical testing than I'd want to endure. He's a real trooper.

    And off topic but what did you decide on your island? I had a thought for you after looking at what seems like a million pictures of kitchens. I saw one with white cabinets and a gray stained island. I think it would be much easier to DIY stain than paint. Just a thought.

  11. Happy Forever Family Day!

    So glad you got that dress - it was my favorite!

    Praying for your sweet Harry..

  12. Happy Forever Family day!! Kate is adorable and I'm impressed with her baking skills. These photos are perfect just as they are!

    Gin =)

  13. Happy Anniversary Sweet Kate!!!!!!

    We love you!

    Miss Di, Ainsley, Sienna & Ruby Mei

  14. Kim! Oh my gosh! I can't wait to show my mom this!
    I literally just stumbled on your blog a second ago! The kids are so big and darling!

    Hope you're well!

    Mackenzie Schriber

  15. beautiful her apron...praying for those med tests.

  16. A lovely way to honor your Forever Family Day!

    Can't wait to see that darling dress on Kate!

    Will keep you all in my prayers,


  17. What a fun celebration! I love Miss Kate's pink cake...yummy!!!

    Hope you had a great week. I'll try to call you today :)

  18. So sweet! Happy happy family day to you, Kate and the whole family!


  19. What a lovely night/day you all had, congratulations!

    My daughter's best friend has recently been diagnosed with colitis- and been through the wringer of tests/procedures and the pill cam (which although annoying, is a pretty amazing concept)he's been very brave- so I am sympathetic towards your Harry.

    Best wishes that it will all be resolved soon

  20. Hello friend...I too am overextended and have been sick this week, so here I am. Happy for a moment to catch up. Praying, praying, praying for Harry...I so feel for him...I know the pain and reality of Chrohn's so I am familiar with so much of what he is going through...not saying it is the same, just lamenting with the reality of tummy troubles. BIG HUG to him and to you mama!(You know you can always call me if you have questions regarding procedures, meds, etc)

    Kate is her. Lyla and Aivre will be here tonight and we will all send you love and kisses...wish the group could be together...someday :) I think your day and pink cake was perfection!

    Love you, sweet girl!

  21. Happy anniversary of that very special day! Love all the photos. They are gorgeous as is (the photos and the peanuts)! I love Kate's apron...and I still want to find out where you find all of her hair accessories...they are always so cute.

    Sorry to hear that both you and Harry are having so many medical tests. I hope you find some answers. Thinking of you both!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  22. what a special celebration! that cake is just lovely!!

  23. aw, Happy 4-years together. That cake looks yummy!


  24. Happy Family Day! I love Kate's apron. Where did you find it?

    Have a Blessed day!

  25. happy forever family day precious friend.
    could that baby girl be any cuter?
    and i always love your shots!!
    pink cake , the precious apron, her hair flower, oh her up!!

  26. Happy day to you all! I need to get Coco cooking!

  27. Hey Kim, thanks for your note, I found the shell in the accessories aisle. I'll check back at the one I found it in for you!

  28. Happy Family Day!! Beautiful pictures and the cake looks incredible! Yum.

    Praying for you all with your upcoming tests and Harry's procedures.

  29. Happy Happy Forever Family Day!!! Sounds like the perfect celebration! You can't go wrong with a pink cake and PF Changs! Ps. I am loving her apron and her bow - she is too precious!

  30. Happy Happy Forever Family Day!!! Sounds like the perfect celebration! You can't go wrong with a pink cake and PF Changs! Ps. I am loving her apron and her bow - she is too precious!

  31. Happy Day - and thanks for reminding me about our anniversary that we share with you...just one more red thread! Love to all!


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