Old or new---that is the question.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
This is more for me to sort out my own feelings but I know some of my friends (and readers) like houses and decorating as much as I do.  I have found two more houses that I really like (one just came on the market).  I REALLY like them both.  They are on the same street and they are the same price.  One is new and one is old.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE old houses.  We lived in an old house before we moved to Virginia and I loved it.  This old house has been lovingly restored and tastefully updated adding a beautiful white marble master bathroom and HUGE walk in master closet with built in dressers and shoe cubbies.  It has a gorgeous backyard with an incredibly landscaped garden.  The grass is some exotic variety that is heat and drought resistant and it looks like a putting green.  It is cushy to walk on.  Although Dave claims you need a special lawnmower to cut it?  This house is so charming with leaded glass interior transoms and an old quaint corner sink in the powder room.  The problem is....we have gotten used to living in a new house (built to look old though).  We are now accustomed to large closets and bathrooms all around.  We have had a walk out terrace with a guest room and play room and office. We are used to a lot of space.  This old house is charming and beautiful but it is essentailly 3 bedrooms and there is no playroom or study.  They call a narrow attic room a 4th bedroom and Will wants to live there but there is no closet and it would be very tight. Since it is an attic with slanted walls, there is no way to add a closet.  And since this house is at the tippity top of our price range, we cannot do an addition anytime soon. I know, I know....we don't really need all that space but we sure have gotten used to it.  As much as I love this house, I worry that we will feel crowded as the kids get older and we will have no room for guests.  


This is the kitchen of the old house.  It has been recently renovated.  I did not take the photos.  I copied them from the listing, hence the blurriness.

Okay, now onto the new house.  This house is craftsman style (which has never been my favorite) and so the outside is not my style.  BUT the inside is stunningly beautiful. The entry and upstairs hallways are really wide with incredible millwork you usually see in older homes. They are wide enough for substantial furniture and upstairs there is a built in reading/window bench. There is a beautiful study and fabulous kitchen (very similar to my current one).  The kids bedrooms are big and their bathrooms are beautiful (white marble again).  The floors are wide plank dark hickory.  There is a little "homework" area  with two built in desks and a small mudroom.  There is even an elevator shaft should we need one down the road.  This house has a "media room" or playroom too.  It is a big house but it feels cozy and warm.  Oh what to do?  I think we will make an offer on one of these houses.  I just don't know whether to follow my heart or my practical side....I think if we had two kids, I would definitely buy the older house but I think with 3 kids (and Scout) we need the space.  I feel lucky that after my last disappointment, I have found two houses to get excited about but I cannot make a decision....HELP!  Dave likes them both too.

This is the kitchen of the new house.  It reminds me of my last kitchen.  Again the photo is not great but the best I could copy.

  P.S.  The boys had a good day at school today AND there are BIG things happening for Miss Kate this week too;)  More soon.


  1. Follow you heart. In your post it sounds like you LOVE the old house ( and for the record...that is an awesome kitchen!!) and in the post it sounds like you would be settling for the new house. You can always add a closet to the 4th room or hire a closet company to help make the current storage areas more efficient.

    I love old homes. They have so much detail and just a level of class that is not included in many new homes now.

    Either way I am sure you will make each house a lovely home.


  2. I think with three growing children space can become an issue in the long run. I think both houses sound amazing and I simply adore the old houses kitchen. The second house has some great add-ons, but the frist has such charm.
    I think you need follow your instincts and really pray about making the right choice. Both houses are fabulous and it seems like you would be happy with either. Goodluck and I cannot wait to see what happens!

    Ohhh, I am also so thrilled school was great and you and kate have gotten some plans in the making. Everything is just falling into place!

  3. man...I have had to jump through hoops to post a comment!! lol...

    Ok. If I had to cast a vote based on kitchen pics, I would go with the old house hands down. It is lovely...plus, you can add on playrooms, bathrooms, guestrooms, mud rooms to the old house!! Also, old houses just have that "feel"...know what I mean? There is a history there, and that is what life is about. Keep in mind, you said the exterior style of the other house is not your favorite. You will have to look at it everyday when you pull into the driveway. Will it drive you batty?

    I have always found my heart knows best....sometimes my logic and constant over-thinking/analyzing gets in the way. The best blessing in life are those our hearts are drawn towards.

    Ok. Totally off subject here..but after reading through many of your posts and archives, I have a question for you. What is your opinion on immunizations? You seem to be rather aware of the toxins in our bodies. I would love to hear your feelings.

  4. I love old and it sounds like you do to. I agree with the first post follow your heart! We live in a older home than our last and I had California Closet come in and they really helped me with my closet problems. Both kitchens look beautiful I especially like the old house with the new kitchen. Can't wait to see which one you choose.

  5. Well, I do think choosing a house is much liike naming a baby... who can help you with THAT? But... I love the old one. One of my sons' rooms is too small for a proper closet, and we had the most handsome double armoire built in. With drawers below. Also the bed is built in. (I had bookshelves built into the headboard) It is a tiny room... but functional & cozy. He is very happy in there. I really LOVE craftman style too. So , honestly Kim, you cannot go wrong. Follow your heart! And I think it is a lucky star counting day, when you finally find a house (or two) that makes your heart go pitter-patter!

  6. Oh Kim, I can understand why you would be so torn! You have to do what feels right in your heart, but I know with a family how being practical is so important...big help, huh?
    I LOVE the kitchen in the old house and you had me sold on describing the backyard.
    Very exciting!!! Can't wait to hear what you decide! I just love looking at homes....we'll be looking for one next summer!
    Best! And so glad the boys had a better day!:)

  7. Your Virginia house had such "curb appeal." I worry that if you don't like the exterior of the new house, you might be a little sad every time you drive in your driveway. It sounds like the old house really *spoke* to your heart. The kitchen is unbelievable, by the way, and the yard sounds fabulous (the grass sounds like tiff, which is very soft but requires a 'reel' mower). So I vote for the old house, but I know you will make either one into a special home for your family.

    Glad to hear that school went better today for your boys. Can't wait to hear what's in store for Kate Emerson this week!

    I'm so impressed with your resiliency, Kim. You are such a blessing to your family and an inspiration to so many of us out here.

    PS Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You made my day!

  8. Wow, what a beautiful kitchen in the 'old' house! I love older houses too, having grown up in one built in 1920. We have a 'new' house now with all the space.... actually, more space then we really need. As soon as the market gets better, I would love to move and get a house with some character. I love my house, but I long for something unique... not the beige, cookie-cutter houses you see everywhere. Follow your heart. Could the boys share a room, and use the attic as a toy room/office/combined guest room with a sleeper sofa?? I've got the formal living room, along with family room, library, etc... and I've finally come to the point where I realize it's a lot of wasted space and we could really simplify. Good luck with your decision, whatever you choose, it will begin to feel like home.

  9. Since I live in an 100 year old historical home I am partial to old homes. In your case I think with your concern about the lack of closets and extra space makes me think the new house might fit you best. It sounds fabulous and the kitchen in the new house nearly made me hyperventilate....I LOVE it!!

    Which ever one you decide on, you will make it cozy and warm...your family will fill it with lots of love and you will make many new and wonderful memories there.

    I'm glad the boys had a good day at school!


  10. It sure looks like those 3 little chairs in the "old house" are perfect for 3 peanuts! I say, as always, follow your Heart!! Lots of ways to be creative with space. Charm is irreplaceable! hugs to you!!

  11. I am THRILLED to hear about the boys and school and will stay posted for the news about Kate!

    For the houses...hmmm. To me, it sounds like you are so much more set on the "old" house, except for the space. Space IS nice, however, you will make due with whatever space you have.

    I am confident, which ever decision you make, it will be the right one! GOOD LUCK!

  12. Ooops... I disagree with hannah :-) I say choose the house that best helps your kids function through their teenage years (and although I don't have any, I hear they like their space)... you and Dave will have time to settle into an older, cozier home when the kids are gone. We only have three bedrooms and it causes issues, without a doubt. People don't feel comfortable really coming to stay, and I've missed out on developing some great friendships because I couldn't really ask them to come and visit. Just a little food for thought!

  13. I LOVE your blog! I'd go for the new house. We had our house built to look like an older house and so many people assume it's an old house and ask how old it is. I'm glad for the size. Our daughters are grown and gone now, but a large house is wonderful during the teenage years with many kids over and having fun. They can spread out, and it's great for grown kids and their family visits. I love old houses too, but am so glad we went for the new - larger - house. Good luck!

  14. I LOVE your blog! I'd go for the new house. We had our house built to look like an older house and so many people assume it's an old house and ask how old it is. I'm glad for the size. Our daughters are grown and gone now, but a large house is wonderful during the teenage years with many kids over and having fun. They can spread out, and it's great for grown kids and their family visits. I love old houses too, but am so glad we went for the new - larger - house. Good luck!

  15. You know me - I would go for the older home, but you need to do what you think is best for the family. I LOVE the kitchen in the old house! The house we are looking at has the same issue with the fourth bedroom. I am still going for it. I plan to purchase two larger Wardrobes work with the era of the house - but that is also the going to be the master suite. Since Will would want to be up there - great idea for a tween boy - look at PBK - they have tons of storage stuff. Also - you are in the land of the Container Store :D

    If the other house is not your style - I wouldn't do. It may grow on you, but will you ever be in love with it. Can you picture yourself being there for 10 or 15 years? Just something to chew on - I know that you are ready to be settled.

    Ladybug hugs,

  16. Kim,
    Both houses sound incredible, each for their own reasons. I enjoyed this post because I just love looking at houses. I love to look at houses online, go to open houses, home shows, etc. It does seem like you love the old house, but I do think there is really something to be said for space, especially with 3 peanuts and a dog. As the kids get older, there will be friends over more, etc. Follow your heart- it sounds like each house will make your family happy in it's own unique way. Good Luck!

    Emily in NJ

  17. I am partial to going for the old house myself. And down the road you could always add on...I think that kitchen reminds me more of the one here in VA.

    Good luck and looking forward to hearing your decision.

  18. Kim,

    I can hear that you really love the older home. But, if there is no room to grow financially for a bit then I am not sure in the end whether you would be satisfied.

    I live in an older home. Don't get me wrong I love it but the imperfections drive me crazy at times. Day to day its fine but when we are having company which is fairly often its not great.

    I wish you luck friend.

    thank you, for the tip.


  19. Kim,
    I'd go with the new...fewer maintenance problems for a while - and the kids are only going to get bigger. Once you are used to the space, its hard to go back. After a couple of months of tripping over toys in your living room, the older house will lose its 'charm'. Will is coming up on the teenaged years and will want his space.

    I'm so glad you have found two houses that you like - I was starting to worry about you! Now, you have an image of where you will make all the happy memories to come!!

  20. What a dilemma! We've lived in both old and new. I love old houses, but new ones are more suited for how we live today. Also, keep in mind that your children are going rapidly and your needs will increase not decrease. Which house can you see living in with teenagers? You'll have one before long. Also, pushing the budget is not good--you are about to enter the big-spending years with your kids.

  21. Kim,

    I think big spaces are important but I also think that this importance depends on the weather..If your new city is warm all year, you will need a good garden where children can play and even study ( and I think the old house has it).

    If the weather is cold you will need more space inside the house.( like the new one).

    I love both photos.....

    A very very big Kiss from Belén.

  22. When I saw the picture of the kitchen of the old house, I initially thought it was from your house in VA! You can always add on to the house as the boys get older. We added on to our house, and it is very nice to have lots of space for all the teenagers. I like it that the kids' friends like to come here to hang out, and I think you'd like that too. Can't wait to hear what you decide.

  23. Both houses sound awesome, but with your growing family,you might wish for the space later on. But either one would be wonderful!I'm glad your boys are having a better day at school. Cant wait to hear what is happeneing for Miss Kate.Sounds like things are beginning to look up for all of you!

  24. Oh boy, tough decision! I have to agree with everyone here, the old house is my favorite. I actually thought it was a picture from your old house! Just reading the words you used to describe the old house was enough to convince me that you would be very happy there. If you don't like the craftsman style you might get sick of it very easily, usually those style of homes have a certain character about them. You can always add on room down the road. When I think of you I think the old home sounds very "Kimmy". I do however have to give a shout out to lots of space, it is nice to spread out. It sounds like the old house has your heart and soul in it. Either way, if you found 2 houses that got you this excited, you can't go wrong. Can't wait to see which one you choose, it is just like on House Hunters on HGTV!
    Glad that school is getting better! Dayton just started back today, sniff sniff!

  25. beatiful photos of your old and new kitchens. i prefer older homes, my 1st house was built in 1919 and my current house was built in the early '30s - oler homes definitely have my charm, plus beautiful hardwood floors!

  26. Think i'd personally go for the new house, you can create a beautiful garden, but you cant really create more space in the old house.
    I'd go for the big new one! xx

  27. Wow, both sound so beautiful. I love the charm of old houses and the convenience of new houses (and no lead paint, etc.). Go with your gut. We have a summer place and our regular house. I like the summer place better...it's bigger and newer. The kids like our yearround place better and say it is more cozy and feels more like home.

    Glad things are looking up for the kids, too.

    Best of luck and I hope this week brings some happy changes!

  28. So glad you've found some great possibilities! As far as handing out advice, I would have to say don't compromise on space. To me, the flow, practicability and useability of the house are the most important. You've got such great style and taste that you're finished product is going to be fabulous regardless of the house you choose.

    Those kitchens are spectactular. I thought I was looking at your old kitchen.

    And praise the Lord for the boys' good day at school.

    You've got 4 weeks to move in and get settled before we visit! =)

    Prayed for you all this morning.

  29. I say go for space. We didn't and we regret it, though we love our home and the pickings are slim in our neck of the woods.

  30. Go with your instincts...
    They both sound lovely , just different options..
    Both of the kitchens are beautiful..
    Glad the boys had a Great Day at school..
    and cant' wait to see what Kate is up too..
    Hugs girly.
    You will make the right choice that bests fits your families needs...
    Keep us updated..
    Have you heard from Jennifer.. she sent me an email from her phone on Monday ... thanks..

  31. Follow your heart my friend ... then you can't go wrong. I am sure which ever home you choose it will be stunning.

    I am so glad to hear the boys are settling into school ... I'm sure that is a big relief for you!

    Thinking of you!

  32. Hey Kim,
    The old house sounds perfect and the kitchen is so you. However, I think you should go with the extra space.No playroom will drive you nuts, sticky fingers on your beautiful furniture and lego everywhere. My vote is for the new house. I am glad the boys had a better day at school. Logan misses Will so much.

  33. First I want to say I am so happy the boys had a good day at school...made me smile. Well I would follow your heart : ) We live in a good size house at least to me it is good size (4500 sq ft) and I still feel cramped some days. I found our curant neighborhood while the homes were being built (and we still lived in CA). I knew the minute I walked through the model this was the house and every house I looked at after wards was not the right fit. We have since done a lot of remodeling (even though we bought it new) to make it feel like ours. We are in the process of remodeling the entire bottom floor, putting in a pool and then the entire upstairs (yes I love decorating LOL). We lived in a very old house before we moved here (Chicago) 10 years ago and I had so much fun redoing the house. The house didn't have the HUGE bedrooms and closets but I loved it's detail.
    We are possibly adding a room up in our attic with a small bath and closet. We have to change the roof a bit but the closet can be added. Are you sure you can't add a closet to the attic?
    You will know what the right house is for you...look deep in to your heart. : )
    Yeah for Kate!!! Sounds like something wonderful is about to happen. You also sound so upbeat I hope and pray you are feeling a little better? I have thought about you a lot. {{{{hug}}}}

  34. So glad the boys had a better day!!!

    Both look and sound beautiful, but I have to say I agree with you on the charm of an old home....there is nothing like it!

    If you can live with the space for a little while....I say go for it...I just LOVE that kitchen and the bathroom sounds gorgeous too!

    Follow your heart...otherwise you might have regrets...

    Let us know....very exciting stuff!


  35. Kim,

    I'm so glad that you found 2 houses! I just love old houses and their charm. Having said that, I think I would be happier with the new house and all the extra space. No playroom, no study. It would be hard with no playroom for the toys, etc. Especially with the 3 peanuts!! You and Dave can always "downsize" later to a smaller older home after the peanuts leave the nest. I think with the bigger house, you will be more comfortable if they have friends over, birthday parties, and if you have family/friends in from out of town to visit.

    I'm happy the boys had a good day at school! :)

    Keep us posted~


  36. Since I live in an older home (built in 1924), I would opt for the new one. I love my house, but . . . seems like something is always needing some work and the closets are tiny. They both look gorgeous. Good luck in your decision! Happy to hear the boys enjoyed school. Take care.


  37. I would feel the same way you do...love old houses but need the space! I think I would choose the new house. It sounds like it still has a lot of uniqueness and character, even though it is new. When I am buying a new house (twice in the past four years) I always consider the things I can't change...and it sounds like adding on to the old house would not be something you could do for awhile. Of course you will love either house once you feel good about making a decision...you are just taking the time to think it over, which will serve you well once the decision is made and you can relax knowing you did your "homework." Wow, I am rambling! Good luck, I can't wait to hear what house you choose!

  38. I love the old house kitchen and from your description it sounds like you do to. I would go with your gut. I'm sure it will be a wonderful house regardless of which you choose. You can always add on later.

  39. OLD- we live in a 100 year old house and after much deliberation have decided to add on and redo to fit our new needs as a family rather than move to a bigger house. i just can;t replace our neighborhood and location and it is so important to me.

    I LOVE the old house kitchen- it is stunning.

  40. We live in an older house that we have renovated.
    Our family has 4 children. We are currently in the process of finding a newer home. Here are a few issues..
    There are problems we never knew, that are arising.
    The air quality is causing HUGE allergy issues to the two boys, and we do not really have enough rooms. We have a large basement, but we have had to add on a bedroom and bath down there. The rooms are slightly on the small side, and Chloe is sharing a room with our college aged daughter right now due to lack of space. I agree with you, I love older homes, I love the southern appeal as well.

    We have updated the house and although it looks nice, it has been a money pit. We are just not satisfied. Also, if you are entertainers like us, the lack of bedrooms is not a good thing. We are constantly turning down people, because we do not have any room for guests.

    Just something to think about, Good Luck!

  41. The new house. You will need the space especially as the children grow bigger. I have a friend who downsized in order to be in the best part our city and she does not like it.


  42. The kitchen in the old house is simply stunning. We live in a 100 yr old tudor bungalow. I love living in an old house. Our kids learn an appreciation for restoration, history, etc. Of course, it can have its pitfalls too. I learned this the day that water was dripping on my head in the kitchen from the bathroom above. eeekk. If my husband hadn't been home, I would have had a toilet in the kitchen! AAhhh..the charms of an older home. :-) But, it looks and sounds like the older home as been restored and probably wouldn't have many of the issues of an older home. I vote older, but go where your heart takes you! Glad things are looking up!

  43. First, I'm glad the boys had a good day at school!! That's huge!

    I'm also glad to know that you have found two more homes that you really like. My vote is for the new house. I think the space far outweighs any asthetics in the old house. It may be lovely but when you are living in it every single day I think you will wish you had more room. Just my two cents. Can't wait to see which one you pick. They both sound amazing.


  44. ok I love old houses. I live in one. and I love it. and the Kitchen of the "your" old house is awesome. But growing kids and pets need space. and if there is no remodel in the near future. I vote for the new house. But pray hard about it and God will let you know which one is for you...

  45. So glad things are getting better and that your family is safe from Gustav. Both houses sound wonderful and are beautiful. I love the character of older homes but having just purchased a slightly older home a few years ago at the top of our range, I do regret not being able to add on/change it more to our liking and constantly have to repair/maintain things that are very costly and don't even change the appearance/enjoyment of the house. Either one is beautiful and I know you and your family will make it even more beautiful. Good luck, Wendy

  46. Well, being the non-handy types that we are, I would have to vote for the new house. I grew up in an old victorian, and loved it, but I know my father did so much to keep it up, and yes, there were no closets! But it had beautiful fireplaces, transom windows...but you have to be prepared to accept that long term.
    I would go for new with character...but its a hard choice. Both kitchens are beautiful, so you can't go wrong there!
    Glad you are finding something you like and can get moved in and be "at home" again.
    (btw...there in another ex-MOPS mom that moved to your newcity...of course she might be an hour away, but if you want info I can send you her blog address.)

  47. OF course, I LOVED your old house but that kitchen looks really awesome in the new house. PLUS you are TOTALLY AMAZING in the decorating department so don't fret! You will be able to make either one of those homes YOUR home for your family! Big Hugs!

  48. those are some choices and i'm so thankful you have found some choices! god is good. follow your heart and i'm praying that things continue to fall into place for ya'll. it looks like ya'll are in the south...possibly somewhere near my alma mater, maybe even in our beloved old community. hope miss kate's plans are so fun for her this week!

  49. Oh my...I love this post! What a choice! I am so glad you have some other great houses to choose from so soon after "the disappointment" I would go with the new house. My thinking...when the boys and Kate are older the smaller rooms and crowded spaces won't be as easy to live with as it might be in the short term. The new house exterior may not be your taste but you will be living more comfortably inside. And, I am sure it's beautiful and not distasteful. Just not your first choice.

    I hope you make an easy decision and end up with a wonderful home. Those kitchen are both gorgeous. The kitchen in the older home reminds me of your VA kitchen a bit. Any place for a swing?

    Good luck and hugs!
    ps...yeah for the boys! Happy boys = happy mom

  50. I love old homes too, but it sounds like to me that the inside of the newer home looks old and it has the space and things you need. Our old house had the transom windows over all the doors. I love that. The great thing about new that looks old is the upkeep is less. Can't wait to see what you pick!

  51. Both sound awesome!! The newer home has the space and won't have the maintenance issues of an older home, but I think the older home's kitchen looks more like the one in your old house. Either way you can't go wrong!! Just go with your gut instinct and just go with the one you can imagine coming home to every day.

  52. You know I love them both, but my vote is new... Miss Kate needs her own bathroom!!!! And, you will want a place for them to play:) You can't go wrong with either kitchen!!

    Whatever you choose, it will be PERFECTION!!!!!

    Blessings as you ponder!

  53. Wow. The new house kitchen has an old house look. Very good job on it. What a hard choice to have to make. They both are gorgeous. let the bedrooms make the choice for you. Or maye even the bathrooms?

  54. Wow, 2 beautiful choices! I love older homes too but I would have to say I personally would go with the newer home. We lived in my grandmothers home for a while when we were waiting for our home here in FL to be finished and the attic bedroom that Cody had to stay in was very "cool" at first but the lack of space eventually frustrated him (he was 10-11 at the time). The kids had no place to spread out and play as their rooms were too small and I need LOTS of closet space. Just my opinion but I think you will appreciate all the space as the kids (especially the boys) get older and Miss Kate needs a big ole playroom! :)
    Kim and Katiebug

  55. If it was me....old house all the way! i love knowing other lives have been lived and enjoyed there before me. i find it comforting. I am not sure what state you are in but I am guessing south/middle-south? I grew up in an old Spanish-style house in Fla and as kids we were always outside. The backyard and front yard were two more huge play rooms.

  56. Oh Kim, love them both....hard to choose, space is important. when the moment is right you will know.
    You have such great decorating skills that which ever home you choose it will be fabulous.


  57. Based on the pics of the kitchen. I would go with the old house. The kitchen is beautiful. Plus old homes have such great character. Secondly, you aren't crazy about the outside look of the new home. Who wants to pull in a drive everyday thinking about how much they dislike the look of their house? There you have it...the old house is waiting for you..well, i am praying that it is!

  58. well I have not read the other comments but I feel it sounds you should go with the new you already have reservations about the old,it souns beautiful, but space is so essential.
    SO glad to hear the boys had a better day.
    Love the kitchens in both... so open!

  59. I absolutely love the kitchen in the old house. I, too, just love old houses, it is one of my favorite things about living in New England. I agree with the other posters in that, based on your writing, you love the old house more. No matter what you choose though, I hope it works out! I'm so glad school was good today!

  60. The old house sounds fabulous, however, I would probably pick the new.

    Can't wait to see which one you pick!

  61. I was so into #1 but then I scrolled down and saw #2...HUM. OK #2, unless you find out something wonky about a neighbor on the immediate right or left... than run!

  62. Both houses sound great! It's funny, I thought the kitchen of the "old house" looked similiar to your last house. I like old houses, too. But a new house made to look old sounds fabulous. Sorry, I'm not being very helpful! One thing to keep in mind about the playroom space is this. We have one, and when my boys were younger, it was definitely a great space to have. However, now that they are in middle school, the space is used less and less. I often have to suggest to them to go play in the playroom. They tend to prefer the comforts of their own room, or playing outside. You might not miss having a playroom as much as you think, but your kiddos are younger then mine. It is a tough call. Try to picture your furniture in each house, and see how you feel spending time in each space. Good luck with your decision. Follow your heart, and you can't go wrong!

  63. I love dark hickory floors, so I would definitely choose the new home. I just personally love dark floors, especially wide planked ones.

    But you seem to like the old house so much more. I say, go with your heart. Even if you're not used to the small size, you'll find ways to work around it.

    here's another reason to choose the old house. You'll always enter your home happy. (cause you mentioned how you didn't like the exterior of the new house)..

    if nothing else works, maybe ask your family to vote? or flip a coin? ;)

    Good luck!!:)

  64. Kim,

    I was going to comment early this AM, but didn't. Instead, I have "chewed" on it all day. (Isn't funny how it is easier to think about someone else's decisions rather than your own?!?!)

    First of all, what do the boys think of each home? Please, please do not think that I believe that this HUGE decision should be based solely on that, but sometimes children surprise you with their thoughts and good insight (at least my oldest daughter does me!).

    Secondly, at least from our personal experience, I would go with the home (flaws included) that you loved instantly. If your home "feels" right, then life in your newcity might follow suit soon after. When we built our home, our builder talked us out of building our dream home. We thought that it would be fine, but, to tell the ugly truth, we have never been totally satisfied with this home. We feel lucky to have a very nice house, but we don't feel that it is "ours" as silly as that seems. And I think that this dissatisfaction with the house has somewhat translated itself to us not totally being in love with the city in which we live. So I guess that my advice would be to go with the house that most feels like home.

    Best wishes,

  65. I second the comment about a closet company helping you to maximize storage and also felt from the post that your heart wants the old one!!! Most of us have way more "stuff" than we NEED so you all purge and donate and make it work!!! Can't wait to see pictures!

  66. I personally love old homes. When I lived in Michigan, I lived in a 1929 Tudor style home that we completely remodeled ourselves. It was a lot of work, but I loved the character of that house. I love the kitchen in the old house!!! I can also understand wanting more space. Do what your heart tells you to do. I'm sure they are both amazing houses and will become a home once you are living there! Good luck!!

  67. I love the character of old houses and the conveniences of new houses. However, the kitchen in the old house makes my heart sing. Could you put an armoire in the 4th bedroom for a closet? Is there room to add an addition later? Bottom line, pray about it and follow your hunch/heart.

  68. OLD. Definitely OLD!!! You can always do an addition down the road as your children get older.

  69. I don't care which home you choose (they both sound beautiful) and let's face it, Kim, you are so talented at making something just exude warmth and comfort, that either will be amazing, as long as you have a place to call your very own.

    So happy to hear the boys had a great day and can't wait to hear what Miss Katie Ru has up her sleeve:) Keep us in the know...


  70. I believe your post says that you would be happier in the new house. You just seem to be more practical about it.


  71. Like some have said...folllow your heart. I too love old houses, but understand the need for space. Praying for peace during this decision and a good outcome after you put in your offer!


  72. So sorry, I LOVE THEM BOTH! What beautiful kitchens! You'll make the right choice. Follow your heart!
    I'm happy to know that the boys did well with school.
    What are Kate's plans?

  73. Wow....both these kitchens are amazing.... But for me it would always have to be old all the way...but you know your beautiful family and their needs and your heart will guide you with the right decision. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog...Love Cathy
    from Australia xxxx

  74. First, sooo happy that the boys had a good day. Maybe ice cream to celebrate? Maybe?

    Second, sooo happy for you that you are in this wonderful dilemma! And how nice of you to read my opinion ;)

    My vote is for the space as well as for the new (less maintnence) house with your busy family. Both kitchens are beautiful and look so similar to what you had before.

    Don't you thinkg the elevator shaft is reassuring in a weird and funny kind of way? We have one, too. It's part of our giant pantry on the main level and upstairs it is part of one of our master closets. I feel old even thinking about it ;)

    Happy Weekend making your decision. And congratulations on jumping right back in the market!


  75. Both homes sound great...the kitchens are both very beautiful. I know it's a hard choice to make. If the older home has the possibility to add on in the future, it could work for you as your children grow. Good luck with decision.


  76. Hi Kim, I honestly think the new house would be a better idea only for the kids sake, they definitely need the room! The old house is beautiful but i really think the new house fits your lifestyle a little better!
    Good luck with the offer and remember everything happens for a reason! (You didn't get the other house so you could get one of these ones!)
    Blessings, Ainsley!

  77. I keep checking back hoping for an update!

    I've loved reading everyone's thoughtful comments. One person's suggestion to flip a coin reminded me of something I read on a blog: when you flip a coin, if you are secretly rooting for one result over the other, then you have your decision.

    The good news is you have CHOICES. That's certainly a better alternative than how you were feeling last weekend.

  78. Oh, I say just go for the old house. I know that closets are important, but you can never buy the style that a house has. THe bones are just so important! I'm glad that school is much better. I can't wait to hear your new Kate news.

  79. Hey Kim will you clear something up for me? Most people that commented are under the impression that the 2nd photo is of the old house kitchen...but under the picture you wrote new house kitchen. It looks like a new kitchen made to look old....I think you know what I think about that kitchen from my earlier comment. Am I not understanding correctly which house has the 2nd kitchen photo (new)? Whatever house that picture is of the 2nd kitchen, I say buy that house!!!!!! I don't know if I would ever leave that kitchen, I might would have to pitch a tent.


  80. We live in a house that was built in 1925. In my opinion, there is nothing that can replace beautiful old hardwood floors, wide crown molding and the charm that you just can't recreate in a new home.

    And it's funny. The old house kitchen looks like your VA kitchen to me.

    Now with that said, I think you have to choose the house that works the best for your family and that sounds like it's the new house. Although I wonder if it will forever bother you to pull up to a craftsman-style home that you don't love from the curb.

    This was no help at all, was it?

    OK, go with the old! How can you go wrong with charm?

  81. oh such hard decisions but both sound beutiful
    go with your heart!

  82. First of all, you do not know how relieved I am to hear the boys had a great day at school... I have been thinking about how that would test my strength... I might have called it quits and gone back to VA!

    Now onto the houses! What a hard decision! I grew up in a new house but my husband and I bought an old home. There are pros and cons to both. From the pictures and descriptions, it looks like you can't go wrong!

    Let us know what you decide!

  83. Beautiful kitchens...wanna trade?!?:)

    What a hard choice! I am very partial to old houses ans always lived in them until now. (Our house is not new, but it is not considered old either.) Normally I would say follow your heart, but it sounds like the new house has the charm of an older home (and look at those floors in the kitchen!) but you may really want the space. I remember an old post in which you talked about your mudroom. Even though this new house has a small mudroom, you may miss having one at all or all of those little extra areas to spread out for play & homework.

    But on the other hand...do you dislike the exterior? You don't want that to nag away at you every time you come home.

    Good luck with the choice...I know you will make either a warm & beutiful home!

  84. Hi Kim! I'm so glad you found two new homes to consider!! I'm like you as far as what you like and don't like and will be of no help whatsoever and you've probably already decided anyway! lol Both kitchens are just gorgeous and with what you described, I say the old! But you're not just basing it on the kitchen, so let's start over...lol
    That's tough and I completely understand about loving the irreplaceable character of the old yet loving the space of the new...it sounds like you've weighed all options too....I'm sure you've thought through how long you'll be here and I'm guessing it's awhile which is an important factor. You don't want to pull up to your house and not like it either! (I don't care for craftsman style either, but there might be some subtle changes you could make on the exterior?) Although I'm certain the one you're considering is just beautiful!
    I know for me, when we were looking at houses, I think I more went with my heart and the things I "loved" and although I felt like I thought through each detail, I didn't so much consider the day-to-day life and the practicality of it...what makes things flow better....those work spaces, drop zones, mudrooms, etc make such a difference. I guess it comes down to whats most important to you and your family.

    See, I told you I would be no help whatsoever!! :) I know you're just sorting your thoughts anyway, but yes, it does help to hear others thoughts. I know you'll make the best decision and whatever it is, I hope it works out! :)
    Yea for the boys having a better day!

  85. Both houses sound awesome. I'm a fan of new houses - as long as they're not cookie-cutter... bc all the important stuff (wiring, pipes, etc) are new. But that's just my 2 cents.

    Glad the boys had a good day. Can't wait for the Ms Kate update.

  86. I would go with space hands down. The new house still looks like it has a lot of character and you can do so much with your decorating to make it have your look.

  87. The yard sounds like tiff bermuda(I'm not sure of the spelling). It IS golf course grass! I live in San Antonio and the house next door to me has it. IF taken care of properly - including a special mower- it looks awesome. The couple that built the house next door took great care of the yard, but the last and current homeowner - not so well. We have St. Augustine - aka crab grass to the north. Both homes sound great. I wish you the best.

  88. Waiting for an update to see which you choose!!!!

    Love,love,love the older home's kitchen.

    Hope today was also great for the boys and waiting to hear more about Kate.

    Please continue to pray for Emanuiel, he has a dr. app. tomorrow and we are hoping he can have soft foods. I'll keep you posted.


  89. What a tough decision! Both homes sound wonderful. Great kitchens. I am confident you will choose the best house for your family and make it your home. I will just keep praying for you!

  90. I love the older one, personally. I adore older homes with life already having been there, especialy already restored :)!!

    Does one speak more to you as HOME?

  91. Oh my... What tough decisions you've had to make/still making. Both are lovely and both kitchens are fabulous. Space is a huge issue. I will keep my fingers crossed for you! How exciting though! I'm a fan of old homes but sometimes a new home with lots of character can be found and since I'm personally a fan of move-in ready, that has altered my decisions in the past which haven't always been the best! Who knows... only you! Good luck!

  92. What beautiful choices you have! I am drooling here! Either one seems like it would make a lovely home!
    Good Luck and congratulations on your move and
    purchasing a new home and all of the very wonderful things and special moments you have going on with the children.



  93. Oh, I love the kitchen in the new house, but I am with you...I love old houses. We are restoring a 100 year old craftsman style farmhouse. The kitchen design I am leaning toward is almost EXACTLY like the second photo! We are adding on much of the practicle space you mention. Old houses are definately tighter quarters. When I think of growing up in a 2000 square foot house with 9 brothers and sisters I wonder how my parents kept their sanity! The limited space did force us to learn to get along. Now I almost feel strange when my house isn't full of people and noise.

    You know what is best for your family. Pray and the decision will become clear as a bell!


Thank you for your kindness.