The Loire Valley and Lake Conroe

Friday, March 18, 2011
Will's final day in France was spent venturing out to Chartres and the Loire Valley.  Here are some of the things he saw...

chartres cathedral?

Chartres Cathedral

amboise cathedral
Amboise Cathedral

and maybe

Le chateau d amboise

Chateau de Chenonceau is definitely on the itinerary.  Isn't it beautiful?

 and possibly these too...



I know Will is very sad to say au revoir to Paris but we will be thrilled to have him home this weekend!

As I mentioned, Dave and I wanted to make sure that Kate and Harry had a fun Spring Break too.  We checked in to a new resort about an hour and a half away for 24 hours.  We swam....






went in the lazy river (even though it was FREEZING!!)


Dave was trying not to touch the water.  It was really cold.

{This pool was heated}

Harry even braved the ice cold water slides.

Then he went straight to the toasty warm jacuzzi...

When I called I asked if the pools were heated.  The receptionist said yes but in fact only one of the four pools was heated.  We had a great time anyway!

We played some beach volleyball



Harry rocked.  Kate and I not so much;)

{I-phone photo in the dark}

Although Kate did love playing in the sand...


We roasted marshmallows



{These are I-phone photos:(}

And we played miniature golf...



And I might be terrible at volleyball (and all sports for that matter) but I did have TWO hole in ones and I won at mini golf.  And Dave is a  really good golfer!

As we were finishing mini golf, a FIRE ANT bit Harry's lip! Ants got into his snack and he accidentally ate one.  We thought it bit his tongue but we later saw his lip swell up and we saw the bite.  Benadryl helped a lot.

We had a GREAT Spring Break and we still have a fun weekend filled with soccer and two parties.

Will arrives home this evening and we cannot wait to see him!!!  I am sure he will have lots to share:)


  1. sounds like a great getaway!!!

  2. Oh poor Harry:( Glad the Benadryl helped!

    Sounds wonderful and I know you will be so happy to have everyone back together again! Hugs!

  3. Looks wonderful! Nice to find a place close to Houston. We spent a few days at the Hyatt Hill Country...I checked around for heated pools, too!

    Love your blog and read it every day!

  4. I was about to say looks at Harry's smile, he definitely cannot complain about this March break not being fun and then I saw the part about the fire ant and thought...oh no! Poor Harry.

    I hope he's feeling better!

    Looks like you guys had an amazing week!


  5. I love Kate two fisting the s'mores ;) a girl after my very own heart!

    Looks like the resort was FUN! I have been at a hotel for two days with my three while Dad works - so LOTS of swimming.....but sadly, no beach volleyball!

    So excited to see y'all reunited with Will!! Paris will forever be one of his greatest memories!

  6. Looks like you all had fun while Will was having even more fun! Have a super weekend and thanks for your visit and sweet comment - always wonderful to have you stop by! xx

  7. Looks like a fun day! That is where our travel group reunion is goign to be this summer. Seems like a pretty fun place!

  8. Looks like everyone is having a wonderful vacation! Your children have the purist smiles. A true testament to their happy childhood :)


  9. Sounds like everyone had a fun spring break. Your pictures from Will's trip to France have brought back memories of my study tour 20 years ago as a college junior!

  10. Breaks are always welcome and it seems like yoy really had a great one !! I hope Harry is better now . I can´t wait to know Will's opnions about Paris !!

  11. Great spring break for the kiddos and you and Hubs too -- well except for that bad fire ant! Happy Spring!


  12. You all are such fun parents! What a great weekend!

  13. Random question...which sunscreen(s) do you find work best on your children?? I have not been totally satisfied with the ones I have used the last couple of summers. Any you'd recommend?? Thank you!

  14. I hope Will enjoyed his European trip. I love France! I used to spend 3-4 weeks of vacation there every summer and can't wait to move to Enlgand in June to be able to travel around Europe again!

  15. Looks like a GREAT trip for Kate and Harry. I can't wait to hear more of what Will things of France! I think you have a future study abroad student!

  16. Kim..this looks like so much fun...I am really envious of your weather!! Hope Will got home safe and sound!! xoxo

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  18. Now THAT is what I call spring break (minus the whole fire ant of course)! How fun!
    p.s. Im with Kate... burying yourself is sand is so much easier and FUN! LOL!


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