Harry, Harry, he's our man! {Sunday Snapshot}

Sunday, March 21, 2010
I know boasting is wrong. I know this. I told Dave I feel bad even posting this. But this is our scrapbook because I am not organized and have not put a photo in an album in about 5 years....So, I need to record some of Harry's momentous accomplishments lest I forget them. I forget everything these days;( And I am so proud of my son. So, please forgive me.

First, Harry and a classmate won 1st place of all the 3rd graders at his school (over 125 kiddos) at the Invention Fair. They invented a mini hand heater (to keep your hands warm at sporting events). Harry worked so hard on this project. He was 100% self motivated and really spent a lot of time on all of the steps over the course of the project. Dave and I did very little to oversee this project.

When he brought the project to school one Monday morning....I am not gonna lie, I did not think he would make it too far. Let's just say that it seemed pretty obvious (to me) that a lot of the displays and projects were "helped by Mom and Dad." Harry's project definitely looked like it was done by a 3rd grader. One girl in Harry's class "invented" a moving robot?!

Anyway, the judges were obviously impressed with the boys presentation skills, their idea and the fact that they actually did the project! Now their project goes onto a larger competition! I am SO proud of all of your hard work and organization, Harry, you are wise beyond your years!

Harry's project. Sorry for the awful photos. I only had my I-phone and was being jostled by elementary kiddos.

The gold medal they won!

Also, this weekend Harry won 1st place in the state championships for Judo. He is ranked #1 in our state in his weight/age class in Judo. He also earned another belt promotion with this win! Again, he is very determined and very dedicated and confident. Here is one of his matches or as Dave likes to say, this is what a state champ looks like...

Finally, I am going to take a little blogging break. I have a lot of projects and things going on around my house and I need to spend less time on the computer so I can be more productive. See you all in a week or so.

P.S. I am watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution while I write this post and I am appalled~REALLY APPALLED at what is being served in American public schools for lunch! I have thought of this before but since we pack our kids lunches (and by "we", I mean Dave), I don't dwell on it. But really, garbage in, garbage out folks. This needs to change!!!!!!!!!!! We cannot continue to feed our kids processed junk. You can sign his petition to get more real wholesome food and less processed food in American schools. Okay, getting off my nutrition soapbox now:)

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Yippie Harry...awesome on both your project and your state championship!
    Enjoy your well deserved break!

  2. What a great time for Harry! You all must be so proud, I know I am :)

    I'm also watching Jamie's show and I'm disgusted. I think even more so since I did the cleanse. It's scary to think of the junk our American children are eating. It's so scary and hopefully we learn something from this.

    Have a great week!

  3. Way to go, Harry! Your mama has EVERY reason to be so proud!!! :)

    God bless! <><
    ~ Tanya

  4. It's apparent that the judges could tell what parents helped and what 3rd grader did most of their own work!!! WAY TO GO HARRY!!!!

  5. Harry's my little hero! You already know how much I adore him... it was so great talking to him today too... not only is he charming, talented, confident, and smart- he is THE sweetest and so polite too. Thanks for putting up the video- Yayyyy, Harry!!!

    ♥ Shana

  6. Congrats to Harry!!!! He sounds like such an incredible young man : ) I watched that show too...it was awful...: (

  7. Yay for Harry!! How wonderful for his hard work to
    pay off in such a big way!! Kudos to him and to those judges for selecting a winner based on the right reasons :)
    And you are NOT boasting!! You're just sharing some wonderful news about that fantastic son of yours :) Like you I use my blog to remember things... and this sort of stuff you definitely don't want to forget!
    I loved this Sunday Snapshot, Kim :)

  8. We mom's have every right to be proud of our children's accomplishments ~ Way to go Harry!

    I've been teaching for many, many years in several different states. Each year I'm amazed at what is deemed a "healthy" school lunch. Due to my son's food allergies, he always had a home lunch ~ he often told me how many children just throw their hot lunches away because they didn't like them. Can't say that I blame them!

    Have a great day ~

  9. You ROCK Harry! Congrats on all of your accomplishments!

    From your MN family!!!!

    P.S: I need to read up on this food thing.. We too don't do school lunch around here!

  10. Way to go Harry! Organization and self motivation are traits that will serve you for years to come!

    Good Luck with your projects Kim. We always love to hear what you are up to when you are back!

  11. Way to go Harry!! What great accomplishments! Have a great week!


  12. I absolutely love how your husband says "this is what a state champ looks like..."

    Because that is true. He is a wonderful boy and you have SO MANY reasons to be proud. :) And you should be.

    Happy blogging break!

  13. Congrats to Harry! I also watched Food Revolution last night and was shocked and saddened by the whole thing. We also watched "Food, Inc." recently, which touches on the school lunch issue and the processed food industry. You can also sign a similar petition through the Food Inc. website.
    Take care!

  14. Great job Harry.

    I have been wanting to ask you how do you do it with 3 kids? I mean keep it all together? The kids, the house, you? I have 3 and always seems like they are together, but not mom. The house is never clean at the same time...you find the time to iron an entire load of laundry...I iron when you need it.(everyday)...you blog...I read blogs...So when you come back in a week or so, could you maybe help me out? Thanks. Have a great week!

  15. YAY for Harry! I'm glad he actually did his project himself! As a teacher, I hate when kids come in with something that was obviously done with a lot of help from the parents! Also, being #1 in the state for judo is awesome! He should be very proud of himself!

  16. Congrats to Harry! Our blog is our scrapbook/photo album, too. That's what busy mom's do, right?!

  17. HOORAY for HARRY so many Congrats!

    YES Mama has every reason to be PROUD! He is so determined!
    A great little champ indeed!
    Way to go STATE champ!

    Kim hope you get all that WORK done!
    You will though, you are so organized!!
    Hugs! Cindy

  18. I'll join you on the soapbox! I am a teacher and since I happen to have cafeteria duty this week... The food in school cafeterias is HORRIBLE! PROCESSED BEYOND PROCESSED to the point where some of it doesn't even look like real food. Chicken nuggets are out of control - no exaggeration - they are often served 3x per week. Schools in my area also serve breakfast and it is even worse! Today they had pancakes on a stick. They look like corn dogs and literally make me want to vomit. Childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes (which I believe are forms of neglect and child abuse - kids have to be taught) runneth over and it is terribly sad! I have been saying this for YEARS!!!!!!!! And, while I am up here... Kids that are on free and reduced school meals are required to take an entire meal, even if they don't want it! My school fills up garbage can after garbage can of unopened food, juice and milk everyday and there is a food bank right down the street!!! I am sure this is going on all across the country.

  19. Congrats to Harry! And don't worry about posting about this. It just shows how proud you are of your children :-)

  20. Yay for Harry! Brag all you want sister....I love it!

    Have a wonderful break and enjoy your family!

  21. Congrats to Harry ... both his invention project and judo championship! Proud parent moments for sure!!! :)
    *I am sending out a little something for you tomorrow (actually kate!) for hosting the mcc design giveaway :)

  22. Yay Harry! Well done!!!

    I must say my children are truly spoiled. They are at private school (for as long as we can swing tuition for 3!) and their food comes from local farms (meat and fruit/veggie) and bakeries. They may not like what the chef prepares each day but the soups, salads and entrees are always fresh and made with thought and care. The kids have started their own garden with some herbs and veggies and in the spring and fall they do use what they grow, unfortunately it is not yet enough to sustain the whole school!

    I have found that the picky and unhealthy habits often stem from home. When this plan was first implemented plenty of parents were up in arms and kids resisted. Now much of that has changed and it is not uncommon to see smiling children lunching on salmon or Caesar salad. It's sad when parents do not support their children and encourage them to try new things and drive them to the local pizzeria after school because their child has resisted eating a nutritious, delicious and healthy lunch. Luckily parents like these are in the minority. I must watch Jamie Oliver's program...

  23. Congrats to Harry! Loved watching his video too...

    Oh, and I signed the petition. I tend to make my boys lunches as the school lunches are pretty gross.

  24. WOW!! A first place medal AND #1 in your state (and I think that is a pretty big state...). Kim I am sure you are so proud of him - as you should be (I don't see it as boasting at all)!!!

    PS - as a school teacher (who smells and sees school lunch everyday) I completely agree with you. I wish I could afford to and have the time to pack my whole class lunch each day!!!

    Blessings, Ashley

  25. Way to go, Harry! I hope the judo success means more tournaments in Dallas. {smile}

  26. I love that a child won the competition rather than an adult who was trying to relive third grade. Congrats Harry on both of your successes!

  27. Way to go Harry!!!!! You are an awesome young man!!!

  28. If you can't brag on your very own blog, where can you? Congratulations to the very talented Harry! You have every reason to be proud of your son!

  29. You have every reason to be so proud! What an awesome kiddo!

    Going to sign the petition...thanks for the link. Thanks!

  30. I just blogged about Jamie Olivers food Revolution...I have loved him since I lived in england and what he has done to help the Brit school lunch system, ugh..the stuff they call food is shameful. My kids will never not ever eat a school lunch!

  31. Way to go, Harry!! State champ and school champ... what a fabulous week you have had! Congratulations!!

  32. Way to go, Harry!!! You have raised him well!

  33. My parents NEVER helped me on any school projects - once I didn't start until the night before it was due and stayed up until 3 a.m. finishing it in the 8th grade. Harsh, but it taught me alot about self-preservation.

    Science fairs were the worst. Parents always manage to do the majority of the work and let their kids pass it on as their own.

    BRAVO to Harry for not only working on the project without adult help, but for also winning 1st place! It just goes to show that the judges realize when parents provide more than just a "helping" hand.

  34. Horray for Harry! Missing your posts already!

  35. Yes! You do cook the nuggets first in the recipe. :) It's very easy and delicious.

  36. Yes! You do cook the nuggets first in the recipe. :) It's very easy and delicious.

  37. Congrats to Harry... that is awesome!!!!!

    Love that Jamie Oliver show and can't believe that is what the schools are serving!

    Enjoy your blog break!

  38. I am so ashamed that you posted this on Sunday and I am just seeing it!!! It's been one of those weeks!!

    Way to go Harry!!! How exciting!!! Brag away, Mama! We'd expect nothing else!

    I watched the food show too and it is awful!! Our school isn't quite that bad, but I know it's not good. So sad!

  39. My boys did Karate for years and loved it.
    Wishing you a good break. I need to step away from the computer myself and get a few things done.
    Good idea!


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