Can't keep up

Monday, April 13, 2009

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter and a wonderful weekend.

We had a GREAT time with our friends who were visiting from Calgary.  We have been really close friends with them since Will was a newborn (almost 12 years). Our boys are best buds and we parents have SO much fun....

Our great friends
Their boys are about the same age as ours (in fact, Will is the oldest)...they just grow theirs VERY big and ours well, let's just say they are a little petite:)

We had a lovely Easter too.  Our friends left on Saturday but we had Uncle Joe and his family over for a delicious Easter dinner on Sunday. Our egg hunt was inside due to an early afternoon storm...but later in the afternoon the kids spent a lot of time playing outside.

My 3 peanuts~Easter
This was taken in a rush as we were leaving for Mass. The white balance is completely off here. I have tried to fix it but this is the best I have gotten. I am experiencing quite the learning curve with my new camera. Therefore, I do not have many shots of Easter that are even worth keeping.  Makes me sad.

Our niece got a new puppy named Archie that she brought to Easter dinner...he is SO cute....I am in LOVE with this lil guy.  He is so sweet and I am not really a dog person.  I think he would make a great friend for Scout.  I told my niece I would take him when she goes to college next year!


Kate's antibiotic shots are horrible.  She screams for a half hour before the shot and about an hour after but today is her last one and we have seen HUGE improvements.  I hate having to get these shots for her.

I am completely behind in life (laundry, grocery shopping, keeping up with friends, returning phone calls and e-mails, paperwork).  I cannot catch up! Harry has a bunch of medical tests this week and next (x-rays, blood work and the like) for his stomach. He will also be getting ready for his First Reconciliation and Holy Communion.  Kate also has a few medical tests (renal ultrasound/scan).  She was on the melamine formula in China and has had protein in her urine the last few times they have checked.  We have been waiting for the scans because she has been so sick lately.  All this to say, my blogging might be sporadic for a while.  


  1. Glad your family had an awesome Easter! It is always wonderful to spend it with friends who have become family!

    I will keep you, Kate and Harry in my prayers as you go through the stress of all the medical appointments coming up. Glad to hear that Kate is feeling better too! You have had quite the spring!

    Good luck with the camera... I love all your pictures and have no doubt that you will have things figured out soon!

    Let me know if you want to get rid of the old camera! It takes beautiful pictures too!

  2. Oh, Kim. I'm sorry you're feeling so behind these days. We all know what that's like. Hang in there! Your kids are beautiful.

  3. I am pulling for you all. You have so much on your plate right now, and health issues with children are really hard. I am frustrated FOR you! Good luck getting caught up (or letting go what you cannot get caught up with), and I hope that all settles down. I will remember you in my prayers.

  4. glad to see a smile from Kate. I am busy and can't catch up either!
    I know you will get the hang of your camera!
    I have always heard its best to set ISO can you try setting it versus auto and see if you get a better shot?
    I have had very yellow shots before too.
    Sometimes I think about how nice my point and shoot photos came out and get frustrated. We will figure it out:)
    Have a good week Kim,

    Oh that puppy is adorable!

  5. kim -- just wanted you to know that i've been thinking about you and your family the past few weeks. life has been very busy and i've not kept up on commenting -- but have been praying. i pray that this time for harry is special and impactful as he continues his walk with the Lord; quick healing for miss kate and positive outcomes on her tests (same for harry) and some peace for you as you continue to be an incredible mother. xoxo

  6. I hope all of the tests go well.

  7. I hope the test go well.

  8. Love the photo of all of you..
    the kids are tooo cute..
    Glad you had a Great Easter..
    keep us updated on all the test..
    BIG HUGS...
    have a great week..

  9. I love that photo of your 3 Peanuts in their Easter finest, Kate's dimples are just so cute!! Sorry she's had so many shots, I don't think I'd be taking that too well either quite honestly and my 11 year old still gets weepy at the first sign of a needle.

    Don't be too concerned with your camera, every new SLR, specially one as advanced at the D700 provides yet another steep learning curve. Your photo isn't a bad one, it's just the white balance that got thrown off. I use a Canon, so don't know what the options are on Nikon, but it probably gives you at least 6 or 8 options on different white balance settings, and which one to use will all depend on the lighting in your house. For example in my basement I use tungston lighting because we have florescent bulbs down there. Upstairs we have a mix of natural and man made lighting so I have to reset my WB for those conditions. Set up your kids for some test shots in different parts of your house and write down on a note card which works best in what parts. Pretty soon changing that for the house and lighting conditions will become second nature. Hope that helps at all.

  10. hey make sure your camera is set to auto white balance - because it looks like it's off on your picture outside (it's pretty blue in the shade) and inside (really yellow inside)...i would set the iso a little higher for indoors - maybe even 400 or 800 if you don't have a lens with a wide aperture. if you need some more pointers i am happy to help - shoot me an email!


  11. You will be a pro with that camera in no time!:)
    Ohhh i can so relate to feeling like you just can not get caught up with life! I am learning that is just part of life!
    Praying that Kate is feeling much better real soon and that all of the tests go well. What a brave little girl she is!
    Sounds like you had a very blessed Easter! The photo of the 3 of them is adorable.

  12. I wish I had some camera advice but I am not an expert. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed myself with trying to catch up on everything around me. I seem to go through this every other week :)

    I hope you find some time to play with your new camera...I think you will figure out all it's sweet spots soon.

  13. Wow, ya'll have a big week coming up. We'll be praying for you guys. I know how you feel-I can't catch up! I'm glad ya'll had a good Easter and weekend with friends! Good luck figuring out your new camera!

  14. What a cute little dog and what a sweet picture with Ms. Kate. I feel so bad for your world seems so chaotic and I know that makes me feel very overwhelmed when my world is that way. I am praying for all of you.

  15. The kids look so cute on Easter!

    Good luck with all of the tests & shots!


  16. Hello friend. Happy Easter and Happy Spring. It is so cold here that one would think it is winter! SO glad the shots are making a difference for Kate, but so sorry you all have to go through the torture of them.

    Your friends look lovely and what a welcome respite to enjoy the comfort of good friendship.

    As for being behind, since Hannah has come home to us, I feel like I am perpetually behind. My schedule does not help...this year, I switched to subbing and though I love being back in the classroom, it is very inconsistent and leaves me chasing my tail! It will all settle down, sweet friend, this is a blip on the radar. You know that, but I just want to encourage you and send love to you. I am reading Dr. Laura's most recent book and it is helping me to resolve that there are certain times in our lives when being the mom (especially SAHM)presents us with far more challenges than we bargained for:)

    Long story short, your children are beautiful, vibrant and totally cared for, no greater achievement will there ever be. Sick or well, caught up or are a success in every way.

    Praying for Kate and for Harry. Illness can very easily throw off the sugars and proteins in the prayer is that Kate's baseline is showing this and her future tests will be clear. And sweet Harry...his poor little belly, we are thinking of him.

    The will find the perfect combo for great just need some solid time to "capture the moments". I shoot with a complete point and shoot, so i am no help, but have every confidence that you will master that big ol' picture taker in no time:)

    Thinking of you.

  17. I am sorry to hear you are having so much stress right now. I hope the kiddos will feel better soon! Don't worry about the rest, you will get caught up eventually. Best of luck!

  18. The kids pictures is adorable! I love coordinated clothing!! Also love the cute little dog!!

    PS Wish I had an answer for your camera issues, but I love your photography no matter what!!!

    Any plans for the "old camera" yet?

  19. Praying for you my friend! Don't be too hard on yourself with everything!! (That would be the pot calling the kettle black) Hugs~

  20. Looks and sounds like a great Easter(everyday dishes and all:). The kids look so cute! Sounds like a fun vist with friends so nice that you still stay in touch. would love to give advice about your camera - but I have no idea! I am still trying to figure out everything on mine and it isn't half as complex as yours. Hope all goes well with the kids at the doctor. Love looking at the cute referral pictures you posted - they always bring a smile to my face! Hope you are catching up! I feel behind as well - think it is the change of season. Hope you have a great week!


  21. Sounds like you have had a great couple of days! I had that same problem with the automatic setting on my camera at the beach and on Easter Sunday. The ISO set automatically but for some reason everything looked dark-hopefully I got at least a few good ones! Have fun with your new camera-I am jealous. I have a Canon Rebel XTi!!

  22. Glad you had a good Easter! I will be keeping you and all of your family in my prayers, with the upcoming tests....Please keep us updated when you can :)


  23. Kim, I hope you can get a break, some rest and get caught up. I love the pic of the 3 peanuts in their pink attire. Hang in there my friend.

  24. Your ISO is too low for that shot. Try bumping it up and taking practice shots, looking at each pic on the back, just keep bumping it up until it looks good. I have the D300 and have to set my ISO pretty high in my house.

  25. Hi Kim! My Nikon did this too and it turns out there was a problem with the flash mechanism in the camera. It took great pics outside but every shot inside looked yellow or gold - exactly like your shot. They had to send the camera out to be fixed. Hope you had a great Easter!

  26. Glad to hear you had a good Easter and visit with your friends. I love the picture of all three kids together. I will keep everyone in your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  27. Hopefully all the test will go well and give you the answers you need. I to got a new camera and am having such a hard time adjusting mine is the Cannon though and some of my pictures from China are terrible!!! Makes me sad to. I guess we just have to keep playing with them and reading. Good luck on catching up I know how you feel I was gone for 11 days then got sick for over a week with a URI and am really behind. Have a great week.

  28. Hang in there. What needs to be done will get done. All good wishes for Kate's and Harry's medical concerns and special blessings for Harry on his upcoming First Communion.

  29. I hope sweet Harry's test are great and little Kate is on the mend soon.. Remember, when it rains, it pours!! This too shall pass. You are in my prayers, and I even think your "yellow" pictures are pretty!

  30. I think that Easter picture is just beautiful. Sending good thoughts and vibes your way to help the children make it through all of those tests and shots. Prayers your way.

  31. Sorry kim, i am not a good camera expert, but i know it is so frustrating when you don't get good pictures!

    i will be thinking of you these next few weeks, that is a lot going on for you guys. i really hope that harry and kate are ok!! sending hugs and love! c

  32. Poor little Kate! I've had antibiotic shots before and they are NO fun! And I hope Harry's tests come back good. Happy belated Easter - so glad some close, old friends visited recently. Sometimes that is the best medicine.

  33. Praying all the tests go well....and thinking of you too!

  34. Where in the world have you been? I saw your blog was blocked as private. I am soo glad your back. I've missed you! I don't have your e-mail. The dossier is coming. I hate that the wait is so long. Very discouraging. I just thought it would go much quicker.

  35. Keeping the kids in my prayers...stay well!

  36. I'm no expert on photography...I'm just a beginner...but do you have a gray card so you can set the white balance manually? Its really easy to do and it should take care of your problem. Good luck!!


  37. Kim,
    I have a quick camera question, I had the Nikon Cool Pix-did NOT like it...wondering why you chose the Nikon over Canon Rebel?? You are very camera smart..just looking for some advice ;) I know you are busy, so just answer when you can...THANKS!


  38. Your Easter photo is beautiful! I didn't get any good shots either this Easter. What a cute puppy!


  39. You just take care of yourself and that beautiful family of yours....that is what is most important....not the blog....I left you a comment about your camera on flickr...try a camera shop.

  40. this girl needs prayer and support. her words will touch you. please read and pray and spread this woman's blog and baby along to others on this site.

  41. Dadgum, Kim, you have a full plate right now!! I hope Harry and Kate's health issues are resolved soon.

    You know I'm no help with the camera. I still need to figure out what to do with my very simple Nikon! I haven't changed the settings since you were here! Your kids looked so beautiful on Easter - love their outfits - and that is one precious puppy.

    Take care!

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  43. I am sorry the kids have to go through test : ( Addison was on the melamine formula too.
    I wish I had advice about your camera but I'm just a toddler when it comes to my friend I got nothing!
    I am sooooooooooo behind on life. My parents have been here for almost 3 weeks. Livi has been so difficult I just want to lock myself in a room and cry. It started when my parents arrived. They leave tomorrow and as much as I love them...I need to get my life back and get caught up.
    You will be in my prayers {{[hug}}}

  44. I will pray for Kate and Harry!

  45. Happy Easter to all the peanuts! Looks like you have a lovely holiday.

    I'll be thinking of you all as Harry and Kate go through all their medical tests. Emma and Hannah had ultrasounds and at least those tests are a breeze (Emma was on that formula too and thankfully she is fine). Hope they get some answers to help with Harry. I've been through a lot of those myself. Take good care!

    Hey, we will know for sure tomorrow if we are approved. I'll keep you posted. It has been a rollercoaster since 2/28 and we are keeping our fingers crossed!!!

    Have a great week!


  46. Oh, and I'm sorry that the camera is giving you trouble. My brother was a photographer and found that his little Nikon D40x was his favorite camera. His fancier Nikons just took too much work and post-processing. He said that his D40 took the best photos "straight out of the box" and he like the instant gratification of not having to work so hard to get a great shot without having to go back and fix them up. That's why I hesitate to go beyond my D70s...I don't have that figured out yet. I just don't have the time while in school to do much with it.

    Good luck! There must be a learning curve. See if there is a book (not the manual) dedicated to that particular camera. I found a lot of great books in the book store. Now, I just need to read more than I have!

  47. Thoughts and prayers to you, Kim ... you certainly have a lot on your plate right now.
    Sorry about your camera issues. I know how frustrating it can be. I am a Canon gal, so I can't help :(

  48. Kim,

    It looks like your white balance was just off. Because the photo was taken inside you probably just needed to adjust the white balance to one of the settings for that. I use a Canon and there are a couple indoor lighting settings -- florescent and tungsten.

    You can fix it fairly easily in iPhoto or Light Room.

    You can custom white balance your camera or sometimes I'll just take a couple test shots. I rarely use auto white balance because it's off a lot of the time.

  49. I feel your frustration with the new camera. We got a Canon 5D to replace our Rebel XT and I have the hardest time getting great pics straight out of the camera. I spent ten hours trying to correct our easter photos and finally just gave up and cried. I was so ready to sell it on Ebay and buy a Nikon but it looks like you're having some of the same problems I'm having.

    I hope Kate is feeling better soon! Those shots sound just awful -- for everyone.

    Our blog: Double Happiness!

  50. Kim,
    I'm praying for Kate and God's touch on your entire family! I admire your faith - you're going to make it.

    (mommy to Ava Lu)

  51. HI Kim...I have a camera question for mentioned on a post awhile back that your sister had gotten the D-40x and if you were to do it over again you would have bought that instead of the D-80....I know you have since upgraded to the D-700 and have gotten more experience, BUT do you think a beginner like me should go for the D-80 or the D-40X...just looking for some good advice..thanks!


  52. You sound like me with the busyness of life!! I am so behind on a lot!!! I hope Harry's test are fine and he gets better! I also hope that Kate gets better!!!
    Your kiddos are such cuties!!! Have you gotten a chance to get a peek at Eden? We have been home a couple of weeks!!


  53. Kim... I am SOOO behind too, it's not even funny. Today was the first day in about a MONTH that I even went on anyone's blog but my own. Sad isn't it???

    You've got a lot going on, especially with little Kate - she is in my prayers!

    I don't know what to tell you about the white balance, other than using AWB sometimes doesn't work. I had a weird thing like that happen with my 5D when I was taking indoor pics. I kept switching between auto and tungsten and both ways I got a weird yellow cast. The learning curve with a new camera can be frustrating... hang in there! In a couple of weeks you might feel differently. :) I've heard great things about the D700!

    Maybe just try taking it out of auto white balance and setting it manually. I use tungsten for indoor and mostly daylight for all other shots.

    The only other thing I noticed was the shutter speed was pretty low for your focal length... not sure why that would cause yellowing (I would think it would be more blurry). Hmmmm.

    I hope Kate's scans come back with good results. I'm sure this is a trying time for you all. Keep resting in God's hands and know He is sheltering you under His wings.


  54. I think of your sweet family all the time. I will keep Kate in my prayers - poor little thing.

    and, I feel you on not being able to catch's not a great feeling, is it!? Well, know that you are NOT alone.

  55. We are thinking of sweet Kate and Harry...

  56. I hope you are doing much better. Praying for Kate and Harry. I have no idea about the Nikon. Sorry.

  57. Hope all goes well with Harry and Kate. So sorry to hear they are sick.
    And, I stay on the "learning curve" with my camera! lol!

  58. Happy Easter Kim! (A little late!!:)

    How beautiful with all the kids in pink- you are singing my song! LOL! I love boys in pink!
    Kate's dress is gorgeous and she is gorgeous in it!

    I'm sorry to hear that she hasn't been feeling well!

    We are sending our prayers!

    Miss talking with you!!

  59. Stopping by to let you know I was thinking of you and lifting you up in prayer!!


  60. It's always nice to come for a visit and see images of your beautiful family. Loved your picture of your littles ones all dressed up for Easter. Kate with the little pup brought tears to my eyes (in a good way!).
    I'm so impressed by Harry's strength. What an incredible little man.
    Congratulations to Will on getting into all of those schools, and I'm so glad to hear that Kate is feeling better.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Kim.


  61. Kim-
    I have been reading your blog on and off for the past 3 days.(I have read from April '09 through Dec. of 2007 along with some individual stories - especially Kate's adoption day!) I have been facinated by your family's story and I see your family bonds being tied even tighter as you go through the recent medical trials. I live in northeast Texas & have been hearing the reports of flooding in the Houston area. I hope that your new home has not been involved in this flooding. You will be in my prayers.


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