Flat Screen remorse?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have never been a fan of a TV over the fireplace.  In fact, they have always really bothered me. We have a fabulous antique German armoire that has always housed our television. However, there was nowhere to put it in this family room. We debated and debated and thought about what to do. I prefer art over the mantle. We have lived here for over month and we were not spending any time in this room. I kind of figured this is a family house and so it was time to come to the 21st century. So, I finally gave in and agreed to the flat screen. Today, we had a company come in and install the TV and speakers (it was wired for surround sound).  It is really hard to get used to.  It is so high...it kind of hurts our necks to watch. So, what do y'all think? Does it just take some getting used to? Please tell me that we will get used to it. Oh I hope we didn't make a mistake.

We are SO behind in technology...we have never owned a flat screen and we have no clue how to work all this stuff....

And you can see we have not painted the wood yet...still thinking about that one.

We DID go see Santa today though!!!!  I will post those photos after Thanksgiving. When we lived in Houston previously, we always took the kids to see Santa the day before Thanksgiving.  So, we continued our tradition today. It was so much fun!  I also had a nice visit with a fellow blogger friend. I really enjoyed meeting Eloise.  The peanuts were interrupting us like crazy but I could have sat and talked with you for hours. I hope we can do it again soon.

I hope you all have a Thanksgiving filled 

with family, love and gratitude.


  1. My husband so wants a flat screen and he wants to put it over the fireplace too :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. We have a flat screen and all the goodies to go with it that we had a company come in and install and I still strugle with it at times. When we moved in this house I did not want it over the fireplace was the one thing he had to agree on before we made that big purchase so ours is a lower and over a chest in our family room. I think you will get use to it you are probably like us and don't watch alot of tv anyway. happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  3. I have to admit it seems a little non kim:):)
    I hope you get used to it.

    Can't wait to see the Santa pics:)
    I hope you have a perfect thanksgiving in your beautiful new home.

  4. I like it..
    My husband would love one .. but told him he has to wait.. lol..
    Love ya girly..

  5. V would LOVE to meet Eloise too!!!!!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think, yes, some of them are kinda high! Especially when you are used to a stand or an armoire..but I think you will get used to it! I like it & you are right....it IS a family room!

    When we can afford a flat screen, I am sure it will be right above our fireplace :)

  7. We have a flat screen and I refuse to put it over the fireplace. One thing you can do if that's the only place to put it is to get one of those cabinets that hides it when you're not watching it. Good luck.

  8. i see what you mean about the tv being a little high. this may not be possible, but i wonder if the company can come back and mount it a few inches lower? looking at the photo of the house prepped for showing, there is a flat screen over the fireplace and it looks a little lower.

    i'm slightly biased, though, and agree with no tv over the fireplace in a home like yours. we do have a tv over the fireplace, but in an la apartment, there are not tons of options.

    it doesn't look bad, at all and i'm sure you've considered all sorts of other possibilities. if you decide you don't like it up there, don't kick yourself. it's an easy puddy and paint job to fix. maybe this room (assuming it's not the media room you mentioned in the house hunting post.)

    whatever you decide, it will be great!

  9. ok did not finish a sentence in my comment...

    maybe this room (assuming it's not the media room you mentioned in the house hunting post) is used for reading and relaxing. that is one of the great memories i have growing up: we got to read/nap on the "living room" couches, as long as there was no food and no feet. the tv was in another room and we all gathered on those couches for movies. then again, we really did not watch much tv and i'm taking a wild guess that ya'll don't either! =0

    happy thanksgiving 3 peanuts! i hope this holiday and weekend find you filled with joy and hope for all that is before you. you've battled the worst and the best is always yet to come.

  10. Hi Kim,

    A fellow adoptive mom here who likes to check your blog. Anyway, we had a similar issue when we built our home over three years ago. My husband wanted to put a flat screen above our fireplace in our den. It is a formal, wood-paneled room and I was afraid it would ruin the ambiance. Anyway, we used a company called Vision Art. They frame the flatscreen and put a piece of art above it. When you turn on the television, the art folds up to reveal the television. When the t.v. isn't on, you just think it is a nice piece of art adorning the room. I would be happy to e-mail you a picture if you are interested.

    Tisha McDonald

  11. Hi Kim,

    I don't love the tv over the fireplace, but I think that's where we're going to have to put it in the new house, too. I think that sometimes you have to do what you have to do and you'll get used to it.

    I agree with one previous commenter that maybe they could lower the tv a little bit.

    Have a great thanksgiving!


  12. When my husband was trying to convince me to put a flat screen over our fireplace he told me there was some way to put art over it or make it display art. He didn't win that argument but maybe your video company knows how to make it happen.
    We have two systems which have different remotes and I probably have to call the guy every other month for help. The kids were afraid of it for a long time -- worried they would mess the system up. I finally told the guy make it easy enough for the kids to do it or get it out of the house.
    And of course we have a no tv rule during the school week.

  13. I love a flat screen over a fire place if it is in the family room. Yours does seem a tad high though, maybe a few inches lower would make a difference or does it come out on a swivel to where you can adjust the motion of up or down?

    We have a flat screen that is hiding in our Tommy Bahama entertainment center, but I long to ditch it and get a fake mantle and slap it on the wall above the fake mantle and fire place. I have buyers remorse knowing how much I paid for the entertainment center, so therefore I'm keeping it till we have a larger home to use it in.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, so much to be grateful for.

  14. hi again!! ok, now that i know a little more of the layout, i say keep it there. just think of all the wonderful memories ya'll will have: cooking dinner and watching christmas movies.

    maybe you need to add a frame to the tv. check this website: http://www.framemytv.com/. i am sure there are many "framing" options out there but this site seemed to have some good ideas. i think it might help you feel like it "fits in"...technology is great but man would someone please make something that goes with our decor?? it's like car cup holders not being large enough to hold a water bottle...my dad says a man with no kids created those!! lol!

    btw, thanks for all your support and sharing with us (me). i admire your strength, courage, wisdom and honesty. you truly are a godly woman who is realistic, committed to her family/marriage, honest and full of grace.

    we will be in town for two weeks at christmas and i'd love to get together if the holidays allow! i know this will be busy for ya'll with christmas break, but if there is time for me to even bring ya'll lunch, i'd love to do that!

    happy thanksgiving...my hubby just got home =)

    talk soon,
    christirauth at gmail dot com

  15. My hubby wnated to put one of our flat screens over our fireplace and I finally caved. I did not like it at first because it hurt my neck to look up but then after a while i got use to it. At times I missed having art and at Christmas time, a wreath, but all in all the tv did not take up as much space above the fireplace. I would do it again. I think it looks good over your fireplace.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  16. You are not going to believe this, Kim...but we are kind of in the exact same situation. Jim bought a flat screen for over our fireplace (against MY better judgement) a few months ago. It has just been sitting in the garage waiting until we got our hardwood floors put in and a few other improvement projects. Last night, the tv in our armoire broke...just quit while we were watching it...so Jim got the flat screen out and set it up on top of the armoire for the time being (oh...we are so classy aroudn here right now!)...but it is so BIG...and I have the same problem...my neck hurts from looking up...I am hpin it is better when it gets into place and we will be sitting a little further back.....so weird you posted this today...I am really worried that I won't like it once we get ours mounted.....

    Keep us posted!!!


  17. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Are you cooking?
    I love the Tea Party Pics... Kate's hair is getting so long! She get's more beautiful with every post!

    I am thankful for our friendship this Thanksgiving!


  18. I can't speak for the tv over the fireplace because we have 61" flat screen on a stand in the corner. Our living room was not designed to have a tv over the fireplace and have appropriate seating to watch tv. I do like the idea of the tv above the fireplace though. I feel a flat screen being bought for the bedroom before too long. Cannot wait to see the Santa pics. I am just sure this is the last Christmas without Darci and I CANNOT wait until next Christmas when I can indulge in all the santa stuff with her. Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with your family!!!

  19. We have 4 flat screens and we just had built a decorative cubby in the wall in our bedroom for a new flat screen that we are buying this weekend. The flat screen in our family room is in a armoire that I can close when we are not watching it : ) We do have a big flat screen in our basement and that one is mounted on the wall. My boys have flat screens in their rooms but they are in armoires. You are going to love your flat screen
    : ).

  20. HI Kim,
    We have a flat screen and it hangs on our wall above a furniture piece.We thought about putting it over the fireplace, but it seemed too high and our wall that has the fireplace is a little to small for it. Your tv looks good above your fireplace, but maybe it should be lowered a little.
    Have a terrific Thanksgiving!

  21. Hey Kim-

    We are debating the same issue now... David wants one and I am not sure I will like it. Like a previous poster suggested, look into "framing" or ones that frame and look like art. I'm not sure how I feel about that either, but it is worth looking at all the options.
    I do agree it might look nice a few inches lower?

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  22. First, I must say that I should have been a man, because I am obsessed with televisions : ) I would love to have a flat screen and still may invest in one. I think you will get used to it. Several of my friends have them above their fireplaces as well and said it took some getting used to.

    I hope you and your sweet family have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  23. What a treat it was to meet you and the Peanuts! As I wrote on my blog, you are every bit as charming and personable in real life as you come across on your blog. Your children are precious, and I have years of experience in carrying on conversations with children in and out and about. Yours are remarkably polite and well-behaved and a pleasure to be around. Your home is so warm and welcoming in addition to being beautiful.

    As for the TV, I think you should live it as is for several weeks and see how the placement works. Keep us posted.

    Happy Thanksgiving to your family.

  24. We are thinking about the same issue too. I think sometimes we have to do what we need to to helpour family spend time together. This may be one of those times.
    It could be a few inches lower, I think. I know they make pictures to go over them too, when you are not watching them.


  25. You could make it more artsy by having it display your photo album when your not using it as a TV by hooking it up to your computer or IPod. I have my screensaver on my computer do that and it's like having a large digital photo album. We all love it!

  26. Kim, I love following your blog! I like the flat screen above your mantel, but could see how it could hurt your neck. Once your used to it Im sure it will not seem odd to you. Oprah will love her mugshot on your flat screen! Happy Thanksgiving to your family!

  27. when it's not in use for television viewing, you can hook it up through a computer and run your portraits on it. :) Or run some gorgeous artwork kind of photos, perhaps a SLOW screensaver idea, where it's 1 image every hour or something?

    I think you'll get used to it.

  28. Kim,

    I'm a big fan of the flat screen over the fireplace. I think it looks clean, clutter free, and in style. We have a flat screen in our family room ( which does not have a fireplace) and we are always saying that in our next house we hope we have a fireplace in the family room to hang it over. We converted to a flat screen about a year ago and have come to love it. At first, it just seemed so darn big. We watch a few shows ourselves at night, but I'm not big on t.v. for kids. Give yourselves some time to adjust- hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving!


  29. It must be a guy thing....my husband wants a plasma over the fireplace too. Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving :)

  30. When we moved into this house this was the debate that Pat and I had. I won in the family room and our bedroom and they are both in armoires, the only flat screen we have on the wall is in our Bar/Entertainment room which I can live with.

    I agree with Tracy in that maybe you could slide it down a couple of inches..I think it will just take you some time to get used to it....good luck! I am sure the kids are loving it!

    Hope you had a wondeful Thanksgiving....we had a minor hiccup with ours and never made it to Cape Cod...long story!!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  31. Like others have mentioned, I would "frame" it to look more like a piece of artwork....and move it down a few inches, if possible. We decided to hang our flat screen on a wall other then above the fireplace. I didn't want the TV to be the focal point of the room, but it really depends how your room is laid out.
    Hope you are enjoying your new home!

  32. We have done some commission work for families that want portraiture to cover their flat screens. I have this 'thing' about frames and don't care for cheap looking ones. We use a company that makes frames from 18th century molds that have been 'worn' with time around the corners (no miter joints) and then can be built out to the particular flat screen. You can hinge it on one side and simply fold it back. Keep looking at your options as I'm sure there are many great concepts in the area you are living.

    Whatever you end up doing I know will be beautiful. You have wonderful taste and things will come together! Happy Thanksgiving~!

  33. The tv over the fireplace does take a little getting used to. Ours seems high too, but we don't even think about it anymore. We probably slouch down on the couch to watch. I think you'll learn to like it. It is very convenient.

  34. I too debated this. We remodeled two years ago and had a mantle and I like either art or beautiful mirrors over it but we had no room anywhere else for the TV so we put a plasma big screen TV over the mantle. It just takes getting use to. I wish I had some neat tapestry or something to hang over it when it's not on!

    Your whole family is darling and in a few years you're going to have to swat away the fawning girls with that oldest boy of yours! He's gorgeous. : )


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