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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kate LOVES Cinderella!  I suppose it is my fault for introducing her to the movie. I bought the movie and we watched it about a year ago one night while the boys were doing something else. However, I never imagined an obsession like this.  She asks to watch it every single day.  She sings the songs, laughs out loud and GASPS with awe everytime she sees Cinderella ready to marry Prince Charming at the end (although she thinks he is Cinderella's Daddy but that is another post).

So the other day, Kate dressed up as Cinderella and asked me to put her hair up like Cinderella's hair.  I gave it my best shot....






She danced around the hallway like a true princess!



Then I let her watch a little bit of the movie....
 and she was completely enthralled for the 1,000th time!

In other Kate news~ she went to visit her new school yesterday.  When we moved here so suddenly last year, it was too late to apply to the Montessori school that my boys went to when we lived here previously. But luckily, she was accepted for this year.  I was nervous about the transition but she loved it when we visited yesterday.  She went right to a shelf, got out work and asked for a lesson so to speak.  It was only a "look and see" day but Kate did work the whole time and was so engrossed in the materials.  It is hard to explain if you are not familiar with Montessori...but as she was spooning rice from one bowl to another with great concentration, she looked up and me and said, "Mommy, is this a toy?"  I laughed because Kate does not touch toys~she simply does not play with them....but she would have spooned that rice for hours.  She is a Montessori girl!  Her first real day is next week! She wants them to teach her to read!

"Look and see day"


  1. She has such a wonderful smile...beautiful dress as well!!

  2. Sooooo cute!! Kate reminds me of another Cinderella that lives at my house. :)

  3. absolutely princess like!! She looks adorable all dressed up and her up-do(you did a great job) looks very Cinderella.

    Glad she got into her school. We will look at Montessori school when it comes time. However we will wait til Hayden is 3 I think. I only get to do this once and so we will wait for our journey to school.
    Can't believe school starts in the next few weeks...the summer has flown by.

  4. Kate is a princess.. she is soooo BEAUTIFUL.. and I will agree..a very cute dress...
    her smile is breathtaking..
    have a great weekend..

  5. I love this. Landree's never seen Cinderella, but she dances around singing "A dream is a wish your heart makes..." from her princess sing along. She's really infatuated with the Little Mermaid. Oh, and she always says 'that's her daddy' too! What is the deal with that?

    I love Kate's little shirt too-glad she loved school! Landree keeps asking when she gets to go to school. She loves it too!

  6. Oh, she is so precious! I love her pointing her little toes to dance! What a princess Katie Ru is!!

    I might have to look into Montessori for Sophie... Katie sounds so much like my little Sophie. She never plays with toys either! I don't know why we have a house full!

  7. Looks like it's time for Miss Kate to come & visit Auntie Karen & Becky and go to Disneyland with the Lucky Mommy's and meet CInderella in person!!

    too cute - love the hair do!

  8. Those photos are like a crystal ball! She looks so pretty and grown up!!

  9. SIMPLY ADORABLE!!!!!!!! I love Princess Kate!

    Miss Di

  10. I commented on the wrong post - cute,cute princess! Love her hair! How did you do that?! Kate is sweet as ever!


  11. She is SO cute!! You did a great job with her hair and she looks so grown up. My favorite pic is the one of her watching the movie, you can see how enthralled she is. She looks so happy school!!

  12. She makes a perfect princess! And her hair looks beautiful and very princessy :-).

    I love her dimple grin...precious!


  13. Great job on the hair!!! Be prepared---Cinderella lived at our house for at least 2 years (full gown, gloves, black neckband, plastic glass slippers and tiara!!)!! Then we switched back and forth between Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty for a while!!!!

    I find it fascinating that Our China doll seems to favor all the blond princesses--looks like Kate does too--wonder if it cause they have blond moms??? Or just that Cinderella simply is the BEST--she is the ONLY princess with her very own Castle at Disney after all!!!!

    BTW have you tried the old Rodger's and Hammerstein version of Cinderella??? The one with Leslie Ann Warren was my FAV as a child). Our daughter loves this version as much if not more than the Disney one (and yes we have both the one with Julie Andrews and the one with Leslie Ann Warren!!!)!! We still play the R&H Cinderella CD in the car and our daughter knows every word to every song!!!Plus some of the local High Schools have performed this version and My daughter has sat through at least 5 live performances and each time watches in Awe as if it is her first time!!!!

    Thanks again for sharing--always fun to see what the Peanuts are up to!!!

  14. Very cute princess. I love the hair.

  15. Darling! I LOVE it that she's eager to learn to read.

  16. A beautiful princess, indeed! Oh, how much fun it must be to see your little girl be so girly! ;)
    You did a great job with her princess 'do' too!

  17. such a beautiful Cinderella:)
    I love montessori style. I have been purchasing some things for home and using them with Caitlyn because she is so active and learns with hands on.
    Love all the pics:)

  18. She looks like a true Cinderella in those pictures. Sounds like she is going to love her new school!

  19. So adorable! It is amazing how they can watch those movies OVER and OVER again!! Granted, Cinderella isn't a favorite at my house ;) Love the pictures and so happy she is excited for school! What are you going to do with yourself?!?!

  20. Adorable princess!! We went through that stage too -- it lasts a long time! :) Great job on the hair!

    Her school sounds fabulous! Have a great weekend!


  21. Such beautiful photos. Its so fun having a girl. You will treasure these photos for ever. Have a wonderful weekend with the Peanuts.

  22. She is a princess indeed! She is absolutely beautiful and you are a very lucky mommy!

  23. I was a Montessori girl!! It sounds like she's ready to get in there and learn - she will be learning in no time!

  24. I was a Montessori girl!! It sounds like she's ready to get in there and learn - she will be learning in no time!

  25. She is a beautiful! My daughters also talk about Cinderella's Daddy but not just for the princesses, they also say my husband is my Daddy and when I say that their Pappy is my Daddy they get really upset...
    We really enjoyed our Montessori experience with our older girl in NM, not so much when they were both in a Montessori school in FL but that is another story.

  26. LOVE this post! So happy that you have a girly girl!!

    Maggie loves Cinderella too and always gushes when she is walking up to the castle, "Look Mommy at her beautiful dress!"

  27. What a beautiful princess! Kim, you did a great job with her hair.

  28. Gosh you did a fabulous job with her hair! Love it!

    Jill xx

  29. What a true little princess your Kate is! :)

  30. I just love this post!! I fell head over heels for shot #4 (too cute) and #8 (despite the playdoh on the shelf and crayons/coloring book on the floor) ONLY the video captured her undivided attention!!! Kate sounds like she is going to do wonderful in Montessori school!!!

    PS still waiting for your "what I discovered post"!!! Your keeping your "fans" waiting!! LOL!!!

  31. So pretty. Kate positively glows! Libby isn't at all into the princess world. I'll be honest. It pains me. I love the glimpse of your beautiful hallway. I love it. It is cozy & classic! And as for school starting... I am giddy! Can I say that?

  32. Kate is the cutest Cinderella ever! That is my favorite Disney movie. I love the scene where the little mice sing "Cinderelly, Cinderelly" and make her a dress.

    I have no doubt that Kate will THRIVE at her new school. She looks so grown up (but precious as ever) in the pictures at the end of your post.

  33. Such a smart AND beautiful girl you are Kate! And I loooove your Cinderella "do"! It looks just like Snophie Lu's! It's a Snophie Lu Do!! That rhymes better than w/ Cinderella... :)


  34. My daughter goes to a Montessori school too and loves it! She starts back tomorrow and cannot wait.

    Cinderella pics are cute!

  35. She's precious! So glad she enjoyed her day at school as well! They grow too quickly don't they?!


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