So tired

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


If you think you see Kate in this dress a lot that is because she wants to wear it!

That is blue lollipop on her face and I decided to keep it there:)

First, thank you for all of the kind comments regarding my question in the last post.  I was so nervous to post that one.  I am a confident person but design and decorating are very personal and I was afraid that people either hated those posts or would criticize me (which would hurt a bit). So thank you.  I will continue to post about those topics every now and then.

I am exhausted.  Really, really tired. I have been running around like crazy applying to middle schools for Will, trying to get Harry into a renowned specialist in Austin for some health problems, and trying to get him into a CCE class so he can make his 1st Communion this year.  I feel so sad for him because this is the first time in his life that he is not in a Catholic school and it is such an important time.  I am still trying to unpack everything (can you believe that?) and we need to have a BIG garage sale.  We have a lot of furniture that does not fit in this house. Anyway, I could go on and on but the bottom line is I need a little break from reading and posting on the blogs.  I love it and it helps this stay at home Mom feel connected but I need to rest and chip away at my LONG to do list.  I won't be gone too long because Sunday is a very special day and I must do a small post then.  But I might not be commenting or posting as much for a little while (until I get my energy back).

I want to update you on the Saunders Family who had the fire.  A fellow blogger and friend of the Saunders has applied for their family to win an Extreme Home Makeover. Please go to this site and leave a comment if you feel inclined to help this amazing family.  They have done so much to make a difference in other people's lives. I hope you will try to make a difference in theirs.  We want to flood this site with comments of support so that ABC will choose them.


  1. oh I LOVE that dimple of Kate's!

    I hope you catch up on everything - it is so stressful moving . . . there is just soooo much that needs to be done, and it kind of goes on and on . . .

    I'll say a prayer for Harry's health.

    boy do I wish I could go to your garage sale :)

  2. You do have A LOT going on right now! We will miss your posts and your sweet comments, but go get at that list.....what a special year for Harry.....First Holy Communion is a big deal.....I remember Nick's...I was so proud of him!!

    I wish I lived in your neighborhood, or somewhere close....I would love to pick through your treasures at a garage sale:)

    Take Care,


  3. Have a good break and rest up. I enjoyed your last decorating post but didn't have a chance to comment. Blessings to Harry preparing for his First Communion.

  4. Holy cow! You do have a full plate. Enjoy your time away! Happy unpacking!

  5. Kate looks adorable in her pink dress! Blue lollipop and all! I hope you are able to get some much needed rest! Take care of yourself my friend!

  6. Your BLOG is you, that's what makes it special. Do not apologize for your blessings!! I love reading about how different yet similar our lives all are. Some may have more in monetary ways, some less, but we are all blessed in our own way. Don't you ever feel bad for God's blessings and your life, your family is beautiful and I look forward to your decorating inspirations, photograhy, gluten free recipes and all around general kindness. Take it easy and rest and I look forward to reading YOUR blog again soon!

  7. praying you get some rest sweet friend.
    Blogging is such a time stealer.
    I know exactly what you mean... it feels good to sit and take a break from everything and blog, but then you find nothing got done and your behind and could have used this time so much better.
    I think you are doing a wonderful job with your design posts:)

  8. Just dropping in to check on you!

    I am loving your design tips..keep them up!

    I can understand your sadness for Harry not being in a Catholic school. Trust in the Lord during this was not a surprise to Him..He has a plan and His are always the most perfect ones. Rest in Him. I'm lifting you and your family up in prayers!!


  9. Hope you get done all that you need to and that you are able to get some rest. I wish I was closer, I'd come help you! Have a productive week!! (hug)

  10. Oh, it is SO stressful to move and get settled isn't it? Go tackle that to do list, get some rest, take care of your babies and I look forward to reading more when you come back!


  11. You sound exhausted {{{{hug}}}} 1st Communion is a very important mile stone I remember my boys like it was yesterday.
    I know you are taking a break but I wanted to let you know I have an award for you. So when you have a moment come on over and pick it up! Get some rest {{{{hug}}}}

  12. Get the break you need.. LOVE the pic!! And I will visit that site for sure- hope they get the help they need!

  13. What cute picture of sweet Kate!! And the blue lollipop adds an extra charm :)
    Hope you get lots done on your break.

  14. You have my sympathy about trying to get caught up after a move. We moved to our current house 6 years ago & I don't think I've caught up yet. Get some rest & try to enjoy your break from blogging for a few days. Will be holding on to see what you have in store for Sunday!

  15. Kim,

    You have so much going right now. I will pray for y'all.

    Love Miss Kate's smile. She just makes me laugh when I see her cuteness. She must delight you in her pink ways!

  16. I love your design posts. My question is where you find the time to do it (or maybe you can make choices/decision faster than I can!). Also how do you go about decorating a room a piece at a time, or do you have the entire concept in mind for that room when you start.
    I find I need to choose a rug, but that will depend on the paint color, which will change the fixtures, and I keep going around in circles not being able to make the first choice. That's what I would love to hear more about! Keep them coming...even if I can't get my house decorated, I can live vicariously through you!

  17. I will be praying that everything works out - that Will gets into a wonderful Middle School, that Harry can join a CCE class for his 1st Communion and that you can finish settling your family into your home.

    Your posts will be missed, but time with family is most important!

    With Kind Thoughts, Ashley

  18. hang in there kim & we'll see you back here in blogland real soon
    big hugs

  19. Hi! I nominated you here:

  20. Thinking of you. Hope you can get a lot accomplished on your to do list and get some rest. Hugs!!

  21. I completely understand. Trying to keep our house immaculate is taking ALMOST ALL of my internet time!!!

    Relax and cross some of those items off your list - it's so liberating!

  22. I totally understand the feeling...exhausted. I just haven't had the energy lately. Enjoy your break.

  23. I will say a prayer for you! Sounds like you have a lot to deal with right now....I hope you are able to "rest up".


  24. Enjoy a break from the blogging world! Praying for you and the family - especially Harry.

  25. You have had so much going on with the move, the schools, etc. Take it easy and get some rest. Love your decorating tips! Here's a question - any mantel tips??

    Take care.


  26. We will miss you during your hiatus but totally understand!

    Love to all the peanuts!


  27. I'm sorry you're so exhausted, that's not good. Let us know when you find a specialist for Harry.
    I will go check out the Saunders family and leave a comment...I would love to see them on EHM.
    I didn't leave you a comment the other day about your interior design post, but want to let you know that I LOVE it when you do these.
    Stop by my blog today and read the 2 most current might need/want some of these things. Thanks in advance.:)

  28. You really do have so much going on and I know you would feel much better if you got your house in order. I will miss seeing your precious family but I will be praying that your time off is productive and restful...can those two words be used together??? lol

  29. What a great blog! I love your decorating ideas!!

  30. Harry's first communion?

    I can not wait to prepare for THOSE days. I have, I admit, already started looking for dresses for Lola's first communion in THREE YEARS!!!!

    Have fun. xoxo

  31. I feel your pain, lots going on, that requires our love and attention and blogging in the backseat is a.o.k!

  32. hi there!
    i just LOOOOVE your beautiful blog - i have been following it anonymously for a long time now - but you have been one of the inspiring blogs that made me want to start my own!
    i sooo hope you stop by -
    still so much to learn - but i am just happy to join in
    your blogging world : )
    your family is gorgeous - your taste is fabuous and i love all your stories!
    your home and decorating are my favs!
    and of course kate and the boys!
    please swing by for a visit when you can!
    kisses and cupcakes,

  33. I agree with everyone else, i love your decorating posts! I enjoy all your posts!

  34. HI I saw your blog/nomination on Annechovie today! My first time your blog and your Kate is adorable! I'll be visiting often! Happy Weekend and I hope you get the rest you need!


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