Fat/Black Tuesday

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Last night we went out for dinner for Fat Tuesday and ate lots of yummy Cajun food (crawfish and shrimp). Then Dave took the kids out for gelato (dairy free for Harry) since they are giving up desserts for Lent. Kate is REALLY going to struggle with that one. She and Harry are both little sugar addicts. Instead of dessert after dinner, I am encouraging them to read their Bible each evening. I got them each a new Bible for Valentine's day (Teen for Will, Boys for Harry and prayers with songs and Bible stories for Kate).

I am having the shakes a little. Today is the beginning of Lent and as I mentioned, I am giving up shopping for Lent. I am allowing myself to only buy necessities (food, basically) until Easter.

Last night I about had a nervous breakdown because I realized there were things I "needed" and did not buy like little gifts for my Oscar party (if I ever get around to organizing one this year) and gifts for little friends who have recently come home from China. I also realized there was a problem with all of my magazine subscriptions and I would not be getting them for few months. Apparently, the post office reported my address as undeliverable (they deny it) to Hearst Publications so they are not sending me my magazines. When I realized that I would not be able to buy them off the newsstand either (because of Lent), I almost cried! I jokingly (kind of) told Dave that I can give up shopping but I NEED my decorating magazines!!! He kindly went and bought me House Beautiful and Veranda last night. I think he knew that I could only relinquish one addiction at a time. Sweet husband.

I know this is going to be hard. There are already things I have been tempted by (like the new Matilda Jane line). But I am going to be strong and ask the Lord to help me. I know that He is going to make some changes in me as I focus more on His sacrifice for us and less on the sacrifices I am making.

This morning I had to go to Target for some true necessities (toilet paper and organic veggies to juice) and I was SO tempted to browse. I did not even let my body veer in the direction of anything but the food aisles. And I was on the phone with Jennifer for support. After that I needed to return something to Old Navy and I happen to be chatting with Denise and was able to steer clear of browsing. Thanks for the support gals!!! Maybe, I need a sponsor I can call when temptation strikes! Ha ha!

I think the best thing for me will be to completely steer clear of any shops. I have one more return to The Children's Place this week but then I am staying home!

Okay, I had to get that all out there. I am sure it will get easier as I get through the withdrawal symptoms, right?

Let me know if y'all are doing anything for Lent. I was so thrilled that a couple of people are joining me on the no shopping theme.

P.S. I hope you know I am joking/exaggerating about some of this;)


  1. I, too, gave up shopping! I am hoping my pocketbook and bank account will reflect this at the end of Lent!!!!! Stay strong! Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. You're a stronger woman that I am :) I'm giving up ice cream, which I think might actually kill me. Kate, Harry and I would get along great!

  3. Yikes! I do not think I could give up shopping. Good for you! My son is doing great! We are very lucky to have recognized what was really going on with him in regards to his ASD. (We are firm believers in the gut brain connection.) He is considered recovered. He is a typical 3rd grader. He still has an intolerance to wheat and dairy, though. I hope you get answers to everything you are looking for. Let me know if I can help.

  4. Kim I'm so proud of you!!! I was in Target earlier today and I swear I was twitching!! My little one is having a Princess & The Frog bday and EVERYWHERE I looked were CUTE little frogs this or that! I did allow myself to buy things ONLY for her party! Yes I passed up the cute little outfits, the cute blouse that my mouth literally dropped and almost hit the floor for!!! Just the sight of those GIANT RED BALLS out front, just makes me giddy!!! I get out the car running, albeit I do put the car in park first!! LOL!!!

    Target makes it REALLY hard doesn't it?

    You're doing good!!!

    PS Dave is such a sweetheart!

  5. I'm all nervous and twitchy just thinking about what you must be feeling! And I'm impressed with "the Peanuts", too. That's great news about Harry, sounds very promising. And wonderful news about your friend, Nickie!

    Gin =)

  6. When I saw Black Tuesday I cracked up!!! We all no your are mostly kidding, you have an amazing heart and realize what is truly important in life. I'm here for moral support when you need it. Like the kids I'm giving up sweets, I gorged on a candy bar last night just to get it out of my system. Wishing you lots of luck and great willpower :)

  7. It sounds like you are doing a great job! I gave up my usual Diet Dew, however, my husband wishes I would have given up shopping! Hang in there!

  8. I thought long and hard about what to give up and decided on fast food. Shopping and alcohol rounded out the top three. However, my husband has been traveling a lot lately and it's only going to get worse. I do not cook at all so when he is away, I tend to eat fast food way too much! I am hoping, if I break the dependence now, I can steer clear even after Lent and when his travel schedule picks up even more!

    Best of luck to all of us!

  9. I have decided to give up sweets for Lent this year. Oh boy it's only the first day and I'm really having a hard time. The evenings are the worst. I'm hoping in a few days the sugar will have drained from my body and make it a little easier to last for so long.

    Good luck with your choice of not shopping. It sounds like you're off to a great start!

  10. You can do it friend! I am giving up eating out with you as my inspiration!

  11. You are far stronger than I, my friend! No way could I give up shopping..wish I could. May the force be with you :) lol!

    I am giving up Starbucks for Lent. That's a biggie for me!!!

    Good luck to us both! :)

  12. I gave up shopping years ago! Well, almost, because there's nothing to buy here!!! :) It's so very sad here!

    Mostly I get stuff from ebay (cheap!) or online sites when I'm desperate. (mostly for birthdays and Christmas!).

    It's so easy to give up shopping when there's nothing to buy!! And when I visit your fair (shopping) country, I pack extra suitcases! Heh.

    So good on you Kim, for giving up shopping. You can do it. Really you can! And put all the money aside in a special account. I do! It's called my Summer Camp Account! hahahahahahaha
    Snick ;)

  13. I think you will do great. I will say that the days I go an entire day without buying anything are so satisfying. It's a great feeling that you will want to keep having!

  14. Kim, thats a tough one..but I know you can do it! I love that you gave new bibles to the kids...what a neat valentine gift! The regarding our first love. So cool. You know if you guys are interested, my friend Laurie at Preppy Paper Girl has a really nice set of bible memory verses...I got a set at Christmas and just love them.
    As a Southern Baptist girl I have never given up anything for Lint...but I am going to participate, you were an encouragement to me!
    I'm praying for you sweet friend!

  15. Good luck girl.... I know it is going to be difficult, but you can do it!!

    I am giving up all sweets and my wine...... it will be tough, but it will do me good!!

    Have a great week:)


  16. You are too funny!!! This year I am in the middle of RCIA with Evan, so it is my first time "officially" observing all the Lenten traditions of the Catholic Church. I am giving up coke. I drink WAY too much of it and it is pretty much how I get through the end of the day at school - today wasn't bad though and like you said I am just asking Him for a bit of help in the temptation department:)

    Blessings, Ashley

  17. oh boy...I'm having the shakes for you...good luck!!! You can go it : ) I know you can : )

    I give up meat on Fridays. I also work very hard on giving during lent...little things. Today I paid for the person behind me at Starbucks. I try to "do" more then normal during lent. Little things that may bring an unexpected smile to someone.

  18. I need to give up Facebook for Lent :)


  19. Kim, I commented about you on Pearls and Grace. You were one of my very first bloggy friends. I miss Lori too and pray that she is happy healthy and at peace with her journey to her daughter. Talk about the patience of a saint! So glad to "know" you. Good job on the no shopping , stay strong:)

  20. i've never given anything up for lent. shopping would be good, but i'm traveling to china in april-may and of course have lots of shopping to do between now and then! but, you have inspired me! i'm so proud of you and can't believe you have given up shopping for this time!! God Bless!

  21. I have given up "cokes" for Lent and if you only knew how much I love some Mello Yello! God will reward you for your obedience to HIM! Stay strong!

  22. I'm also going to give up shopping for Lent. No clothes, shoes or accessories. I definitely get the shopping bug bad this time of year as the weather is so blah (even worse this year in NC), and I want to fill my closet with dresses for Spring and Summer. There was a dress from Boden I wish I had purchased early this week as it is backordered for 15 weeks, but I really do not need it. Hope Harry is feeling better!

  23. Kim - one of the things I do when I am trying to control my many shopping related addictions is to ask myself "is this how God would have me spend His money?" It reminds me that all I have I have from Him - and gets my eyes where they need to be -

    PRaying for you - and very proud of you. I love your heart for the Lord

  24. You didn't mention that you can;t borrow and trade things. So here are a few ideas. When you are dying to read the new magazine whether it be People, Martha Stewart, Traditional Home - go to the library and check them out! Second, take clothes to a consignment store and use the credit and exchange it for something that is new to you - this is also very green! Lastly, when you are really getting the need to shop have some girlfriends over for a swap. I am sure you all have admired each others things but have gotten tired of your own. Good luck! As for lent I am trying to improve myself, instead of give something up.

  25. Kim,
    I don't comment much, but read often. I just love your honesty and humor. You always provide me with inspiration.

    I decided to give up sugar for lent. And in a way, shopping....As a newlywed I was diligent about my budget because I had to be, but as the years passed and I have wiggle room for my spending, I've become less disciplined. But I'm using lent to return to the mindset that just because I have more, doesn't mean that I need to spend more! So I'm paring back my allocated budget for spending and being a better steward of my resources. So thank you for the inspiration and for sharing how you are really doing it! It was fun to read your story as we can all relate!

    Blessings to you and best wishes during this time of preparation--you can do it!!

  26. I could never give up shopping! What if I had a date and had nothing to wear :) Good luck! I am sure you can get through 40 days...

  27. good for you kim, i know it is so hard. i was right by your house yesterday. i went to the house next to yours that chris built for some design ideas. she still looks beautiful, and all covered in snow! i thought of you though and missed ya!

  28. Lol, Kim! I noticed you didn't mention being on the phone with me for support... I know I've been so awful mentioning all kinds of fun shopping opportunities lately... but now that it's here, I promise to be more of a supportive little angel on your shoulder... but come the end of Lent, I'll have a list for you (like any really good friend would (wink... don't tell Dave)!

    Talk to you tomorrow!
    xoxoxo, Shana :)

  29. You are so cute with your disclaimer! I don't even "know" you- and you crack me up :) When I first read about you giving up shopping - I thought GASP! - what about the "things that just randomly come up"?! I admire your desire to give up something & to spend that time in reflection and prayer!! I can't wait to see what God has planned for you next few weeks!

    I am not giving up anything for lent but our family is doing a substitutionary giving by only eating beans & rice for 3 days and giving our grocery money that we would have spent to an orphanage in Honduras :) I am sure I will post about it because it will huge for our kids! It is beautiful that we are able to do this during the Lenten season.

    If you need any more support, you can always call me - we have NOTHING to buy in the midwest :)

  30. Nooo shopping!?! Oh my...I think I'll just have to live through you for THAT one! hehe!

  31. Loved reading this ... giving up shopping is hard!! I am too, but basically clothes shopping (my weakness) - that includes shoes, bags and accessories too though. Giving up online shopping is especially hard! But, both the Lord and my husband should be very proud of my if/when I succeed!! ;)

    Great lenten idea for you children to read their new bibles every evening.

  32. You are too cute!! I was telling a couple of girls here in my office about you giving shopping up for lent & we ALL agreed that you have picked a very hard thing to do. BUT ... something everyone should try. I have to admit ... I buy stuff just to buy it ... no real need at all. We are trying to put back a little money for our trip to Korea so I have stayed clear of the shops now for a week & have to admit it is a difficult cycle to break.

  33. LOL...love this!! Glad I could be of assistance ;) Although, I know you're really NOT joking!! lol...


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