Harry wins GOLD again!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thank you so much for all the prayers and kind wishes and e-mails. I am finally starting to feel better. I lost a lot of weight and a lot of strength and stamina as I am just getting back to eating small meals now (a week later). I get dizzy and fatigued easily but I am slowly recovering. I am still waiting on test results. Dave has taken GREAT care of me and the peanuts this week. If you remember, I got deathly ill in the middle of the sleepover last week. Dave was stuck with all those kids on his own!

(How could someone this cute, be so tough?)

Now, onto more good news! Harry went to another Judo tournament Saturday with Dave and Kate and he took GOLD again. He talked about winning the gold all week because the winner would get an I-pod. He told me all week that he was going to win that I-pod and he did. I am so proud of his positive attitude, determination and focus. I hope these traits follow him into adulthood because they amaze me. He has another BIG tournament in Dallas in a few weeks and then the tournaments are over until Spring (a welcome break).

If you want to see a few seconds of Judo...here are his two mathces....

The first one is about a minute and the second one is 23 seconds and supposedly a very advanced move.

Harry has the white belt above.

Harry has the white belt in the one above!

NOTE: Harry is actually an orange belt but in competitions one person wears blue and one wears white.

P.S. Will still does Judo but he does not like to compete in the tournaments which we completely respect.


  1. Way to go Harry! Congratulations on winning that i-pod!! Kim, I'm SO happy to hear you are feeling better. I know Dave has been taking great care of you!! Continuing to pray for your recovery and regaining of strength.


  2. oh Kim I am so glad you are ok!!!!!:):):)
    Praying you continue to recover.
    I totally agree, He is pretty darn cute:)

  3. Hope you are doing better. My son wants to do some sort of karate, I think martial arts are great and look forward to it.

  4. Way to go, Harry! Congratulations!!

    Glad you are starting to feel better, Kim! Just take it easy and go slow. Don't push yourself.


  5. Congrats to Harry! I love how you can here Dave in the background saying "Kate stay here!"

  6. So happy to hear you are feeling better, Kim!!! You've been down and out as long as I have...no fun :(
    Ok, I am SO proud of Harry! His move in the first video, where he picks the boy up over his shoulder...ummmm, blowing me away!

    Way to go, buddy!!!

    Also, I LOVE the pride in Dave's voice when he says "that's MY boy!". Ahhhh, love your sweet fam!

  7. CONGRATS to Harry! What an outgoing little guy!!! I totally understand Will, though. I am the same way about things! So glad you are on the road to recovery!

  8. Congrats to Harry! That's great. Does belt color mean anything in Judo? Ben has started Tae Kwan Do, where belt color is indicative of your level.

    I'm glad you're feeling better! Take care of yourself so you can continue to heal!

  9. Too cute! Loved hearing Kate mimic Dave saying, "Get on top, Harry!"

  10. Congrats Harry..
    Great job...
    Glad you are feeling better...
    You will be back to normal..
    Love ya..

  11. I am glad you are getting better! I was worried!
    Congrats to you all on Harry! I found myself cringing while watching it. It's like football, I can't understand how these sports are done safely. I get so nervous!
    Finally, my heart melted when I heard Kate repeating, "Get on top Har!" How stinking adorable!

  12. Hope you are feeling yourself soon, and man what a week for you. Hope you are feeling better for your trip to Dallas...hopefully we will have good weather for you while you come up North to our part of the woods.

    Congrats to Harry, and that is awesome that he could visualize his prize and say he was going to win!! We should all practice his ways!!

    Sending you good wishes for a speedy and full recovery!!

  13. Way to go Harry!! Loved hearing Dad and Kate yelling for Harry.
    Glad you are starting to feel better.

  14. Yeah Harry!!!!!! I've been thinking of you, glad to hear you are at least starting to feel better :)

  15. Wow! Look at those moves! Way to go, Harry!

    Hope you have a speedy recovery this week!

  16. Congratulations to TOUGH HARRY! on the GOLD! (LOL)

    Kim,so glad that you are feeling some better too!
    Maybe the test results will prove just what was worng too!
    Lots of prayers have gone your way!
    {{{Poor Dave!} and all those kiddo's that night!
    He is a survivor though~ Good going Dave that you handled it all!

    Take care of Kim~~~ and I know he will and the 3 peanuts as well too!
    Kim keep us updated too! ( as you feel better)

    Congrat's again to Harry!
    Just how could some on ethat stinkin cute be so TOUGH??
    Well he IS! (LOL)
    God Bless you ALL!

  17. The throw in the first video is called ippon seoi nage (one arm shoulder throw), the second video is morote gari (two hand reap). Just in case you wondered.
    Harry's ippon seoi nage is infamous at the club - during practice the big guys let Harry practice this on them and it looks quite impressive. If Harry says "the big one", everyone knows what he's talking about. It's a dramatic throw.
    As for the morote gari - he's never been taught this. He's just observed other's succeeding with it, so he tried it.
    Kate sure enjoyed the tournament and Kim got half a Saturday off to continue recovering!
    Dave (aka Houseboy)

  18. Omg... Kim, my sweet little Harry is FIERCE!!!! I LOVE it!!! I swear, that made me cry! A) because I was so proud of Harry and B) because I felt so sorry for that other kid! lol!!!

    Seriously, I just LOVE Harry's confidence & determination... he just amazes me!!

    Kisses Harry!

    ♥ the President of your California Fan Club (Miss Shana)

    Talk to you in the am, Kim! xo

  19. p.s. How cute is Kate in the background... "Get on top, Harry!" love her!

  20. I am so glad you are feeling better! Tell Harry "Congrats" from all his bloggie supporters!

  21. Congratulations to Harry and to the parents ,too !!
    Nice to know that you feel better.

  22. Glad you are feeling better Kim!!
    And, a BIG congrats to Harry. What a champ!!!

  23. YAY Harry!!! You are a rock star my friend!

    Miss Di

  24. Kim,

    So glad to hear you are feeling a bit better! I'm so sorry you've had such a hard week.

    Congratulations to Harry! The top photo of him is simple adorable! He couldn't be any cuter!!!

  25. Kim,
    Forgot to mention how cute Kate was cheering Harry on! precious!
    And of course Dad that was HIS boy!
    sweet sweet sweet victory!

    Cindy Lou

    Hope this AM your feeling better!
    lots better too! xoxoxo Cindy

  26. Oh Kim it's so good to see you are slowly recovering! It's amazing how those intermittent bouts of illness can just completely knock you off your feet!! Glad to see you back in the swing of things!

    Congrats to Harry, seems like he inherited his TOUGHNESS from Mom *battling a sickness* and Dave *battling a sleepover*!! Speaking of Dave (aka/Crusher/houseboy) comment above, I see he is well versed in the world of Judo!!! I'm still confused, all I know is KICK and DUCK!! LOL!!

  27. Holy Cow Kim! You all have had your fill of illness this year! Hopefully 2010 will be much better to you and yours... glad to hear you're feeling better (even if it's just a little!)

    Congratulations to Harry! My boys watched over my shoulder and asked 'how do you get to do that?' Interesting since just last year they begged to get out of karate in place of piano/drums :/

    Take care of yourself, C

  28. Yay Harry!!!

    Take care and hope you are totally feeling better very soon!


  29. Congrats to Harry and hooray for you! So glad you're feeling improved.

  30. Congrats to Harry. Way to go!

    So glad you'r better, Kim, lots of us have been praying for you.

    You have an awesome Hubby and family. :)

  31. Go HARRY! I am in a tournament this weekend myself! I am actually an orange belt too! He has def. inspired me to do my best...I wish I could earn an ipod too!

    Feel better*((hugs))

  32. Way to go HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!

  33. Kim are you feeling better hope so just wanted to check on you God Bless you!

  34. Kim arey ou feeling any beeter?? Really hope so by now it has been almost 2 weeks, so NOT fun to be sick!
    Hope theyget to the bottom of it ALL!
    love and prayers!

  35. Have just discovered your blog... and so glad I did! I have two boys just about the same ages as yours and have been looking for blogs of moms with boys!


  36. I love how you say "supposedly it is an advanced move" - cause I wouldn't know either - but Harry looked really good!!! And WAY TO GO on the gold!! (I"d have loved to have won an ipod!!)

    I am sorry that you still aren't feeling up to snuff - there is noting worse than not having energy/feeling weak - lifting you up that you will fully recover & Dave too, that his patience will endure!!

  37. Good job Harry!!!! Hope you're feeling better Kim!!


  38. Wow, way to go Harry! You're right - he looks way too cute to be that tough:)

    Hope you are continuing to mend, my friend...praying for you!!!

  39. Way to go Harry!!! That is awesome!! That attitude will take him far!!

  40. I hope you are feeling better~ thinking of you!

  41. I toooold you Harry would win again! He is the MAN!!!

    Harry, you impress me so much! WOWOW!!! Congratulations again!!! I am so proud of you!!

    Love, Miss Shana xo


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