Harry, Harry, Harry

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Last week was all about Harry.  It was his birthday and he had 3 celebrations...one at home the night before his birthday, one at school on his birthday and then a very very small get together with a few close friends the day after our Christmas Party.  It was also his school Christmas concert.  I already posted about our family celebration on his birthday eve but here is the rest. I need to document this so that when he claims he gets no attention as the middle child, I can prove him wrong (kinda kidding/kinda not!)  I am a middle child too so I get it:)

We (Dave) always make Harry gluten free/dairy free chocolate chip pancakes on his birthday.  The first pancake is shaped as Harry's age:)


This year, I brought Harry's favorite food (buffalo wings) up to school for him and a friend for lunch.  He was so happy.  They are supposedly gluten free but this batch must have been cross contaminated because he did get sick later:(  I felt so bad. 



 I also brought cupcakes up to his class but no photos of those.  They were gone before I could pull out my camera:)

The next night was Harry's Christmas concert.  He almost skipped it because he came home from school with tummy/allergy issues (we think from the wings) but since this would likely be his last Christmas concert...he decided to go anyaway.  Luckily, he was feeling much better too.

My creation

Harry does not really like to sing (although he can be quite an actor).  These concerts type things are not his favorite and between you and me...I think he lip-synchs;)  Kate, Dave and I thoroughly enjoyed it though.

Finally, Harry had a few of his favorite buds come over Saturday. They went to an indoor playground type place for a few hours, we had more wings (no problems this time) and a sleepover.



Harry's favor for his friends was Cuponk which is a fun little toy for kids this age if you are looking for a small Christmas present.  All the boys loved it.  (Yes, it is pretty much cup and ping pong balls but it is SO much more...it lights up and makes sounds etc...and it gets them thinking creatively)


He did not want a full fledged party~which was fine with me.  But he did confess feeling really bad when a few friends (who were not invited) asked him if he was having party.  He did not know what to say.  He felt as though he was lying if he said he was not having a party but he did not want to hurt anyone's feelings.  I told him we would just say he was having a few friends sleepover and not call it a party.  Anyone have tips on handling something like this?

Since I try to always write a little letter to the kiddos on their b-day, I want to include that too.

Dear Harry,

Today you are 10...double digits!!!  I try to tell you often how proud I am of who you are becoming. You are an incredible big brother to Kate.  There are times that I think she trusts you more than anyone.    You are a lot of fun to her and you have so much patience with her.  You know she will always be looking up to you so you had better be there for her;)  Similarly, I know you and Will have your ups and downs but I love when you two are getting along like best friends.  I hope you always are each other's best friends.

I watch you at school, with your friends, on the playground and sports teams and you are a natural leader.  You have charisma and others are easily drawn to you.  That is a good trait to have in life.  I know you will always use it for good.  In fact, I have never seen you leave anyone out on the playground and you are so good at accepting all kinds of different people.

I know sometimes you get mad at me because you think we don't spend enough time together (just the two of us).  I am sorry about that and I am trying so hard to carve out more special time just for you.  I  hope you can see that.  I am really enjoying the Narnia book we are reading right now and watching you get ready for your class talent show.  I also am enjoying teaching you about photography a bit.

Harry, God has blessed you with so many gifts that it is hard to even list them here.  You are good at sports, art, school, judo, spelling, reading, socializing.  You have a huge heart for the Lord.  Honestly, you seem to be good at everything you do because you are determined and you give 100% all the time.  I know God has HUGE plans for you.  I really do.  I am so honored that God entrusted me and Dad to raise you.  We love you more than you could possibly know.  Happy Birthday!


Okay, off to finish stuffing and stamping the Christmas cards.  I am almost done with that!


  1. What a lovely letter to Harry, and a very dear thing to do for all your childrens birthdays!

  2. What a fun week for the birthday boy!!!! I am curious on why they chose "yellow" t-shirts for the Christmas concert! :)

    Will you address my cards when you are done!


  3. Beautiful letter! I'm sure he will treasure it for years!!

    As Di, I was wondering the same thing about the shirts.

    Anywho...Harry looks as if he had a wonderful time w/his friends. Maybe it was the nervousness about the concert and not the wings probably! :)

  4. Harry is so precious! He has a sparkle in his eye that I don't see too often in my students, but when I do see it, I know they are a special kiddo. Glad he had a great week! I'm going to have to look online for the favors you gave out. Paige loves that sort of thing.
    We had a big bday party for Paige this year. We shared the party with two other friends and rented a party limo and took them out to dinner. Due to limited seating, each girl could only invite three friends a piece. On the invites, we stated "Please be sweet and be discreet". Regardless of the disclaimer, word got out. We just told the girls to put the blame on us. We told them to say that the moms put a limit on who could be invited and that we helped them select the friends.
    Looking back on it now, I don't think I will ever let her have a party again unless everyone can be invited. I just hate hurt feelings :( Hope Harry's friends are understanding!
    Have a great week :)

  5. He's such a cutie! Glad that he had a fun birthday and 3 celebrations!! Sweet letter!


  6. It looks like Harry had a great birthday week. And thank you for sharing your letter. It's beautiful and I'm sure he'll treasure it.

    As far as the guest issue goes, I think it's impossible to eliminate the possibility of guilty feelings completely when you're dealing with a very sensitive, empathic person like Harry. I'm like that and I know that even if I could invite anyone I wanted and then someone came up to me and asked about it, I would inevitably feel guilty about not having asked them too, or not wanting to ask them too.

  7. Harry is such a handsome little guy! I love, love, love the wings pictures! My boys love wings too!

  8. I am so behind on your blog.... you all have been busy, busy, busy!!

    Happy Belated Bday to Harry....looks like he had a wonderful bday!

    Love Kate's new short do....it looks adorable!

    The house looks beautiful as always and I am sure you are happy to have the party behind you. Now you can just concentrate on Christmas and your family! Enjoy this special time Kim.

    Happy Holidays~



  9. Hey Kim! I just read through your blog and caught up on life! You've been quite the busy Mama this year, whoa...busy big time!

    Happy Birthday to Harry!
    Love Kate's haircut! I've been looking at Eme's thinking it's getting long, but stringy and needs a cut.

    You looked beautiful for the Christmas party, love that color on you with your blond hair.


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