Easter Basket Wish List

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have been good for Lent so far. I have not bought anything (except paint and something Kate teachers said she needed). I was not at all tempted the first week but it seems to be getting a bit harder. In all seriousness, I have thoroughly examined my buying habits and I think I will be a changed woman when all of this is over.

However, I have been tempted lately. It seems like everyday my favorite stores are e-mailing me or sending me insanely fabulous coupons (thank you J.Crew, Gap and Anthropologie). AND Target is coming out with this whole Liberty of London line. I have loved Liberty of London designs and fabrics FOREVER. I had LOL fabric shirts and skirts when I was in my 20's. Sigh. I am not really sure how I am going to be able to pass this line up. Lord, help me.

Anyway, I was thinking that maybe my husband would want to get me a really special Easter basket this year filled with a few goodies since I am being so obedient in my Lenten sacrifice. And just in case he did want to reward me, I ought to give him a few suggestions (wink, wink). I am sure he is grateful for low credit cards bills this month.

My black lizard watch band is falling apart and I would love this alligator one to replace it. I know it is expensive, honey. But just think you bought me the watch and 2 watchbands for Easter 4 or 5 years ago. So, this is much less expensive.

Also, I am REALLY missing drinking my water out of plastic (since we got rid of all of it). I miss my tervis tumblers. Glass just does not keep water cold enough for me. I would really like one of these (monogrammed in chocolate brown or lime) to run around town with my water.


I am also coveting these flip flops. I cannot wear a lot of flip flops. Most of them make my feet hurt. But these look really great. I would probably be a 6, honey:) The ones on the bottom are from Nordstrom and would probably coordinate with more of my clothes (hint, hint).


I will leave it at that although I am sure the devil will tempt me with a lot more before Easter. Dave, these are things that ought to be ordered now in time for an Easter basket (in case you were wondering;)


  1. Oh you are TOO funny!!
    I hope you get everything you want in your Easter basket :)
    Hang in there... God sees your sacrifices for Him!!

  2. I recently discovered your blog one day while blog hopping, I have enjoyed ready your posts and looking at your beautiful photos.

    I just ordered two pair of Cole Hann flip-flops that are similar to the ones on your post from Neimans for $21.00 a pair, not to tempt you or anything, LOL!!

    Have a great day :)

  3. KIM

    Maybe there is a difference in the two things that you need like the watch band, and the tumbler and let the kiddo buy the flip flops for you for a GIFT! ( HINT HINT!)
    Then there alway s that one more gift for you have 3 children WINK WINK!))

    Hope you get a basket full of stuff and feel better too! Don't you love that LOL I do too, soo cool and flowy!

    Maybe all the dreams will come SO TRUE!!!

  4. I totally think you deserve some of these goodies in your Easter basket... or a nice AM/Ex gift card to get them with!!!

  5. So cute Kim,,,and I WANT that pink travel mug!!

  6. You are a SMART woman...I hope your husband gets ordering.

    The floral on the TB flip flops reminds me of Liberty of London.

  7. I am laughing out loud. You are hysterical!! Hang in there. I just hope Dave is ready for the credit card bill he's going to get after lent ;)

  8. Cute! Love it!! I think "Dave"...er..uh..the Easter Bunny will NOT DISAPPOINT!!!

  9. I think I should send my husband your post then I would get an Easter basket this year!

  10. I love that watch!`You deserve a little extra in your easter basket after being so disciplined.

    Gin =)

  11. love all of these! i hope your bunny is good to you! ;)

  12. You are funny!! I am sure your sweet husband will have a wonderful Easter Basket filled with some of these goodies!

    It has to be very difficult to resist the shopping urge since lent started......stay strong.... you are almost there!!



  13. Kim, You're half way there and you're doing a great job! How fun to cruise the internet looking at things you want to get once Lent is over. I guess that's called delayed gratification, right? So, keep it up, your commitment is an inspiration.

  14. Oh my gosh you are so funny! Hope Dave the Easter Bunny is good to you!!!
    I love that mug, too!

  15. This reminds me I need to make my Easter list. When you go for a while not shopping it really does change your habits but I know it is so hard!!!! You are almost there!

  16. ROTFL I think you have some making up to do sista!!!! Love those flip flops...did you see the adorable ones at JCrew...I did buy a few pairs the other day. You would like them Kim...I think maybe he could add an extra pair in your basket...It's always nice to get things in 3's (wink).
    Cute tumbler...in fact it's very cute...do you think I may need one??? : )

  17. What fun goodies for an Easter basket!

    I've whispered a few hints in my Easter bunny's ear. Hopefully he took notes :)


  18. I understand the watchband. Gotta hold the fancy watch on the wrist.

    I think we still have the label maker for the kSh.

  19. Well, if it helps you any, I've been drooling over these Tory Burch sandals:


    I l.o.v.e. that water bottle. Sassy!

  20. You crack me up!

    I also have been very good with my "no extraneous purchases" Lenten sacrifice. But packing for Hawaii, I was very aware that everything I'm bringing was what I was wearing in my pictures from last year. My mom is meeting us there this year so I'm hopeful she might take me shopping at one of the many cute shops at our hotel! I stand a much better chance getting her to buy me something than Robert - LOL. Good luck with Dave!

  21. i love all of the things for the Easter basket! the flip flops look so cute!

  22. You are funny.....I didn't use my credit card for the whole month of January and watched my spending too.....it did change me....good luck with houseboy getting you some of your wish list.....great little things you had on there! ;)

  23. LOVE your basket ideas...we no longer have any plastic...thank YOU..so I need the stainless "mug"..and the flip flops...too cute!

  24. :) You are so stinkin cute! I hope Dave thinks so too!!

    Love your Easter Basket picks!

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  26. Okay, so those pearlized flip flops are entirely too cute (as is everything else)but those just scream "Buy Me!" Hang tight sister, you have done so well! :)


  27. Darling stuff to fill your Easter Basket! Hope The Bunny is good to you...you are most deserving!


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