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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A few times a year I post things that I really love. They are usually just little finds that make me happy. As the holidays approach, I thought it was time to share a few of my favorite things.

~I LOVE Mercury glass and I have been collecting it since Dave and I got married (14 years). It bothers me a little bit that it is everywhere now (Pottery Barn, Target, TJ Maxx etc). But I still add to my collection every year. The following photo is not my house. It is from Katiedid (thank you Felicia). I have a ton of mercury glass but mine is never as artfully arranged as this. I saved the photo so I can be inspired:)

merc glass on angle
Images from KatieD-I-D

merc glass close-up

~ I love this little chenille snowman dress from Etsy. I ordered it for Kate and I cannot wait to see her in it. I have it already. I am just waiting until December.


~I love ballet flats and this year I have been able to find 3 great pairs. The two below are from Nordstrom and the brand is Me Too. They look so cute on and they feel like bedroom slippers.

~ We don't really need coats here but if we did, I would be very tempted to buy this for Kate. I think it would look best on a 6 year old girl. It is from Chasing Fireflies.


~ Ever since my friend, Lori made Kate and I snow cottages, I have loved them. I love the bottle brush tress and the glittery roofs. I have a small collection that I will share when I show our Christmas decorations. The collection below is from Room Service Home. If any of my loved ones are reading, I LOVE these. Hint hint...


~One day I was reading a HIT blog post about Glycolic acid pads and washes. I had never used them before but decided to try them. I LOVE Glytone. I use the step-up mild wash. It has made my skin so clear and so smooth. This really is the best move I have made for my skin in several years.

~As you may know from reading, I am extremely scent sensitive. I do not like 99% of most scents. Last week, I fell in love with a scent called Blue Linen from Caren. I bought the body lotion and this candle. It is a very light and clean scent. I simply adore it. I think I will find the soap and hand treatment in my stocking:)


That is all for now. I have some more but I think I will do a Part II in a few days.


  1. I *love* ballet flats too! Those pewter ones make me feel all high! Sigh, oh for the love of shoes! :)

    Jill xx

  2. You have such exquisite taste, Kim... I love to hear about the things you love :)

  3. Kim, these things look beautiful. You have exuisite taste!

  4. I love snow cottages...my mother has them. They are so whimsical!

  5. I love seeing the things you love..
    I LOVE that little dress... TOOO CUTE..
    can't wait to see Kate in it..
    Love ya girly..
    Happy Thanksgiving...

  6. I was just admiring that same beautiful coat in the Chasing Firefly catalog (never mind that I don't even have a girl);)
    Darling ballet flats and those snow cottages are exquisite. I remember back when Lori made hers - I was in awe!

  7. Kim you have such beautiful taste, can't wait to see your decorations. I just got the Room Service catalog and was drooling over that village. It's a must have!

    Thank you for your lovely comment, that Harry is wise beyond his years. Have a bountiful Thanksgiving.

    Much love


  8. Beautiful! I look forward to your next installment.

  9. I love the mercury glass (I collect it as well) and the snow cottages are so cute. I just love them - I saw these in RSH and thought about ordering some. I am looking quite forward to getting out all of the Christmas decorations and I have one excited little girl who is looking forward to helping me! I better get through Thanksgiving first though:) Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!


    ps -the snowman dress is adorable!

  10. Hi Kim!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I loved this post ......so many beautiful things! I'm sure you are excited about decorating your gorgeous new home for Christmas! We are still getting settled here! Many Blessings to you and I would love to exchange Christmas Cards. I don't know that I have the picture yet, but here's hoping I can snap it over the long weekend.:) I know you can relate!

    Big Hug,


  11. Oh I'm a huge fan of mercury glass too. That image is from katie-d-i-d.blogspot.com. Lindsay Phillips ballet flats with the interchangeable flats are really cute too! Love your taste!

  12. P.S. Obviously meant to say interchangeable snaps [not interchangeable flats :)]

  13. I love Mercury glass. I don't collect it but I have a few very loved pieces...some even passed down from my grandmother :)

    Love the flats, I live in flats..I'll check those out.

    LOVE {LOVE} Chasing Fireflies...they are just evil. I love that red silk dress with the organza over it. Amazing.

  14. The mercury glass is just beautiful! I also love flats, but they don't love me! I guess I stay in heels 8-5, so when I do try to wear a "flat shoe", I stumble,trip and my feet actually KILLS me! They have so many cute ones in the stores too! I haven't given up, I still try to put them on!

    That coat from "chasing butterflies" is just too cute!! We get our share of cold snaps down here in Southeast TX and I just went on a shopping spree getting some of the cutest "lightweight" coats for my sweetgirl!! I think the clothing for wintertime surpasses any other season!!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds! Great taste Kim!!!

  15. I love your list! I have been "eyeing" that little snowman dress on Etsy as well! So cute! Happy Thanksgiving to your family!

  16. That snowman dress is completely adorable! Since I don't have any kids yet...ill have to live through you for the time being! Take pictures sweetie! :)

  17. I collect mercury glass too! I just put out my mercury glass trees today.

    I also love those little houses and would love a mantel full of them!

    And I am going to have to try those Glytone pads.

    Thanks for the fun post!

  18. Looove the red ruffel dress! It is truly gorgeous!

  19. I love your taste in all things.....

    That snowman dress is absolutely adorable!! Cannot wait to see Miss Kate wearing that one:)




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