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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This past weekend we traveled to Dallas for a Judo tournament. 


Kate and Harry warming up in the hotel room.


Nervous brothers before the event.  Harry lost a tooth on the way to Dallas (you can see it in this photo).

Will warming up.
Coach Daddy helping the boys warm up.

Harry coming out to the mat.  That is his Sensei (instructor) in the background.

Harry really concentrates and gets in a zone.





And he wins the bronze medal!!!  Congratulations Harry!

Will was in a very tough weight and age class and did not medal.  However, he tried really hard and we talked about the learning experience.  He was embarrassed and had a tough time.  I felt so bad for him but we had a lot of good conversation about winning and determination and holding your head up high anyway.  I am proud of all my children because they work hard and are good and compassionate people.

After the tournament, we spent some time with a fabulous blogger family in Dallas.  
More on that soon:)  I am way behind on things from being away and need to catch up.

Post script---Several people have asked what Judo is.  I am not really a big Judo person but here is my take.... it is a Japanese martial art that means "gentle way."  Judo does not involve kicking or hitting or fighting (which was important to me).  You throw people (like wrestling) instead.  There are very specific throws and moves and you earn points.  It is great exercise as they practice for 2 hour sessions twice a week.  It instills great discipline, self control and self defense too.  My guys are little and it has given them some confidence.  


  1. Great pictures and it brings back so many memories...My two oldest are black belts but no longer practice. All four of my boys took martial arts for four years five days a two oldest taught a little. We traveled all over and I really miss it. Our Sensei was Jason Frank who was the White Power Ranger and his brother Erik Frank.
    Thanks for the wonderful memories..I love that your boys are taking is wonderful for their self esteem. Miss Kate as always looks adorable!!!!

  2. I did not know that about judo Kim thanks for sharing the definition!
    Congrats to the boys for a great job.

  3. We had a big tournament weekend in our house, too! What amazing boys you are raising ... you are fanastic parents!!!

  4. Congrats to Will and Harry on a great looks like a very tough sport!! They are both such handsome little guys!!

    Happy 2 Year Referral day....I missed your previous post. Kate is just per usual....LOVE the dress:)

    Hope things are calming down for you!!


  5. Congrats to Harry and Will! These pictures bring back memories for me! I took karate for years and got to a blackbelt, but I never competed! I was always too afraid to! Good for them for going out there and doing this! Are you going to get Kate involved in it when she's older?

  6. [Not sure if my previous comment went through, so here it is again...]

    Looks like yall had a special weekend. And congrats on your anniversary. Can't believe it's already been 2 years. Kate is such a beauty and seems to be turning into a real girlie girl. How fun!! Miss you guys but love keeping up with everything. (had snow this morning!)

  7. Congrats to Will & Harry!

    Kate looks so adorable warming up with Harry!

  8. Congrats to the boys! Takes me back to my brother and his Judo matches! Fun.

  9. Ahh congratulations Will and Harry!

  10. congrats...and so handsome too!!!

  11. Way to go, Will and Harry! What a fun weekend! I love the picture of Kate and Harry warming up!

  12. Congrats to BOTH of your sons for having the discipline!! I am amazed & impressed with your young men! it breaks my heart to think that Will was upset! I can't stand to see either of my boys upset - I only want to mother (smother) them!

  13. SO sorry to have missed time with you and Eloise! Saturday was quite busy until until 4pm and then starting again at 6pm! I am glad you had a lovely time in the Big D and you must come back very soon! As I said to Eloise, I am blocking out my day far in advance next time around; we MUST get together!!

  14. I looved this post Kim! They look so cute! So boyish and so determined! Also, when you wrote "You throw people instead"... I just started laughing out loud. I needed a good laugh today, and for some reason, that just cracked me up! I saw you on Eloises' blog, and I wished I could have been there.I'll bet you hit it off famously.

  15. GO Will and Harry! Job well done!What a fun time!

  16. Congrats to both Will and Harry! That is fAbulous to travel and compete. I know you are so proud of them, and I am sure that Will got more out of not winning a medal this time than if he had!

  17. I love that picture of Harry when he threw his opponent and the coach is cheering. How exciting! I know it's heartbreaking for one to have such a hard time. It's especially difficult when you have to console one and be excited for another. Oh... those teaching moments...gotta love them.

  18. Love the pictures! Congrats to both of your boys, I know you are one proud Mom!


  19. Great photos...congrats to Harry for the bronze medal!

  20. Way to go, Harry!! His moves are pretty impressive!

  21. You must be SO proud of your boys! Knowing what it is like to be shy/nervous (as a child!) they both accomplished something amazing at the tournament.

    You are such an amazing astute mommy, I am learning from you.

  22. Good job Will and Harry! I love that Kate is trying to be like her big brothers, it's so sweet.

    Gin =)

  23. Way to go boys!! Congratulations to both Will and Harry for their hard work and effort!

  24. Will is a winner because he tried and you never know what you are capable unless you approach the feat ! Way to go Will and Congrats to sweet Harry, I love those boys. Kate is a dream and I am sure she will be a precious ballerina at her recital!

  25. I wish I would have known you were in Dallas!!!! We are not far from there! Of course, we were sick but.....I would love to meet your family.

    Judo sounds alot like wrestling which our older son did. I know all about different weight classes. They do look so serious.

  26. Great pictures! I might have to get P into this Judo thing! Your kids are too adorable!

  27. I love the pictures Kim, it looks like a fun weekend for everyone. I am so excited for Harry, he looks so proud up on the stand. I know that had to be hard for will. I am worried about what to say and do when those days come our way! Love you!

  28. I used to take a Pilates class and next door there was a Judo class. I loved watching them practice, it was so interesting.

    Saturday night we had dinner at Giannas in Tomball...very far from where I live. I used to work with the girls I get together with once a month. They were let go about 5 years ago but we've remained friends. We take turns planning the monthly Girl's Nights. My friend, Amy, lives in Tomball and loves Giannas. So we thought we'd give one of her favorite restaurants a try.


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