So Thankful!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The doctor called this afternoon to report (after 3 weeks-- thank you very much!) that Kate's EEG was normal!  Thank you, God.  And thank you all for the prayers.  We are likely going to do an EKG next month because heart issues can also cause the episodes that Kate experienced but for now I am very thankful!

I am thankful to my good friend, Debbie for giving my blog a facelift.  I LOVE what she has done so far although she says there is more to come:)  I am grateful for your friendship Debbie!

We are thankful that our friend, Karen will meet her daughter in China in a few days.  I am so excited to be updating Karen's blog for her while she is in China (if needed). I will be glued to my computer waiting for photos of the Gotcha moment!!  We are so excited for you, Karen and Doug.

This is just weird and I must share...I ordered a pair of sandals (the cutest things ever!) for Kate at about 4:00 p.m. yesterday on-line from Zappos.  They were on my front porch by noon today!  Isn't that AMAZING ?!  And I did not even pay for overnight shipping! They arrived in 20 hours!

I told you they were the cutest!


We are heading to South Carolina to visit our great friends this weekend.  I cannot think of a better way to welcome summer!  The adorable little guy holding Kate is my Godson (I love you Matthew!) and his parents are Kate's Godparents.  We love this family.  Our kids get along really well and the adults have a great time together too.  We met when our oldest children (who are the same age) were about one and in Gymboree.  We have been the closest of friends now for 10 years.  It will be a little crazy with 7 kids (and a few dogs) running around but I know we will have a blast. This photo is from a visit with them last summer.  Can't wait to see you Staci!!!!!

We even plan to meet up with this family while we're there.  

I really like both Davids and cannot wait to see who wins American Idol in a few minutes!!!

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. I don't leave comments as often as I should, but I have to tell you that is the BEST blog header I've ever seen! I totally LOVE IT!

  2. So glad to hear the good news about Kate Emerson. Sounds like you have a fun week-end planned. Have a great time!

  3. Oh Kim~

    Phew, what a relief about Kate!!! I was cleaning out emails today and was wondering if any news had come back yet...

    So thankful she is fine and pray that whatever tests she has in the future will be clean and positive, too. God is good!

    Have a blast with your BFF and her family! Enjoy every moment.


  4. I am so glad and THANKFUL to hear this news.
    I hope your trip is wonderful Kim. I pray you all have a marvelous time.
    Oh, I love the sandals!!!!!!!!

  5. Same to you dear friend....have a wonderful time. The blog make over is darling BTW! ;)

    I appreciate your email but with going to TN and coming home and trying to get thigns done, I have not yet had time time to reply. Thank you so much for all of the info.

    Can't wait to see pictures of your trip. Safe travels....


  6. God is good! So happy about Kate's news. Enjoy your vacation with the peanuts!
    Kim and Katiebug

  7. Hi, Kim! We're in SC too- we are spending a long weekend in Hilton Head for Memorial Day. Hope you have a fun weekend! Love,Kim

  8. I am SO glad to hear the news of the EEG! And I love your new header. I can't wait to see what else is in store.


  9. So glad everything looks good with Kate! Love the shoes!!!! Have a great weekend!

  10. Cute page!! Love it!

    So glad to hear the good news about Miss Kate!

    Have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!


  11. So happy that things went well with Kate's EEG. Have a great time in South Carolina- safe travels and Happy Memorial Day!

    ps- Love the sandals - Lucy has the same pair:)

  12. So happy to hear the good news about Kate's EEG! Hope you have a great time in South Carolina! Safe travels and Happy Memorial Day!

    ps - love the sandals - Lucy has the same ones:D

  13. Kim, I am awe struck by your friends' tragic loss. I think that it was a mistake for the news paper to report the event in the matter they did. I feel that it was cruel and way too harsh to openly accuse the brother (who's life will never be the same). My prayers go out to the sweet brother that he may feel the forgiveness of our Father.

  14. I'm so happy to hear Kate is OK! That must be a HUGE relief!

    Enjoy the weekend with your friends! Sounds like fun!

  15. That is the best news about Kate!

    I love your new look.

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

    Lisa W.

  16. Hi Kim,

    We will miss you tomorrow at the play date. Enjoy your trip and travel safely! I am glad to hear that Kate's EKG is normal. Many blessings!

    I read the article about the family who lost their five year old. We have so much to be greatful for! I will give Bradley a big hug when he wakes up from his nap. I will be praying for that family and the son. Love, Clare

  17. Just came back from reading that story. How tragic.

    Im going to hug my kids extra tight. Have a great weekend!

  18. I have had the same thing happen with Zappos! Isn't it crazy? It's like when you go to a Mexican Restaurant and the food comes out so quickly you think they must have been reading your mind before you got there!

  19. I am so thankful that Kate's tests were normal!!! We will continue to keep you all in our prayers.

  20. I am happy about Kate. I have been hoping & praying. I just cannot stop thinking of the Chapman Family. I know the painful journey they are embarking on. It is brutal & lonely. I am hoping that their son can be comforted, and know that he did nothing wrong.

  21. Wonderful news about Miss Kate's tests! We have been lifting her in prayer every single day!
    Have a wonderful trip to visit your sweet friends!! Can't wait to see pictures!!! And...I love your "new look"! Miss Debbie is so very talented!!!
    Hugs to you sweet friend!!!

  22. Kim,

    Enjoy your get away! I know you all will have a great time! I am so glad to hear that Kate's test came back normal. She has certainly been in my prayers. I also LOVE your new blog look!! Too cute! :)

  23. Hi Kimber... your blog is not coming up for me... I see only the header, and the title of the first post. I am not sure if it is my computer? Anyway, it took quite a few tries for me to get the entire page to come up. Is it just me?

  24. I am so glad to hear all is well with Kate! And I LOVE your tagline that 'life is meant to be shared'... I couldn't say it any better!

  25. I love the facelift and the shoes! Zappos is awesome AND if have to return something....that is free!

    What a relief about the results for Kate!

  26. oh, i just cried and cried for the chapman family the night it happened. now, whenever i hear the cinderella song, i cry again. my heart just breaks for them.

  27. Kim,

    Glad to hear the good news about Kate. Love the sandals! Have a fun weekend! Oh I loved little David A.
    but I new David C. was going to win. They were both really good.

    Aunt Doonie

  28. Just catching up - very thankful about Kate...but I have to be honest, I felt complete peace as soon as there was no news within 24 hours:)

    Blog is looking good - your sweet friend is magic with a camera and apparently with blogs, also!

    The Chapmans - ooooh how my heart hurts, literally. I feel their grief so deeply. Thanks so much for your email - Lisa got it to me right away...I had already heard rumblings but I was able to get clarification from you all. In light of your above post, I sense there was a comment somewhere, how sad. We should be spending our time lifting this family up, not judging others for trying to do that.

    Here's to a good weekend with good friends, enjoy every prcious moment.


  29. Dear Kim, I am so thankful for our answered prayers and that your precious Kate is ok. Thank You Jesus!
    My heart is breaking for the Chapman family and I just can't imagine... They will continue to be in my prayers as I know their only true comfort, peace and healing can come from Jesus.
    As to the comment someone obviously made... that is just ridiculous to imply anything other than you had just found out the news and wanted to ask for prayer for this family in desparate need of it. Thank you for letting us know so that we could lift them up in prayer.

  30. Blessed news about sweet Kate!! Have to tell you that little Miss Kate's feet must have surpassed Meggie's - actually looked at the shoes and they don't come in Meg's size! I can't wait to see Kate wearing them.


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