Meeting Blog friends at the park

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
A few moths ago, Jennifer e-mailed me asking for some help on her blog.  I gave her my phone number and told her to call and I would help her out with the background paper.  When I saw the caller ID, I realized that she lives where my friend Staci lives. Jennifer has the sweetest Southern accent you have ever heard. We talked a little bit and I have followed her blog ever since.

When I knew we were headed to her neck of the woods, I asked if she wanted to meet up with us.  So, last Saturday, I took the peanuts to a park near Staci's house to meet Jennifer and Landree.  Landree is about the cutest thing you have ever seen!  I loved talking to Jennifer and seeing Kate and Landree play together (although they were a bit independent).  Jennifer is kind and sweet and thoughtful and pretty (she was a beauty pagent queen) and easy to talk to (even if she is much younger than me;) I really enjoyed meeting them. I put some photos in the slideshow but wanted to post them here too.





I told you she was adorable!


See you next time, friend.

"Strangers are just friends waiting to happen." Rod McKuen


  1. Kim, these photos are great! How fun to meet a blogger friend! See you soon, Clare

  2. Hi!
    Ruby has that adorable dress too... Now she needs the monogram!!! So cute!!! Glad you had fun! I think it is so great how you have had the opportunity to connect with so many fabulous women through 3 Peanuts!!! Can't wait to roast marshmellows with the peanuts soon too!!!!


  3. Just precious! And isn't so much to meet up with bloggy friends?

    Maggie's dress is at the momogram shop as we speak~

  4. Just the girls in thrie dresses...

    It must be our lucky week....anonymous has decided to strike my blog as well....I have dared them to email me....people make me sick! I deleted one comment and then they came back to leave more.....

    Anyhoo......just stopping by cuz I LOVE your blog! *wink*

  5. What gorgeous photos of all of you! And what a beautiful afternoon at the park together!

    Hugs, Shana

  6. Hi~

    So glad you got to meet a new bloggy friend. It can be such a blessing. The girls looked adorable playing together. Was it coincidence that they had the same dress on that day?

    What a nice thing to look forward to when you visit Staci.


  7. OH how precious Kim!!! Look at those darling little matching dresses!!! Just beautiful...all of you!!!

  8. Kim,

    Thank you for your really sweet comment on my blog! I have great respect for you also and sincerely appreciate your kind words!

    These tow girls are darling together. Isn't it fun meeting other blog moms! Now, did I miss how the grls were in matching dresses?

  9. That is so cool! Beautiful photos of 2 beautiful girls :)

  10. you got some great shots of Landree!:):)
    Oh you know meeting blog buddies is like meeting an old close friend almost. You already know so much about them and usually you just enjoy yourself so much!

  11. Both little girls are just adorable!!

  12. Awww.... it is all so adorable. The dresses. The bows. The girls. And of course... the mommys!

    So adorable!

  13. Kim~
    Love those photos! After you posted about that dress, I ran out and bought a 12 months and a 4T (both on clearance!) for our Raegan to be!!!

  14. She's adorable. Great photos!

  15. I can't wait to get the CD of these awesome pictures!!! Thanks so much! We had so much fun!

  16. Hi Kim!

    Love your photos ~ you have a great eye and great
    skill with the camera! The girls look so cute in their matching dresses!

  17. Such sweet images and I am so glad that you guys got to meet :D
    Ladybug hugs,

  18. Where did you get those adorable dresses?! Ah...I'm in love! Your 2 girls are beauties!


  19. How cute! They are adorable. Have a great weekend!

  20. I love the hair bows and the cute mathing dresses!


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