An apology in advance

Monday, August 3, 2009
This blog's main purpose is to document our family life. I am not a scrapbooker, so this is what my kids will have (and some family albums). Anyway, back to the apology...I am sure you will be sick and tired of our beach photos and stories by the end of this week. I plan to post a few from each day there. I just want my kiddos to be able to look back and remember all of the fun that we had.  That being said, I expect to be posting about the beach trip most of this week. Then on Friday, we are meeting this wonderful family at a resort for a mini vacation:)  I am SO excited!!! We love them.

So, here is just another day at the beach....








Harry is THE BEST shell finder. There are not many shells at all where we were but he seemed to find perfect ones.  He also found amazing shark teeth.  We all hunted and no one else found any!

Me and my Katie Ru on the balcony right before we went out to dinner one night. Please excuse my squinting.  It was bright!



  1. No apology needed. You can never have enough beach pictures, they are so cute of your family playing on the beach! and what great memories they will bring. Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad you are public again!!
    Thanks for your comments :)

  2. These are great- cannot get over how clear the water is. Everyone looks like they had a fun time- you look so pretty in the picture with Kate before going out to dinner. Looking forward to seeing all the vacation pics this week :)


  3. Ahhh, your kids are absolutely precious, I love the one at the end! Just....well, precious!

  4. I am so jealous your getting to meet Dianna for a min vacation! I would love to meet you both.
    Were heading to Disney with our 5 little ones today. I had to laugh when "Jon And Kate" took their 8 last season they took a adult a piece for their kids. Me and my hubby will have the 5 girls all by ourselves. Wish us luck!

  5. I would not apologize.. this is your blog and we want to see the photos..
    LOVE them..
    Have a great time..

  6. Your beach photos are fabulous! What a fun time you all had!


  7. What are you apologizing for!!!! I can't go to a beautiful beach ESPECIALLY ONE w/water this clear, so I'm taking a VIRTUAL VACATION w/you guys!! KEEP THE PHOTO'S COMING!!!

  8. The Tongginator wants to know where you found Katie Ru's swimsuit/ tutu. It is ALL about the tutu.

    (And don't apologize. We didn't get a beach vacation this year... I'm living vicariously.)

  9. Never apologize for posting such amazing and fun pictures of your gorgeous family! I love family time at the beach and it looks like your kids do too!

  10. Nope, not sick of it. Love you photography and blogging is my way of scrap booking too. It is no mess, no extra space, and you can squeeze in a page or two every day during nap time!

    Love Kate's swimsuit and the 'behind' picture!

  11. Great pics!!!!

    I think you need a "where I bought it" side blog though.
    You know people want that red dress and Kates suit :D

  12. Your beach photos are beautiful. I especially love the last photos of the kiddies with their arms around each other. So precious.

  13. I love your photos....keep em coming :-).

    Have fun!


  14. I love your pictures. Looks like you are having a great vacation.

  15. Do NOT apologize I love looking at your amazing photography skills :) Your kids are beautiful and I especially love the last picture! Your family is so blessed!

  16. that last pic is priceless!!!!

  17. Bring on the beach pictures! You can never post too many!

    Hope you have a great week!

  18. The best memories in life are made at the beach. Enjoy your time!

  19. great pictures kim from the beach!! looks like a wonderful trip:) XOXO, Clare

  20. Beautiful pictures. I love the last one!

  21. I never get tired of beach photos! Keep 'em coming! The last one is my fave! How sweet the three of them are together!

  22. You dont have to apologize for your picture posts!! Its your blog, girl!! :) I so enjoy reading your blog, so post away!!!!!

  23. That last photo of the three of them from behind is adorable. Were they just sitting like that or did you get them to pose for the camera?

    Your family looks very cute. They're all such beautiful children, you must be a proud mother.


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