Spring things that make me smile {part one}

Thursday, February 24, 2011

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{both Lilly Pultizer}

I sadly discovered that my Lilly Pulitzer store (Woodlands) closed.  I was in the neighborhood and was going to pop in to say hello to the owner (she reads the blog sometimes, I think) and they were not there anymore.  So there is no Lilly store in my city at all!

Picture 6
{J Crew}
These are the cutest navy gingham pants.  I am wearing them right this minute.
Seriously, the photo does not even do them justice. I LOVE them!

striped jillian
{Kate Spade}

Wouldn't this be a beautiful Easter dress?  Or Mother's day?

Look at these darling bathing suits for Kate.....

{Janie and Jack}

These suits are so so so cute in person.
I love navy and orange this season!! Janie and Jack has a great navy and orange resort line.
 I bought the cutest dress (J. McLaughlin) that is navy and orange but I cannot find an on-line photo for it.
{Old Navy}


{Old Navy}

I almost bought the Talbot's skirt but then I found the Old Navy one (which is shorter but not too short). For me, it was a much better fit (I am short) and a much better price point especially for a trendy piece.


I bought this dress for Kate and some other adorable things that are not on the website.

{Growing up Garnet Hill}

{Growing up Garnet Hill}

I love these shoes for little girls but they are way too pricey.

{minimoo on etsy}

{Essie Spaghetti Strap}

{Essie Nice is Nice}

Several people commented on the gingham shirt I wore on Valentine's Day.  It is from Target. I have bought a few things there for Spring that are really cute.  I just could not copy the photos.  Oh and I have not bought all these things (nor will I).  I just like them:)


  1. I guess you will just have to come visit me in Charleston . We can go shop The Palm on King Street:)

  2. LOVE those gingham pants Kim...and that cute skirt! Lucky you to have such nice weather to start to wear a little spring...we got snow yesterday, which was on my wish list :) and it is freezing! It will come for me :)

  3. boo on your Lily store. It's funny I was eying that little straw purse on line!

    Spring can't come soon enough!


  4. There is no LILLY in your area?? GASP!
    That is terrible news! I have two relatively close to me.
    It was a sad day when the manager called me asking if I was ok and they have the binder for Summer in and wanted to show me.
    I told them that I was temporarily retired and I think they were as sad as I was.
    I love the one blue one shoulder dress (almost like a tunic) that came out.
    Bloomingdales and Neimans sell Lilly so perhaps you can get your fix there!
    Great finds too by the way.
    The ballet flats look a lot like Reva flats. I priced them out for my neice and can't justify $100 shoes for a toddler.

  5. Hi Kim,

    What a fun post! I'm SO sad - - the Lilly shop in Pittsburgh closed as well. Not only do I love their clothes, but it was always such a cheerful store to visit.

    I love the little girls clothes you posted! Can't wait for spring . . .


  6. Hooray for spring clothes! Great finds!

  7. Hi KIm...this post really cheered me up cause SPRING IS ROUND THE CORNER!!

    Love that Kate Spade dress, would be perfect on you. Dx

  8. each of those makes me smile too

    except the part about your lilly shop closing.of course

    have a beautiful weekend my friend xo

  9. Jennifer-
    The have posted on their website that they are opening a store in Shadyside...they are hiring actually!



    (Corporate office is about 20 minutes away from me and was looking for a position...talk about a dream job!)

  10. So cute! I am going to have to find an awesome Easter dress too!
    My daughter is going to be 11 next month and I miss all the cute clothes of younger ages.

    I'm short too, so I try to buy petite clothes. Have you found brands that work even though they are not petite? I just do not like it when the cut is not right.
    Especially when the waist/rise is too long and the armholes are too big etc...


  11. Yes, they'd closed the Lilly in The Woodlands (where I also did my shopping for years). They now open a store called Soho. We still have the J.Crew and they are opening a Brooks Brothers in the Spring.
    I hope to see you sometime when you are around! My good friends have Chinese princesses for Kate to play with.

  12. ooh, gingham shirt is from target? I have taken a quick peek at some of their button-ups in the last month...have to see if that is still there. Almost bought one like it in light blue from Old Navy...Anyway - cute stuff! Doesn't dressing well(ish)make day better??? : )

  13. So many CUTE things!!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  14. eek, the gingham pants are calling my name!

  15. Great taste! Garnet Hill, Lilly, and a few others here already! And the Nice is Nice nail polish - it is darling on little girl toes and fingers! This is my fav color on miss Muriel.

  16. Okay, I am REALLY loving that Kate Spade dress! It sure would look cute with the new Kate Spade glasses I had to get!!

    This post makes me so ready for spring clothes!


  17. Love the nail polish colors, so springy yet classic... I got my baby girl that Gap dress - it was just too cute to pass up on! Loved the ruffled skirt too, I'm just wondering what to pair it with.... Thanks for sharing the finds, all so cute!

  18. Funny! Last year you posted a navy and white swimsuit from Old Navy I adored and picked up for Lilah. And this year you posted the orange Janie and Jack swimsuit I absolutely adore too, but haven't yet ordered. I was hoping for a sale! :)


  19. Kim,

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  20. LOVE all of it! But, mostly those darling Garnet Hill dresses!!! I wish it felt like Spring.. Soon!

    We need to catch up this week!!!
    I leave AZ today! (Where it is sunny and cold! )


  21. Kim, I gave you some sugar on my new blog today:) http://mylistbecomeshislist.blogspot./

  22. These are all very cute. I am so ready for spring!

  23. LOVE all your spring choices!!

  24. SO MANY CUTE THINGS!! I feel like I want to go shopping after reading this post:)



  25. I just got my Garnet Hill catalog the other day, and well, thank God my husband took the credit cards away from me! I have no control when it comes to my girls clothes :)

  26. We do not have an orange and blue dress in our JmcLaughlin store! You must take a picture of yourself wearing it!

  27. so cute, I went to Old Navy after you posted the tiered ruffled tank and jeans and bought them for Coco!

  28. Oh my ! These things just make me HAPPY! :)

  29. LOVE Garnet Hill! Very fun!


Thank you for your kindness.