quick update

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thank you for the amazing comments and e-mail since I announced I was going private. It was incredibly heartwarming to read how this blog has touched people in so many different ways.  I truly had no idea. Several of your stories brought me to tears.  I am so glad that our family has had a positive impact on so many people.  

Several people did not leave an e-mail address in their comment.  Even if I know you, even if you are my Mom or best friend...please leave it.  I will NOT publish it but it will make it 1000 times easier to set up the private blog.

So many people asked me to continue to post about photography, decorating, cooking, health, parenting, style etc. or expressed concern about how to find me down the road that I have decided to set up a public blog called Quiet Elegance.  It will not be ready until next week. Several of you asked for the recipes or a photo of Kate's 1st birthday cake.  I will post them on the new public blog.  This blog will not be as personal and I ask that you do not use my children's names on it at all.  Also, I will not post to it as frequently as part of my goal is to blog less and live more:)  But I will post snippets here and there on the above topics.  

I hope y'all are happy and enjoying this glorious summer:)



  1. Yeah! I am so glad you are going to continue a blog with all your fabulous ideas! I am trying to decorate our new house and I love the tips you have posted over the past year. I will look forward to Quiet Elegance...what a wonderful name for your blog. All the best!

  2. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and your family. Blogging can become extremely time consuming. I know that I sometimes find it difficult to keep up with everyone! I hope you have a fantastic summer with those three beautiful children of yours.


  3. Thank you Kim for your dedication to your ADORING FAN CLUB! I'm excited about "QUIET ELEGANCE" and look forward to it's "grand opening"! I have always LOVED your photography, recipes and your decorating ideas and this (the new blog) is just the icing on the cake! I realize that you have a life and don't OWE us anything! I will respect your wishes to "not using the kids names" and just refer to them as "the peanuts"!

    I have enjoyed watching Kate, Will and Harry grow before my eyes and witnessing the immense love between a mother and her children!

    I wish the 3 PEANUTS a wonderful fun-filled summer!!

  4. I hate that you are closing the blog, I have loved reading it over the past year. I also have an older son and understand why you are going private. I don't have a large number of people reading my blog, if I did I think I would have to reconsider things.

    I want you to know that reading blogs like yours is one of the things that have turned our hearts towards China for our next adoption.

    God Bless.

  5. I can't tell you how excited I am that you are starting a new blog. I love the name you picked out, Quiet Elegance. Looking forward to all the wonderful posts.

    Happy Summer!!!!

  6. Ok sweet girl.....I am missing you.....and I haven't seen much on Flickr lately either......how are you and your little peanuts?

    Do you have your blogs set up yet?


  7. Are you doing a new public blog? And how would we find it? Miss your postings, but again, think you are totally right.


Thank you for your kindness.