Old Traditions

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Me and my peanuts...I feel as though I look fat here but really I have a puffy tafetta skirt on..really.

All ready to go to the party!

There are some family friends of Dave's that he has known his whole life.  The Mom (who was friends with his parents) has a party every year on December 23rd.  We have been going to this party every year we have lived in Houston for as long as I can possibly remember.  In fact, I vividly remember bringing the boys in their infant carriers. One year Harry was just days old and we brought him to the party!  Since we have lived in Virginia for the past four years, this is the first time Kate went to the special party.  She was so cute...even though she is sick, she was asking all day to put on her party dress.  She was so excited that she could not nap. Then in the car, on the way to the party, she said, 

"I love a party!"
We had a great time at the party.  It was good to see old friends and meet some new ones too.

Speaking of traditions, I always feel an undeniable urge to clean like crazy on Christmas Eve. My parents used to tell us that Santa did the "white glove test" and if your rooms were not immaculate, he might not leave gifts.  Now, even at my age, I still feel like I need to clean for Santa!!! So, I am off to scrub the house a little before Mass.

Hope you all enjoy your family traditions this year.  We are starting a new one tonight.  I hope it goes well.

Happy Birthday Jesus!


  1. Now any girl that LOVES a good party, is a girl after my own heart : ) I love old traditions. To me, that is what it is all about. We are making a new one tonight.

    Your family is just lovely! I love the pictures of you all by the tree. Such a great looking family...and NO, you don't look fat...silly girl :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

  2. OMG are you serious! You DO NOT LOOK FAT, you look wonderful!!! I think the picture is just beautiful!! From one fellow Texan to another, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  3. Kim,

    I am also cleaning...and getting ready for Santa. The pictures are lovely. It is clearly a puffy taffeta skirt. I have just had such a lovely moment of relaxation...Canon in D is playing...it is the music I walked down the aisle to....this Christams arrangement is one of my favorites.

    Have a wonderful, magical Christmas.


  4. You look great, Dave and the peanuts too!!!!!!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!! Wish you the best for you and your family!!!!!
    Lets hope for a New Year with less stress

  5. Kim, Dave, Will, Harry and Kate~

    Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas! Have a blessed time enjoying all your family traditions - new and old. I don't know about you but Mass on Christmas Eve, just makes Christmas' true meaning even more evident! Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas to your family - thank you for sharing your uplifting and heartwarming stories with us all!

    With Joy, Ashley

  6. I am like Kate, I love a party too!! precious pics.

  7. That is a beautiful picture of you and your family.....and just for the record....you could never look fat!!

    Hope all goes well with your new Christmas tradition......Wishing you all the best for your first Christmas in your new home....may it come with many blessings!!

    Merry Christmas Kim!


  8. Kim, you look beautiful, really. It's definitely clear that things are settling into place for you. What a blessing for your family to be able to attend your friend's party once again. Merry, Merry Christmas to you, Dave and the peanuts.

  9. Kim,

    Gimme a break-- you look fat-- I think that is an oxymoran if I am not mistaken-- haha!!! You look beautiful and the kids look adorable like always!

    Kim-- you guys have a very Merry Christmas as you celebrate Jesus' birth!!

    Love Tons,

    Christy :)

  10. You couldn't possibly look fat! What a lovely picture! Happy Christmas to all.

  11. You all look wonderful! Enjoy your family traditions, old and new. Merry Christmas!

    Gin =)

  12. Beautiful pictures, Kim. Merry, merry Christmas!

    (I have NO business being on the computer right now with 22 people showing up at my house for dinner at 7 pm, but I saw a new post from you and couldn't resist.)

  13. Beautiful pictures! And, yes, Happy Birthday to Jesus! That is a tradition my Mom started with my boys...she always gets a traditional birthday cake that says Happy Birthday Baby Jesus for Christmas day! I hope you and your family are blessed with peace and happiness this Christmas!

  14. These are such lovely photos of your family. And oh my goodness, you are not fat...you are beautiful on the inside and out.

    I wanted to start a new tradition this year as well. In addition to sitting out cookies for Santa, we were also going to make Jesus a birthday cake. However, we were out of town all day and I didn't get a cake baked. So, we may have birthday cookies instead.

    Merry Christmas!

  15. Great family photos. Your famiy is so beautiful. And you look fabulous in the black skirt. You have such a cute little figure. You can wear anything and look fabulous.

  16. You and your family are beautiful and trim!! I have to clean as well, what is wrong with us, it does make waking up to a clean house wonderful!! blessings for a wonderful Christmas Day.

  17. I love these two pictures!! You look stunning - as does the rest of the family.

    Actually, I have enjoyed all of the holiday fun you are sporting:) It reminds me of how difficult this year has been for you and how life is evening out now - thank goodness!

    Glad you enjoyed your new old tradition and hoping Christmas is a precious time for our special friends.

    God Bless!

  18. Love the family photos and how wonderful to be able to join in on your past party tradition again and to introduce Kate to everyone!
    Merry Christmas to your beautiful family!!

  19. ps thank you for the beautiful card!!

  20. Kim...you are so sweet. Ava is about 33.5 inches tall. Hope you're having a special Christmas today!


  21. What beautiful family pictures. And you fat.....OMG please : ) you could never look fat you are adorable and tiny!!!
    Hope your new tradition went well and it will carry with you for many years to come.

  22. Love the photos---& by the way, I would be ecstatic to look so "fat" ;) Thank you for sending me your card. It warmed my heart! Have beautiful Christmas!

  23. Yes, we all love parties too!

    You will never look fat!!

    Our next party is Super Bowl Sunday! Great fun, but sad as the NFL season ends.... (will start craving NASCAR races).

    Happy New Year!

    27 Month Old-Alyzabeth's Mommy
    Forever Family Day 09/16/08

  24. Kate is a girl after my own heart.... she loves a party!!! You all look so nice and festive!

  25. Hi Kim, it's Stacy Houtz. Could you please give me your address again b/c your Christmas card was sent back to me, I must have written it dowwn wrong. Happy New Year! Lhoutz1@comcast.net. Love the pictures.

  26. KIM!

    My mom always made us clean on the 23rd too! Wonder why??
    That southern pride i guess! (LOL)
    we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and cleanded some more then the 24th was the longest day of the world too.

    Like you we always went to church on that night too! We are Baptist but we still went to church nevertheless!

    I think it was instilled in us to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!

    Too your pictures was great too!

    OH i so feel like I know you!
    love you!


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