Only one more day until Sienna Day

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My dear sweet wonderful friend, Diana is in China right now waiting to meet her daughter, Sienna Grace. I have had the blessed privilege of watching Diana and her husband, Jeff have incredible faith in God through this journey. Really, they are so inspirational in their obedience and faith. You really MUST go read the story of how Sienna came into their life HERE.


And you can follow their journey here and here. It is such a beautiful story of God's plan. And Diana is taking some amazing photos of China too:)

I also wanted to tell you that Nickie is home from the hospital and is recovering well. She e-mailed me recently and thanked me for my prayers and your prayers. Thank you so much for praying.


  1. So glad your friend is getting better! Like many others, I prayed for her and I'm so glad to see they worked! :)

  2. Praise the Lord!! <>< That is great news about Nickie! I've wondered how she was doing. Once you pray for someone like that, they remain in your thoughts for some time. Glad to hear she is home and on the road to recovery!!

    And we can't WAIT to see Sienna in Di's arms...oh I know how excited (and nervous) she and Jeff are ...and Ainsley, too! What a special day for their family...I'm counting down the hours with ya!!


  3. I'm so happy for Diana and her family!!! She is blessed to have all of them, and have YOU, too!

    Also SOOOOOOOOOO grateful that Nickie is healthy again! I'm sure those three cuties are ready to have their mommy back in action.

    Love you!

  4. Hey Kim, I am SO excited for is such a beautiful story I have been honored to have been able to pray for Lindsay and Sienna over the last 1 1/2 years....She is one blessed little girl and one blessed family!!!

  5. Wonderful news about your friend!! I've been anxiously following Diana's journey too - so very exciting :)

  6. I have been following this hjourney for several months now and cannot believe it is Sienna Grace day! I am praying for Diana, Jeff and Ainsley as well as Sienna! God is good!

  7. Yay!! Only 12 more hours!! Can't wait!!! Are you going to be up? You should call me!

  8. So excited for Di and her family. That is a beautiful story of faithful obedience to God. And, what a treasure they're being blessed with!

  9. What a sweet face this Sienna Grace has.
    I pray she will be an amazing blessing to them and that they will be a blessing right back.
    Love this story of walking in faith. Beautiful.

  10. How beautiful is Sienna Grace?!?!? I know both she and her new family will be so happy together. God is good!

  11. So excited for Diana to meet her precious girl!! What an amazing journey!!

    Happy to hear that Nickie is doing much better:)

    Have a wonderful week!



  12. I'm journeying along w/Diana and I'm sooo excited for them!

    Thank God Nickie is home!! Still praying for her as always!


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