Mullet anyone?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Okay, I know some of you will think this is funny, but I can tell you that I am NOT there yet, so please be sensitive and empathic.

I was taking a shower today and Dave was making the kids lunch when Kate CUT HER HAIR!!!!  She cut the front and side up to her ears.  She had the WORST mullet!

I have told her 1,000,000 times that we NEVER use scissors on our hair.  I am not going to lie. When I saw it I cried and I cried HARD.  For two years, I have restrained cutting her hair.  I painstakingly let her bangs and her hair grow out from this

May2007 143-1

to this.....

and this...
and this...


I stood by and watched friends cut bangs or cute little bobs on their daughters and I debated doing the same but I stayed the course because Kate wanted long hair and I wanted her to have long hair. It was finally at a length where we could style it in so many cute ways. Her bangs were completely grown out and even with the rest of her hair.  Well, not anymore!

Here are some mullet shots.  Now, trust me it looked SO MUCH WORSE in person....


Does someone look  a little guilty?

Well, now our Kate is sporting a pixie/bob/the only thing the hairdresser could do to salvage her hair. I know she looks cute in these shots but it real life...she looks like she cut her hair and it is going to take a LONG time to look even again. (and just in time for her first day of school, too!) Just to let you know how bad it looks~ Will asked me if we could get her extensions! LOL!



I know that in the big scheme of life this is minor.  I know that I am lucky and that our life is blessed.  But I am still REALLY sad and grieving her old hair.  She was going to be Cinderella for Halloween:(  I also know that it will be year or two before I can pull it back again...sigh.

P.S. I got several questions about the juicer and juicing.  I will answer them Monday or Tuesday.


  1. I feel for you...and I would be reacting the SAME way! What a shocker! BUT, I must say, she is just precious and her new do is adorable ~ what a story you have to tell later on!

  2. Darn scissors! I have always been afraid that our daughter would cut her own hair. Fortunately she didn't and I am pretty sure we have grown out of that stage.

    I know it's hard for you. She is still a beauty! Let's hope this is a first and last for sweet Kate.

  3. I would be right there with you (especially b/c when my daughter's hair was "trimmed", she lost her baby curls and I was crushed) but honestly - it looks so stinking cute right now! I do admire her hair long as well, but oh my goodness, it's adorable. Don't get me wrong - I am with you that I would rather it be MY choice (or even her choice but not cut on her own) but I am so glad you were able to figure out a truly beautiful haircut.
    Now - when *I* was in FIFTH grade...I chopped my BANGS! They were about 1/2 inch long and there was NOTHING to do to fix that. How embarrassing. So, while yes, it could always be worse, this is a tough one with an adorable outcome! I love the befores and afters! Good luck getting used to it!

  4. And, I am still laughing aloud about Will's suggestion! Gotta' love boys!

  5. OH Kim,
    I am sooooooo sorry this happened. I remember the day like it was yesterday when Ainsley did this too... And, I was furious.... I know how hard you worked to grow out her pretty hair... But, as you said, it WILL grow. And, sometimes faster and fuller when it is cut. She does look adorable. You know I love Pixies, and I just may have to cut Ruby's hair short again to join the Kate club!!! I love you and I am sending you a great big girlfriend hug!!!

    You grieve that hair as long as you want too!!! And, someday you will tell her this story with a different kind of tears.

    Love ya,

  6. oh my, i can understand your tears! our little girls' hair is so precious, but one day you will be able to laugh out loud with her about this!! grow hair, grow!

  7. OOOHHH you poor thing! I want you to know that I would be sad too. Neither of my boys ever used scissors on their hair and so far, my three year old daughter hasn't, although, she'd be the one to do it. I do admit, I laughed a smidge, when I read that Will asked about extensions! Bless that lil' Kate's heart-so precious!

  8. Oh, Kim, I live in fear of the same thing happening too! DD1 would never have even *thought* of doing such a thing, but I know that DD2 has this mischeviousness to her, that some day, she'll probably do the very same thing!!

    Hair does grow, I know, but I also know how hard it is to grow it out. :( It is sooooo nice to be able to pull it back and STAY where you put it!

    Poor Kim! And yes, that shot does indeed look like Kate is feeling a little guilty! LOL

    My hair grows an inch a month. DD1 does too, but DD2 grows at a much slower pace, so here's hoping she doesn't get a hold of the scissors. I keep them ALL locked up!!
    Snick :)

  9. Ohhh, I've been waiting up all night for you to post pics... you were right- she sure chopped it good (or should I say bad)... I'm so so sorry, Kim... and right after you perfected the Cinderella "do"... I have to agree with everyone else though- she has such a pretty face, and she really does look cute with her little bob. Now Sophie Lu wants to go get her hair cut too! :) And I'm totally cracking up over what the bib says, "Little Miss Sunshine" you should change it to "Little Miss Scissorhands"! Will and Harry will get a kick out of that one! BIG hugs, my friend (and I hope you had that cocktail(s)!!! xoxoxoxo Call me tomorrow! xoxo

  10. Hair is such a personal thing to a girl I totally understand why you would be sad!! It will be a great story one day, that is for sure. She is a cutie either way though!!

  11. My younger sister did this when she was about the same age. Unfortunately, it being the 1980's...the hair dresser's fix was to make it a mullet. She sported this look for a good 6 months. Her punishment became the terrible pictures of her during that time. It all turns out fine though, and is something to laugh about later. My sister is now one of the most beautiful people I know!

  12. Oh no! I told my mom about your blog and she had a little giggle at your expense becasue it reminded her of when I did the same thing.

    I said I had to go to the bathroom, but after a little while mama came to see if I was ok. I had locked the door and cut myself some beautiful bangs and layers! She was mortified!

    My sister also got into some hair stuff. She "Styled" a little boys hair...with Vicks Vapor Rub! It took her and the little boy days for their eyes to stop watering!

    But Kate's hair does look adorable now that it is fixed. :)

  13. I'm so sorry for you - that would make me sad too :( Thankfully you got those cute photos of her as Cinderella just a few days ago . . .

    hugs :)

  14. I feel your pain ,
    why do kids do that ,hack right into it , yikes , turned your stomach I am sure , it just takes so long to grow hair .
    But Kate looks adorable with her knew do , thank you lucky stars my friends daughter recently cut her long long blonde hair so badly that she ended up having hair shorter than her brothers when they got to "fixing" it .

  15. Oh no! You poor thing! I keep waiting for this to happen at our house.

    In any event, Kate looks adorable in her new do! We will both be growing out hair this winter. Kamree hated everything about her bob!

    Hang in there!

  16. It will make a great story one day... goodness, it makes a great story now if it's not you.

    Ten months ago, while we were out-of-town, our six-year-old neighbor gave herself a mullet. When we returned, I fretted and fretted about talking to her dad about it. Because her mom, my close friend, had recently passed away and I thought perhaps her daddy had CHOSEN that hairstyle for her. Hearing that she cut it all on her own was actually a relief. Heh.

  17. I am sorry she cut her hair..why do they love to do that? She IS adorable no matter how her hair is but I would cry if my daughter did it too. Sophia came home with a bob and it seemed to grow into a weird combo of a mullet and Mrs. Brady's hair from the 70's. It is finally long and honestly I hide every pair of scissors. Sophia's BFF has cut her hair twice...mullet style each time. The second time was a week before she was the flower girl in a wedding. Her mom CRIED over that one.

  18. I would have also freaked out at the finally get it to an easy place and poof a brand new look you weren't expecting at all...Kate does look cute with her new do though...she is so pretty that it doesn't matter what her hair looks like...just look at that darling face! Give her that juice of yours...just read that certain juices make your hair grow like a weed..I'll look it up and let you know about it...Lynn

  19. Oh yikes...she sure did a thorough job of it!!! Like everyone said...she is such a little beauty she can pull it off in grand style...but I know it is still upsetting. In the interest of making you feel a little better (maybe!), I will share that Lia came home sporting a reverse mullet (long in the front, shaved in the back). I got so tired of trying to keep the bangs out of her face, that I decided to "even them up one horrible, sleep deprived morning. I botched it up worse than what Kate did to her hair. I cried for two weeks. I had to take her to get it it was the only time Lia sported full bangs...and you know...I actually look back on those pictures (and it was only two months or so until they were long enough to pull back!) and think how cute she was!!

    Keep you chin up...your girl is sweet any way you slice it, dice it or, you know, cut it...


  20. I totally understand your sadness. It takes forever to grow out bangs- ugh! What IS it about those scissors? Why do so many little girls do this? Of course she looks precious either way, but I feel your pain!

  21. I have been growing our Annika's hair out also. I understand so much where you are at. I finally caved and did the China girl bangs that I never thought I would. It will grow. Kate is so precious. Thanks for sharing your trials. We ALL go through them and come out better people for them.

  22. oh I am so sorry, I too have the same reaction to hair cutting. Caitlyn has done it 2x...We just have never had to go that drastic... I have a couple of bloggy buddies that can just laugh it off, but I can't...
    I am really sorry and I completely understand your feelings. In a couple of months it is going to be a really pretty length. It will be here before you know it.

  23. Oh dear! My 3 yr. old cut her own hair and her sister's American Girl doll's hair. I cried for both. My 3 yr. has very, very blonde, thin hair and I don't think she will ever have long hair, but yes, it could be worse. I know it is easy to say, "It's just hair, and it will grow". Sometimes that just doesn't make it better though! :( Hugs to you. Kate still just looks so adorable!
    p.s. That 1st photo of Kate in her crib is precious!

  24. I felt the same way when my little girl cut hers. I cried and cried! Kate does look darling but I do know where you are coming from!

  25. I had to check in to see how the morning after is going! I wonder if Kate would be in to really cute headbands now with that sassy little doo! I put some on Ru the other day. Super cute!! Happy First week of School! Thinking of you!


  26. I would be sad too. She does look adorable though!!!!

    I am having a TARGET card giveaway today!!!

  27. Kim,

    I am a frequent reader of your blog but not a frequent poster. I just had to say that I would have cried too! Maybe even sobbed! ;) My Kensie is 2 1/2 and I'm starting to think that her hair is never going to grow. If Kensie is ever fortunate enough to have long, beautiful hair like your Kate, and then UGGGGH (can't even say it), I think I'd faint. I cried one time when my SON had his hair cut too short. Yes, yes it will grow but I know that isn't comforting right now. Just wanted you to know that your feelings are SO normal.

    P.S. The pixie cut really DOES look cute. :)

  28. I am soooo sorry. I know just how you feel. Hannah, at 2.5, had gorgeous hair down to the middle of her back. One morning, she took out scissors and cut off 9 inches. I cried! Then, as we were growing it out, she cut it two more times (oh, and I had hidden the scissors...explained how only Linda (our hairdresser) cuts hair, etc. Nothing worked. Emma did it as well. From the look on Kate's face in one of those photos, I think she now understands. I must say that she really looks very beautiful in short hair. I know that will take you a while to get used to (my kids looked like different kids to me after their cuts!), but she looks adorable. I found that their hair grew a lot faster at 3, after they cut it, then it had grown from babyhood. Seems like most little girls do this at least once!

  29. Oh My--I feel your pain and would have cried too--but the new "do" looks adorable--I actually think it makes her look younger?? Luckily hair grows and it might actually grow faster now than it did before-My daughter barely had a strand of hair--I kept cutting the bottom up to even it out as it grew and now she has a beautiful head of hair--so hang in there!!!!!!! Love the extensions alternative!!! Adorable idea!!!

  30. AAGG! Don't know what to say, except if the Mullet plans on making a come back, then by golly your girl is ahead of the trend=0)

    I think I cried with you, I know how excited I am for Emerson's hair to grow out, esp after the shaved head thing she was sporting. I'd bawl if she cut it off once grown out.

  31. Oh no!! She's such a beauty, but I know I'd be upset too.


  32. Just thought I would add a little positive. Kate (at least in these pics) looks younger to me so maybe she won't grow up on you so fast!! : )

  33. Oh Kim! I can just imagine your tears after you saw what happened. I know it is no consolation, but my Morgan did the same thing when she was 4 (the day before her professional portrait session) and we were just talking about it last night. It does make for a great story a dozen years down the road! LOL! One of the joys of raising our little girls... we never have to worry about this with the boys.

    But, honestly... I know the feeling of dread that comes from it happening and the mommy tears take a while to go away. How is Kate doing? I am sure she was pretty devastated to see you upset. Her new hair style is just as sweet... it frames her little face but makes her look so much older too.

    Sending you hugs of support and understanding! I know you will make her new style look just as adorable as ever!

  34. Oh, Kim - I was just "bragging" the other day about how I have SCISSSORS in Mya's hair tie/bow drawer in the bathroom. Yes, it is as if I am begging for this to happen to me...and she probably will - I know *I* did when I was a little girl :)

    Kate does look adorable in her short hair (do you think she looks older?) And she can till be Cinderella!

    Thinking of you today, Mama Bear - hang in there!!

  35. I am sooo sorry.... I would be sad too..
    but it will grow out and Kate is BEAUTIFUL no matter what..
    Have a great week..

  36. I am usually a lurker on your blog, but this post hit close to home. My husband went with me on a business trip back in the spring, and my mom stayed with the kids. My little girl gave herself the same haircut! She had to sport the long mullett for a couple of days until my hairdresser could get to her! The only way to fix her hair was a short bob, but now she is growing it back out. She has promised to not touch another pair of scissors!

  37. Oh no! I'll bet she'll never take scissors to her hair again, though.
    Love the new look... She's such precious!

  38. Aww!! I feel like so many little girls do this. My niece did it when she was 3. When I was 5 I knew better, but handed the scissors to my brother and MADE HIM cut my hair- The day before Easter! My mom was in tears! I remember to this day how upset she was (21 years later!) and I remember feeling bad when my brother got in trouble for it!

    I think the bob looks cute on Kate!!

  39. Oh no! Poor you and Kate! My sister (who is a Kate as well!) cut a huge square into her bangs when she was younger. They couldn't even be fixed. They stuck straight up forever!

  40. I'm soooo sorry!! Having a girl I completely understand, I would have cried too. She's still a little beauty :)

  41. Oh Kim! I do know how you feel! KM just cut her hair last week. :( This was after STRICT orders to keep up scissors (mainly because of her eye). All it took was for someone to leave them out one time. sigh. I'll be thinking of you, as I know how hard this is!

    Kate does look sweet with her little pixie cut!


  42. Oh Kim. I know you loved her hair the old way but she is absolutely adorable no matter what her hair looks like. Change is hard but you have such a precious little one-long, short, bald or mullet. :-)

  43. Okay, on a happy note, WIll is really funny :) Aww Kim, I am so sorry about her mullet...I so understand, I think we all do. Fortunately for you, Kate is a cutie pie, I mean real cutie pie and therefore all styles look sweet on her! Again,another point for the upside! But a mommy's heart is broken when their babies cut their beautiful hair. Emily only chopped every doll's hair in the house...I was not happy, but the alternative would have been much worse!!!

    Thank you for sharing, hopefully everyone's great comments are helping to ease the pain of your little edward scissorhands!

    Love & Hugs,

  44. oh man!!! I'm totally feeling for you...the empathy is here!! :o(
    Wow, yep, my heart would be 'grieving', too. Though I do have to say that the "guilty" photo is pretty darn a very cute little "I'm caught" attitude sort-of-way!

    Extensions on your little girl...hmmm? Now there's a thought!...funny it came from Will!! :) Hopefully it grows back faster than normal...try giving her some of that fresh juice you've been making...I bet it would help!


  45. My Madeline did this too --- TWICE! The first time, she just thinned it out all over and it wasn't really very noticeable except that it was REALLY thin (and it was thin to start with!).

    The 2nd time, she took the scissors and cut her bangs all the way down to the scalp. She looked hideous. H.I.D.E.O.U.S (but we couldn't tell her that).

    It's taken a 8 months to grow out and will likely take a whole year to really get back to normal.

    Sigh..... But it's only hair. It does grow back.

    You can see it here: Maddy's Haircut

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  46. i know your depressed and i can understand, but i don't think kate can look any less than absolutely beautiful with any haircut. she's a doll and i love the pixie look. i laughed out loud at the picture of her at the table looking "guilty"!!

  47. I am so sad for you. I would have been distraught!! Her haircut looks really cute, and it makes her looks "little" but I just know the tears would have flown had it been us. I use to cut my dolls hair...not sure how I never graduated to my own, but I just know that I hope Hayden doesn't do this, her hair seems to grow at a snails pace.

    I do think it will be funny someday, but I don't think any time soon:)

  48. Oh Kim I am half smiling and half freaking out for you. I have had such horrible thoughts of Mia doing the sme thing. Her bangs are longer than the rest of her hair beucase she has one of those shorter int he back bobs but those bangs we have grown out for soooooo long and it would just kill me if she cut her hair. I think every girl and boy does it at some point but it is sooooo devistating for us moms who painstakingly work our rear ends off at growing them out. Im so sorry!!

    Big hugs but she does look cute!

    Christy :)

  49. OMG!! I always wondered if/when that would happen to my girls!

    Atleast her new hair shoes off her earings ;)

    Big hugs, Michele

  50. Just checking to see how you are doing today. Hope this is a better day.

  51. I understand your pain! I hope it will grow it quickly, for your sake!!!

    She looks PRECIOUS, as always, with the new haircut!

  52. OMG!!! I literally almost HYPERVENTILATED!!! Scissors to me is like KRYPTONITE to Superman, they literally give me the eebie-jeebies!! Seriously, I rather gnaw a piece of thread w/my teeth than snip it quickly w/a pair of scissors!!! Little Ms COPY EVERYTHING MOM DOES will just happily pick up a pair and snip off her hair as well!! I caught her spritzing the dog the other day. Try combing HOLDING SPRITZ out of a schnauzer's fur......not fun...and the dog wasn't too happy either!!

    Just this morning she grabbed my hubby's razor(that was left unsupervised by my DH) and promptly started dragging it across her face!!! Gasp!!! I screamed so loud, I liked to scared the poor kid to pieces!! I guess I better keep an close eye open for facial hair growth in the next few days!! LOL!!!

    Speaking of a "SHEER NIGHTMARE " *pun intended* My little cousin took a pair of "said razors' and SHEERED her hair right down the middle!! Promptly went up to her mother and said "Toya pretty now"!After mom regained consciousness, we struggled w/a quick fixer upper!! We laughed "afterwards"...well a good time afterwards! We couldnt decide if she looked like "Larry" from the "Three stooges" or a landing strip!! Poor mom avoided the wide eyed stares from passersby as they "STARED" at the widest "parted hair" in the history of mankind!! So you see razors are just as bad!!!

    Seriously, I'm grieving right along w/you! Kate is adorable either way though! Look on the BRIGHT SIDE, now those fat cheeks are even more visible and kissable now!!

    Tell Will he missed his calling, he would make a great comedian!! OMG that was hilllllllllllarious!!!

    PS Hang in there mom, it only gets better!! Hide the makeup bag!!!

  53. Oh Kim, I am so sad for you! I loved her long hair, all one length. She does look really cute with it shorter, but I totally get why you are so upset. I would feel the same way. You will be able to look back one day and laugh, but I understand not being there yet.

  54. Bless your heart! I am trying not to giggle because I assure I might fall into a deep depression if Landree did the same thing, but she looks cute and sassy and a little younger even with her new do!

  55. Ahh.. the hair cutting phase. I am so sorry about her long hair. We have been there as well with the exception that my little redhead cut herself into a mowhawk. Unfortunately, there was nothing to be done except cut it short all over (think orphan Annie) I too was upset because it does take along time to grow. Maybe you could add some faux ponytail or clip on hair for her for Halloween!?!?

  56. Oh Kim, I am so sorry...but you know what a fan I am of short hair and cute bob/pixie cuts! She looks too cute, but I know how long it took to grow it out. My mom reminded me that I did the same thing at that age. Should I be hiding all the scissors at our house? Maggie's hair goes really slowly, so it would be even more frustrating for me if she cut it!


  57. She is adorable either way, but I would be SO upset too. I think she'll make an adorable Cinderella.
    I think its time I sit down and have a talk with Adalyn.

    Also, I'm looking forward to more info on the juicer.

  58. I too would be so sad. It has taken two years for Clara Beth's hair to grow out. While all of her other China Buddies got bobs we just kept leting it all grow.

    She still looks precious!!


  59. Bless your heart! I can only imagine how devastated you were to discover Miss Kate's "handiwork."

    Poor Kate, though. I don't think children that age have any sense of permanence; they think everything can be fixed.

    The bright sides are that her hair will grow back and that Kate will likely NEVER try that again! Are there any juice combos that promote hair growth? :)


  60. Sophia did the same thing last March , but not to kate's extreme. It took me FOREVER to get her bangs grown out and she cut them. They have made it down to her nose at this point....hang in seems many little girls try this at least once....but I was just as upset as you!

  61. Oh boy... Although she looks ADORABLE, I would be in tears too. Luckily for me, Em has only taken scissors to her doll. I wasn't happy about that either.

    I have found that Em's hair grows a lot faster now than when she was a baby... Big hugs.

  62. Oh CRAP! Kim, I'd cry big crocodile tears, too! Paige did this when she was 4...scalped her head and she looked like a boy. I'll send ya a pic sometime. NOT CUTE :( I cried and cried. I am not awfully vane, but I loved long hair. HOWEVER, once a few months passed, I started getting creative with headbands, flowers, hats, etc... It took about a year to a year and a half to grow into a bob. Little Kate's bob is precious, but I understand your grief. Damn scissors!!! Sorry for the profanity, but I KNOW how you feel. One thing that might not show the uneven parts is to rub a bit of gel on the ends to give it a sleeker pixie. She has the most beautiful little face and could pull off going bald.

    HUGS sweet lady!!! Put every pair of scissors in the house on top of your fridge :)

  63. Oh my WORD! I would have cried too. Although, she does look very cute still, just a little younger.

    I totally get this because Lilah's hair was really short when we got her 8 months ago and it badly needs a trim. But I can't bring myself to have it done because first of all I was able to get pigtails in it and now a pony tail...and if I get it cut I won't be able to do that. Oh and in answer to your question, yes I do curl it the odd time! It's so cute when I curl it! :)

    It won't be like this for long, take heart.

    Jill xx

  64. I understand you were upset, my 4 year old cut her hair while playing at our neighbor's house. I went to pick her up and noticed hair on the floor, I knew it had to be one of my girls because of the color...I did not get upset, it was on the left behind her head and did not show a lot. When we got home, I noticed she had cut some on the right side as well underneath some hair!!! Since it does not show that much (and I haven't found a good kids hairsalon yet), I decided to leave it like that for now.
    Kate looks beautiful with her new hairdo!!!

  65. Oh my gosh Kim, that had to be so hard! I hope you both grow into it over time, but she still looks adorable!

  66. V did the same in 2007, about this time of the year, just a week before being a flower girl at a friends wedding, same hair style as Kate, she was sooo happy to show me what a great thing she did, I took pictures of her with the hair in her little hands, later whe she look at the mirror, she did not like it. I explain to her that the hair stylist goes to school to learn how to do it, now she nows!!!;)

  67. oh kim!!! she is still a super, beautiful cutie but I really feel for you! tomorrow is our first day back at school (only until 11:30am) but I will try and give you a call - would love to talk -

  68. Oh she is is not her hair that makes her beautiful it is her heart. Besides, I love Lottie's hair short too because it sets right on top of her pudgy little cheeks and that is the only fat on her little body. I love Kate's cheeks too;)

    I am sorry though...because I know how sad it was....she really did have long hair.

    I am praying for a quiet school year for all of you. Our address is on the right hand side of our blog. I can't believe she is going to go to school too....they are growing up too fast!

  69. My Kenzie did the same thing about 2 years ago , 2 days before she started school. She cut her sides down to the scalp and was trying to cut her sisters hair when one of the girls ran and told me, I was just sick over it. I would like to say it grew back quick but in reality it didn't but after a few days I was able to smile about it and remember it seems to be a passage of time most kids endure whether they are the cutters or the cutees. One thing it reminded me is to keep those little dull scissors out of reach because it was to the "mulan" scene that kenzie was imitating.

  70. I know this is coming late, but I just saw this post. I am so sorry and totally feel your pain. I harp on my girls constantly to NEVER cut their hair, but I am constantly cutting a straggly piece here and there. I try to tell them that only Mommy or Katie (their hair dresser) can use scissors on their hair. But I really think I need to hide the scissors b/c I hear "every kid" does this once! Thanks for the reminder.

    BTW, I still think Kate looks ADORABLE. I'm partial to bob cuts anyway as you can tell w/ my girls' hair, LOL.

  71. Oh Kim,

    I read your first day of school post before reading this one. I'm so sorry she cut her own hair. I do know how hard you worked to grow out her hair. I totally understand how heartbroken you must be for it to be shorter now.

    If this makes you feel better, it does look cute and in the long run maybe she's learned a lesson and won't do the same thing the night before a ballet recital!

  72. Kate is still beautiful, and I know you already know that, but I would have freaked out too. I am not even going to say another word about it, because having 4 girls, I will jinx myself.

  73. oh dear! I have been away most of the summer, and just getting back to the world of blogging...Chase (my 6 year old) just did this while we were away! And I thought he was nicely listening to a book on cd....Everyone keeps asking him if he cut his hair (I have yet to take him to the hairdresser!!) and I think he has for sure learned this isn't something we do!! oh well, in the grand scheme of things, this isn't a biggie, but man i was SO mad!!!

  74. Oh, Kim...Taylor did the exact same thing at this exact age. We literally almost had to shave her head it was so bad. Kate is beautiful even with her new doo! Katie's hair is exactly the same way, very fine and very very very slow growing. I know it's traumatic and I feel for you!

  75. Oh No! How do they figure that out I wonder?!! Well like everyone else has said she still looks adorable with her short do! I beleieve when you cut hair it tends to grow faster:) Here's hoping for you! Kate's cute as ever!

  76. Bless your heart on the hair!
    I feel for you I have a sister I once gave a pixie cut too and when I was a teen ager I asked her to barley trim my bangs! ( For I needed to look FINE!)
    She fixed me FINE! alright they were so uneven and we had class room pictures the next day!

    NO! we were not three either more like pre teen and teen!
    I cried and cried! and Fine I was not!

    At least my sister and Katie Ru was small and has that dark beautiful hair and skin/ and the pixie fit the both of them!

    I still feel your pain for you!
    Just remember~~ Katie Ru is so pretty she can wear her hair either way!
    I love the little bob I think it gives her that chance to be a little girl once more!
    It will grow back by the time she is 5! and you will be over it and So HAPPY again!

    For now it is just a shock I know!
    She is still a cutie as ever!

    The pic of your family on the beach all in the white is simply gorgeous!
    I think you could pose for People Magazine!
    I love that and you need to make that canvas style for your home!

    Love you!

  77. OMG NOOOOOOOOOOO!! I would have freaked out. Your baby!


Thank you for your kindness.