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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thank you for all the kind birthday wishes for Dave. He really IS that wonderful! I, on the other hand can be impatient, moody, and perfectionistic. So, he balances me out:)

We had a great time celebrating Dave's birthday. We invited some friends out for Mexican food for dinner. The fun came to a SCREECHING halt when Kate started choking on an enchilada and we had to do heimlich maneuvers to dislodge it. THAT was scary. She chokes frequently and we cannot figure out why. This is the 3rd or 4th time we have had to do this and we have had other close calls. I thought once her tonsils were removed, it would be better. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions? I am hesitant to take her to the doctor right now because she is actually healthy and everyone at the pediatrician office has the flu.

After dinner, we had tres leches birthday cake at home (not the boys--too much dairy and gluten). It was my first time making and it was delicious. Here is the recipe.

My creation

My creation

To all my shopping buddies...Help please:

I had a great long black cardigan (thin cashmere and merino wool) that must have had a run in with a moth when we moved. So, I am looking for a replacement and cannot find one anywhere. I LOVE long black cardigans and think they look so chic with a crisp white shirt and jeans. If anyone has seen one, please let me know. I desperately seeking one.


  1. we have never had an actual choking, but our little one has always gagged very easily. no explanation or help, sorry.

  2. Dave's birthday celebration sounds and looks like lots of fun! Happy Birthday!! So sorry that Kate had a choking incident... can you call her ENT who did her surgery? I would be concerned too... that has to be so scary!!

    Good luck sweater searching!!! Kudos to you for engaging your secret shoppers! Let us know what you find!!

  3. What about this sweater from Land's End? It's on sale today only!!

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  5. Poor Kate! That is always so scary when kiddos choke, no matter how old they are or the situation.
    Glad Dave had a great bday- he deserved it!
    About the cardigan, I don't have a "specific" per-say, but definitely check out Banana Republic- they definitely do have some black cardigans worth looking at. Have a great night!


  6. I got a great longer cardigan at Martin + OSA. I am sure they have some in black too.

    I am so sorry about Kate, what a blessing that she is ok. My daughter chokes a lot too. I am not sure why either. She has never choked so badly that she needed the Heimlich though. We have to watch her carefully.

  7. Here is a link to a washable merino wool sweater.

    I hope Kate outgrows the choking thing soon. I am a Nanny and have seen it happen often. It is scary.

  8. Kim - Lilly P has a beautiful long cardigan with a soft ruffle trim (in black,turquoise & bright pink) - I LOVE it and it is on my list - of course with these record high temps in the 90's here, I doubt it will ever get cold enough :(

    SO sorry to hear about Kate's choking. That is very scary.
    Happy belated birthday to you husband - what a man!! ;)

  9. Here is the link to the Lilly sweater ...,5,colone,,womens,womenssweaters

  10. How scary! I have nightmares about Kerry choking. I'm glad Dave had an otherwise nice birthday celebration. We love Mexican and go to an authentic restaurant up the road at least 3-4 times a month. That cake looks and sounds yummy!

    Gin =)

  11. Tres leches, oh my, I read that cookery post on Pioneer Woman's website and positively died while reading and drooling over it. Oh, and the latest pear crisp too.

    Said to myself, I MUST MAKE THAT..yesterday! :) ...and still haven't!

    Was it good. No, don't even answer that! :)

    Sorry to hear about Kate? You know that would scare me silly, Lilah kinda choked one day in the summer, and I was shaking after it was all over. Really really shaking.


  12. I love how you LOVE your family Kim!! Celebrating and admiring your husband has got to be the most important thing a wife can ever do. Lovely cake!! Hope he felt as cherished as you obviously intended for him to!!

  13. Great-now I want a new long black sweater! It sounds so chic! My closet need just one more thing!

    I'm so glad that Kate is ok. I know that must have been frightening. I wonder if she has problems with her epiglotis. It's my understanding that some people's are stretched and it allows one to choke more easily. (Heaven help me, I'm no Dr. Just a thought.)

    Belated birthday wishes to the hubs too!

    Hope yall are doing well!

  14. I've been looking for one too! I just ordered a really cute long cashmere black cardie from Bodenusa. Can't wait to get it :)

  15. You may want to consider taking her to an ENT. Not much flu there.

  16. Kim
    Know that was scary over Kate!
    Do you think maybe she could have that dis-lodging because maybe her throat is still not completely well?? ( I am not expert!) just a suggestion.
    As for the cardigan try Jones New york New york!
    They are so Chic!! I love their clothes! Many cardigans w/ GloriaV as well! Have you looked at Belks as well??
    Just another thought! So glad Dave's B-day was great too!

  17. Kim, Looks like Dave's birthday was a huge success...poor Kate, how scary. I love her in the black and white polka dots! Have you checked either Land's End or JCrew for the cardigan?
    By the way, I have been home in bed since Tuesday with H1N1. The worse part is the fever and the coughing. You are smart not to expose Kate any more than you have to!
    (your cake looked wonderful!)

  18. Kim, in the photo of Kate, Dave and Harry around the table (I assume they are singing to Dave)...there is a piece of framed that a Peanut original?
    If so, that is absolutely awesome!
    How special to get a great place of honor and framed! Neat idea...I need to do that with one of the millions of drawings that Miss Ruby has done for me!

  19. Good morning Kim,
    I'm glad to hear Dave had a wonderful day! It sounds like he really deserves it:) I have no experience with the choking. I will be interested to hear what others say...
    As for the sweater, maybe try some online shopping. Is it possible that since you live in warmer climates (I love to see Kate still wearing short sleeves!) you have a different inventory in your stores? Cardigans seem to be everywhere here. I bought one this year at Ann Taylor Loft. It is not cashmere but plenty comfy and stylish over white!
    Michelle and Meaghan Grace

  20. Nice celebration, beautiful pictures , birthdays are always special moments.
    About the cardigan, I am quite sure you will find one at Burberry , I just bought one some days ago.

  21. Glad you had a wonderful celebration for your wonderful husband!

    Emerson chokes ALOT. We have to give her very tiny pieces and make us show her that her mouth is empty before we can give her another bite of food. If we leave her to do it herself, then she puts to much in there and I'm certain that the heimlich would be needed.

  22. That scared the daylights out of me. Just the thought of it. Poor Kate. I googled choking in children. Here is a link

    (My husband is a doctor and he reminds me all the time that medical info from the internet can be scetchy, but who knows? Maybe you'll see something that rings true) That is worrisome... I am sorry for you and Kate.
    Shopping: Here's one from JCrew:
    That's all I've got. Hoping Kate stays strong and healthy. I know I have never met her, but I love that little girl.

  23. Looks like a great birthday dinner. I'm sorry to hear about Kate, I hope you can find a cause for her choking episodes, I can't imagine how frightening those are. In terms of a cardigan, I would try Anthropologie, Talbots or White House/Black Market.

  24. What a great birthday celebration! Your Hub and family are so darn cute! Have a fun Halloween weekend!


  25. Have you seen this one from Garnet Hill? It is definitely long.

  26. Happy Birthday Dave!! Very scary about Kate. I'm certified in CPR and first aid but would be terrified if I had to do the heimlich on someone especially my kiddo!
    Have a happy halloween!

  27. Alexa chokes a lot too but her tonsils are huge! She is actually getting them out in two weeks...finally found a competent ENT.
    Interesting that even after they are removed choking can still be an issue. I had to stick my fingers down Alexa's throat twice to pull out food ( i know that is not the correct procedure and both my husband and I are trainded in CPR and first aid) but when your own child is choking you just kick in and fix it. I know first hand how scary it is!

  28. Oh my that sounds scary! Sorry I don't have any helpful information about Kate's choking episodes! Hope someone can give some helpful insight. It seems like you got lot's of advice on the cardigan, so I can suggest MOTH BALLS or CEDAR SCENTED ones for the moths!!! LOL!!!

  29. I have a friend that deals with this type of issue. I know she has had some type of procedure performed in the past that has helped. If you'd like I could ask her for more details including which type of doctor she consulted to start the inquiry.

    Enjoy your Halloween; the littlest pumpkin is certainly a cute one.


  30. Check out Macy's Charter Club Cashmere Cardigans... was just glancing at them the other day. They had a beautiful long black one with small/silvery white buttons.

    When I was looking at your awesome pumpkin project the other day, I noticed your kitchen valance. Just moved into a new house and am stressing over window treatments. Please do another decorating post soon, preferrably on windows and post me a pic of that fabulous valance!!!



    Here it is!

  32. Looks like a fun birthday celebration! Yum, I love Tres Leches Cake.

    I second the recommendation about seeing your ENT. Our ENT's office tends to be very quiet so not much chance of catching anything there. Your choking incidents sound terribly scary.

    I just bought a long grey sweater at Ann Taylor (on sale, even, for $39.99), though I'm not sure it's as long as the one you loved and lost to moths. You might look into having your old sweater rewoven if you get desperate.

  33. I'm just a lurker, but wanted to post about the choking. Our daughter, adopted from China when she was almost 3, chokes very, very often. I think we've done the Heimlich at least 20 times in the last two years. Very, very scary!
    She did have a swallow study, which was negative. Easy procedure and you find out results right then and there. She's been seing an OT now to help w/ muscle laxity in her cheeks. Basically just trying to strengthen her mouth muscles. It's really decreased the choking as she chews up her food much better now. We do have to count her chews sometimes to get her back on track. Our daughter also has major speech delays due to this muscle laxity. This may not be at all what Kate has, but just wanted you to know you're not alone in the choking department. I get a few more gray hairs every time it happens.
    Thanks for sharing your great blog!


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