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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First, thank you so much for your heartfelt prayers and good wishes for Nickie. She is still in critical condition in the ICU but her vital signs are improving and they have determined the bacteria responsible for her pneumonia so they can better treat it. She still needs your prayers for recovery. I am blessed and amazed at what a loving community I have found here that will stop and pray for someone they do not know. THANK YOU!

Secondly, thank you so much for all of the encouragement on my Lenten sacrifice. It was moving to read how others struggle with the same addiction and how people deal with it. My sister, Dawn even called to check on me when she read I was giving up shopping! He he! That is one of our favorite things to do together! I have already entered the "no shopping" zone mentally and even returned a few things yesterday that I felt like I really did not need.


See these adorable plates and trays? I had bought several of these and some other pieces for Kate's birthday party. However, I realized it was wasteful and unnecessary and I returned them! They are cute though, aren't they?


Finally, I want to thank two people who have sent me lovely things recently. I participated in the Pink Swap that Hopsy hosts this year. My swap partner was Jenny and she sent me such a fabulous package. My photos of it are terrible because I was cooking dinner, corralling kids and it was DARK and rainy. Plus, I was dying to dig into it and really look at all my goodies.



Jenny included such fabulous pink items. She sent me monogrammed notecards and stickers from here, fun personalized pink pencils, a delicious candle from Nest (love those), a fun LuLu Guinness book, a monogrammed kitchen towel, a pink pig bath mitt for Kate, Essie nail polish and more. I am delighted to have "met" Jenny through this swap. She seems so thoughtful and fun! Her blog is fabulous too.

Also, in the last swap I was paired with Norah ("Ruby's Fairy Godmother"). Actually, I missed the swap registration so Norah graciously offered to parnter up with me. We exchanged packages last Fall and struck up a really nice friendship. A few weeks ago, out of the blue I received a package (don't you LOVE when that happens?). Norah sent me a fabulous prayer journal. What I love about this prayer journal is that is has sections labeled Praise, Ask, Listen (to write down how God is speaking to you), Thank, Change (sharing our journey), and Love (prayers for relationships). It is making me pray in a better and different way. Thank you Norah!!!

Align CenterDSC_8836

Finally, Sweet, sweet Bevy has awarded me the Sunshine award. If you have not visited her blog, I encourage you to do so. She is so positive and inspiring.

Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award is given to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world. Thank you Bevy! That made my day!!!! I am such a rule breaker when it comes to these awards and I think everyone on my sidebar is positive and creative, so y'all get the Sunshine Award! Spread it around.


  1. That is awesome that you are following through with no shopping... you are a brave woman..hehe.. I could not do it right now because MJ is releasing their new line on the 15th!!! I am so excited.. but I have been saving for it...I also have a love for Kate Mack, we had the pink tutu suit last yer as well.. it is my all time favorite.. they have it in yellow too! You should check out ebay, they have a ton of KM for a lot less!! I love all of your gifts...they are so nice!

  2. congrats on your sunshine award and what fun gifts to receive!

  3. ok leslie....don't tell her where to shop for less!!! :) I know you were just very excited-- Kim don't give in to the temptation!!!
    on a selfish note those plates are too darn cute!!!! Where did you get them? A friend of mine just returned from China last week and her daughter turns 2 next month. They would be the perfect gift!
    love your blog!!

  4. Thanks for your sweet comments! I have loved getting to know you too!

    Thanks for the update on Nickie. I woke up this morning with her on my heart and prayed for her, her family, and her doctors while I was making breakfast for the family. God is so good!

  5. Loved your pink gifts and your journal. I have a journal but would to have one with the sections in it. Can you send me who its by? Thanks a bunch and good luck with the shopping I think that was a wonderful thing to give up.

  6. LOVE the plates... they are tooo cute..
    Love all the goodies..
    have a great week..

  7. So happy to hear that Nickie is improving...that is good news!

    What beautiful gifts.......the plates are so cute, but I understand your rationalizing and taking them back!! I am sure you have plenty of pretty plates that will look just as cute for the occasion!

    Have a great night!


  8. Oh my friend good luck with lent. I commend you, not sure I could actually follow through and then I would feel so incredibly guilty. When I see something...especially on sale I just have this fear that if I don't buy it I will forever regret it!! Oh the silliness. Seriously though good luck, and I really think it is an awesome desire. You might be shocked at how easy it might be. Don't they say do something for 30 days and it becomes a habit!!

    Hope your friend gets better, can't imagine going through that and having 3 kiddos at home!!

    Keep thinking I will do a Hopsy swap, but always forget to sign up. Cute pink treats you received.

  9. Sara (from Football & Fried Rice) sent me a prayer journal last year and I LOVE it! I have never used one before so it is exciting to write down prayer requests...pray for them...and then be able to write a date the prayer was answered!

    Love all of your goodies....

  10. Love the prayer journal, would you mind sharing the name of it?

  11. Kim, thank you for the Nickie update...Praise God!
    I am so thrill you are enjoying your prayer journal...Cyndi its is from DaySpring...I ordered from them on line. Kim, I'm so glad you are enjoying it...I got one for myself as well...but it does not have the I think that will have to be my next one!
    By they, looks like you got some darling items from the Swap.
    Continuing to pray.

  12. So glad to hear your friend is improving. I can't even imagine being in the hospital with three little kiddos at home.

    Adorable plates! Lent is going to be a piece of cake for you if you are already returning things!

  13. You go,girl! You can do this. I think you have a cheering section going on here. Oh but the plates are so cute. :) Love, love the journal. I really like how it's organized. So sorry about Nickie. Praying right now she recovers quickly.

  14. That prayer journal sounds like a perfect gift. I missed the post about your friend, Nickie. I'm glad to hear she is improving!

  15. Wonderful to hear your friend is improving! May she be completely healed in Jesus' name!
    Will continue to pray!

  16. So wonderful to hear your friend is improving! May she be completely healed in Jesus' name! Will continue to pray.

  17. I'm still praying for good healthy and recovery for your friend Nickie. We are snowed in here AGAIN on the east coast. Your no shopping Lenten post has inspired me, too. Just figuring out what to give up!

  18. You're doing good my friend! Those plates were just precious! I would have been trembling all the way to the Customer service desk! LOL! Again, that's a good first step!!!

    Congratulations on your SUNSHINE AWARD!You definitely deserved it! Your blog gives insight, it uplifts, it encourages and it lighthearted and witty! If you do decide to stop blogging, you will most definitely be missed! The selfish part of me wants to scream NOOOOO, DON'T LEAVE, but the sensible side of me says "I understand"! Excuse while I go "SLAP" my sensible side!! :)

  19. Glad they've been able to pinpoint the bacteria causing your friend's illness and I pray she's on the mend. I admire your giving up something you love so much for lent. I'm having a giveaway on my blog, so if you won, you wouldn't be shopping ;-). Those cupcake plates are darling. I'm planning Ava's party and have some ideas that will take more of my time than money. Time -- now that's a hot commodity.

  20. Hi Kim~

    I've been thinking, wondering about, and praying for Nickie. She is the second young and vibrant woman I've heard of this past week who is fighting for her life. Cling to knowing that God is powerful.

    I hope you and your family are doing well. I think of you often!


  21. How lucky you were to be paired with Jenny! I got to meet her this past weekend and she is INCREDIBLE! Next time you are in Dallas we must all get together (Eloise included!!!)!!

  22. Wonderful to hear your friend is improving:))

    love that sunshine awrd too! well desrving in your honor!

    love all your goodies and I love the prayer journal too!

    What a great post!



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