Our Prince William

Saturday, November 20, 2010
I know it has been a big week for this Prince William and I am thrilled!!!  I have always hoped he would marry Kate Middleton.  I think they make a delightful couple.



And although my children are not named after the royals, I do have a peaked interest in them since we do share the names, Will, Harry and Kate here:)

But it was also a BIG week for our Prince William...

First, Will was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society.  I love the five pillars this organization represents: scholarship, service, leadership, character and citizenship. Will really does display these characteristics beautifully.  Not only was Will inducted as a member but he was also elected by his peers to be an officer.   So, he was on stage during the ceremony and he gave a small speech and lit a candle.  Let's just say this Mama was beaming.

Will giving his small speech.

Lighting the leadership candle.
I know these photos are terrible but I am short and there were lots of people in front of me.  And I don't own a good zoom lens.

Getting his certificate.


Our whole family planned to go but Kate was sick so only I could go with Will.

Will and his English teacher.  She wanted a photo with him.  
He has fabulous teachers and they adore him.

The following night was an Arts fund raiser at Will's school and once again his artwork was chosen for display in the main hall.  I don't have a photo of his drawing but it was a "rodeo armadillo" and it was quite good.  He really loves art and while sculpture is his favorite medium, he really gives 100% to all the work in his advanced art class.

Then, last night was the "Holly-day" Ball at the country club for Cotillion.  Will and his dance partner won a prize in some Waltz contest or game.  How cute is that?.  They had dance cards so that everyone danced and they do the waltz, the fox trot etc.



I bought Will a boutonniere because I wanted to be the first girl to do so in his life.  He loved it.
Both of my boys love getting dressed up and using their etiquette.  They will make some ladies very happy when they marry someday!


  1. What a week! Congratulations to Will!!

  2. you are raising awesome chidren my friend!

  3. Speaking for someone who lives in the UK, there has been great excitment this week with the Royal Engagement! We are all looking forward to a fabulous wedding next year...Kate is going to look amazing! I never noticed until now that your kids share the same name as our Royals! These are great photos by the way...and Im loving your new hair style too!

  4. Congrats to Will!

    I never realized that all of your kids shared names with the royals! That's too funny!

  5. I gotta say "your" Will is even cuter than the Prince William! I think that every time I see Will - cute, cue, cute!! Well..handsome. You should be proud they have such great manners & strive so hard! They have great work ethic - which is why I'm sure their teachers like them so much!

  6. Congratulations! You are obviously a proud mama and with good reason. What a great young man you are raising.

    When all 3 children are pictured together I always think of Will as so much taller and older than he actually is.

    BTW, your hair looks great!

  7. Congrats Will..
    Love the photos..
    Have a great weekend..

  8. I am quite sure about that. You have a beautiful family and you take good care of them, giving them chances to improve themselves.God bless you and your family.

  9. No wonder you were beaming. And I love that you gave him his first button hole.

    I'm also excited about William and Kate marrying! I thought the fact that he gave her his Mum's ring was probably the sweetest thing. Never even realized the common thread between yours kids names! Fabulous!


  10. Sooooo handsome!

    I have two daughters. *wink*

  11. Wonderful, joyful post! There is nothing more gratifying than to watch your child excel! All your hard work and love is paying off Kim! You are amazing just like your son.

    Also, your new haircut looks fabulous!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family!

    Lisa Watson
    (from Colorado)

  12. congrats to Will!!! What an honor and I know you must be very proud.

  13. He's *so* grown up! (and growing more and more handsome as the years go by too!)

    Congrats Will on your honors!

    Snick :)

  14. What a great week to be a Will - on either side of the pond! Congrats especially to yours...

  15. My Makenna would be happy to give Will a boutonniere someday! Way to go Will and to you too, proud Mommy.

  16. Congrats Will! Awesome achievement. With all the royal connections maybe your new pup should be named Widgeon. That's the name of Prince William's dog. :)

  17. Thanks for leaving such sweet comments on our Blog...
    I agree with Designer Mom..I think you should keep "royal" theme going and call the puppy Kensington or Kensie for short?

  18. Congrats Will on such honorable achievement!

  19. So proud of that boy! Maybe we can introduce him to Mary Fowler in about 20 years! About the Christmas card company- no, I ordered my cards from Sippycups this year because we decided to use a family photo she took of us in July over Father's Day weekend. (And I am not super-excited about the print-quality... you'll see when you receive it... but they're DONE and they weren't too expensive and Adam and I are in the picture so I'm happy!)
    Good luck!

  20. Oh, what a great honor ~ Congrats!! I know you must be one very proud mama ...I would be, too!

    I love the photo of you and YOUR Prince William together; as well as the one of you pinning the rose on his lapel. So glad you were able to capture these moments, a they grow up TOO fast!! Before ya know it, your Prince will be getting married! ;)


  21. Your, "Prince William" seems like a lovely young man.

    Not surprising.


    PS. LOVE your hair.

  22. Wow, what a busy week for Will! He looks so proud and handsome and I have no doubt that both he and Harry will grow up to be perfect gentlemen, too :)

    PS. The hair looks great with that extra length in the front.

  23. Ok, my favorite part is the boutonniere... Kim, you think of everything, and make each event and milestone in their lives so special!!! You are right, your future daughter-in-laws will be so blessed!!! Because, their future MIL took the time to focus on the most important things... Teaching love and respect, and the importance of faith and commitment!

    Congrats Will on all of your accomplishments!!!


  24. P.S. I wan't Kate Middleton's legs!!!!

  25. Way to go for your William! He is the sweetest and so adorable! You and Dave are doing a great job with your kids! Hope you have a fun Thanksgiving week!


  26. AWWW! Your William seems just like a prince too!


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