Thursday, April 3, 2008
Tomorrow marks one year of one of the best days of my entire life. April 4th 2007 was the day I met my daughter. It was the day I dreamed about for years. It is our Forever Family Day. I have a special post to her planned but Kate is really sick again and wants to just lay in my arms all day. Holding a very heavy and limp baby all day leaves little time for anything else. (Luckily she is sleeping now). I still need to add the music to her homecoming video. So, I may not be able to do it for a few more days. For those of you new to the blog who want to see our joyous homecoming, you can read about it and see photos here or here (my letter to her).

To Kate Emerson's birth Mom wherever she is...

Thanks to Sharon and her family who are in China now with their beautiful new son, Hudson, for sharing this video and the interview with the artist too. Blessings!


  1. Oh, I hope Kate is feeling much better very soon. Can't wait to see your video.

  2. Oh my gosh, I am in tears after seeing the post you wrote about the day she came home. I have always known I wanted to adopt a baby too. Thanks for sharing your story! I hope Kate feels better soon!

  3. I love your blog and visit frequently. We had the chance to see Mark live in concert when he came to our small church in upstate NY back in Oct. He sang this song and shared the story behind it-I just weeped. We met our little Ella a month later and I still listen to this song all the time and think of her birth mother! I hope Kate is feeling better soon!
    Jeannine Whitacre

  4. I am so sorry little Kate is sick again. Your family have been in my prayers. I am praying.....
    I am so happy for your special day tomorrow.... It is a day to celebrate the miracle of Kate.... the video was beautiful..... makes my heart ache even more for my children's birth moms.... my joy stems from their sorrow... if only they could somehow know how eternally greatful we are and that their babies are safe and loved....oh how they are loved....

  5. OH Kim, this is such a heartfelt post...I am weeping too! While we were at the Grove Park two weekends ago...Mark held a small intimate concert...(we were on the front row) and he is such an amazing person...his wife and he family were there as well...we met them all...they are just precious. (She actually joined him on stage and sang a song with him) *It was so sweet to see them singing together at the piano!*

    He shared how he writes his songs from life experiences or from people's life stories....or about situations that he is either directly or indirectly involved with....He has such a heart for God! I adore his music...such powerful lyrics!
    (We actually ate breakfast beside him and his family on Easter Sunday Morning...oh what a treat!!!)

    I am so so sorry that your sweet little Kate is not feeling well again....Bless all of your hearts.... I'll be praying for her....and for you sweet friend!
    Thank you for sharing your "Journey to Kate' is so precious and wow...what a blessed little girl and oh how blessed your family is too!!!

    Love and hugs and prayers for healing!

  6. Well, there's something to be said for starting the day with a good cry!
    I'm praying that Kate feels better soon. And I'm praying for you! You deserve a huge vacation after all of this sickness.


  7. Kim,

    I hope Kate feels better soon! Isabela was sick earlier in the week, but it literally only lasted 24 hours!

    The video is beautiful ... and stirs so many emotions. It reminds us of the great sacrifice birthmothers all over the world are forced to make. I fall to my knees in gratitude that because of their sacrifice I am a mother of two amazing little girls. I am eternally grateful!! Thank you so much for sharing this!

    Happy Family Day tomorrow!!! ;-0

  8. That video was so touching. I am in tears from it. thanks for sharing with all of us. I hope Kate is better today.

  9. Hope that Kate is better soon and I will be think about you guys and keeping you in our prayers :D I am so excited for you - this is a milestone which deserves a celebration!

    Ladybug hugs,

  10. so sorry your sweet girl is under the weather again. I pray she feels better ASAP.
    I look forward to your special post.

  11. Kim, how are you and the fam? I hope Kate starts feeling better! That video made me cry and yearn for the day that I can be a mother. Thank you for all of your beautiful posts! I love keeping up with the fam!

  12. That video was beautiful - I love Mark but hadn't yet seen this. Now, I'm all weepy...

    You know I am praying for sweet Kate.
    Love you!

  13. That was such an awesome video! Thanks for sharing it. I can't believe that it was a year ago tomorrow that kate emerson came to be in her mommas sweet arms.

    I sure hope she is feeling better soon!

  14. I hope Kate feels better soon! I love this video and can't wait to see Kate's video...

  15. Kim - there is no doubt your video will be breathtaking and leave us all needing a box of kleenex close by. I know I do not speak only for myself when I say whenever it gets posted will be the perfect time for all of us to celebrate with you.

    In the meantime, hoping that Miss Kate is feeling better quickly - nothing more heartbreaking than when our babies are not feeling well.

    Mark Shultz has been a favorite in our home for many years - thank you for sharing.

    Take Care,

  16. Kim,

    I am so sorry Kate is not feeling well again...all that Mommy time will help. Can't wait to see your special post for Kate Emerson!

  17. Wow, that was amazing!

    Thanks for sharing, it brought tears to my eyes and made me think of Simone and Sophies Birth Mom!

    Hope Kate is better soon.


  18. I heard that song for the first time after we had adopted Chloe. Every time I heard it, I cried. I have gotten better...until now. I had never seen the video before. Thank you for sharing. I am sitting in a puddle of tears just in awe of the strength it must have taken for these incredible birth mothers(and birth fathers in our case)to give so unselfishly. That is love in its purest form.
    God Bless you and precious Kate(I hope she feels better) as you celebrate your Forever Family Day.

  19. Dear Kim,

    So sorry to hear Kate is so ill again. Lifting her up in prayer that she'll soon be your spunky girl.

    Happy Forever Family Day tomorrow! What a year it has been and I rejoice this milestone with your family! I remember following your blog back then but not commenting. It has been a joy to watch Kate bloom and grow.

    Today is the second anniversary of our Gotcha Day and tomorrow is our Forever Family Day, too.

    Congratulations with love,

  20. Thanks for the good cry!!! I saw this on Sharon's blog too, but didn't have time to open it. What a beautiful testimony to one of the most difficult decisions a mother can be faced with. You and I are blessed by the gifts we have received from two women we most likely will never know. What a privlege it is to raise Kate & Ruby Mei. I am thankful for that responsibility today!

    Congrats on your anniversary! I will never forget talking to you that day! I will be praying for sweet Kate!

  21. Mark Schultz is an amazing artist with an amazing testimony & story of adoption. Still crying - Hope Ms. Katie Ru feels better soon...

  22. I have such a heart for the people (especially orphans) of China. I have lived there & will return for 2 or more years at the end of the summer. The Father has also been knitting adoption/orphan work into my heart lately. So...that's how I've gotton hooked on adoption blogs like yours! After seeing this Mark Schultz video on your blog, I wanted to give you a link to some friends that live in Michigan. They lead worship at their church, and Todd was adopted as a baby. It's a touching letter from his birth mother & the song he wrote about it. Just wanted to share.

  23. OMG!!!!
    I am crying.. that was soooo beautiful...
    LOVE IT!!!
    Thanks for sharing..
    Have a Great Weekend..

  24. I am sobbing! I don't know what got me more the video or the song?

  25. Boy, Kim! I sure would love to come play with Kate Emerson!!

    Happy Family Day!! A very special day!!!

    I loved all the dolls and how she is such a good mommy!! Who taught her that, I wonder???????

    I hope she grows up to be so much like you!!

  26. A letter I have already written, a dream I hold onto so tightly and a hope that never fades. Thanks for sharing the journey with us and I wish you nothing more than a marvalous day filled with family and love. *love the video*

  27. Kim -- Happy Forever Family Day tomorrow. I so remember reading the post when you saw her for the first time! Those actually might be my favorite pictures of you and Kate! She is such a little blessing!

    Sorry to hear Kate is sick again. As always, we are in the same boat!

    Thanks for sharing this video! I needed a good cry!

  28. Congratulations! and thank you for sharing this past year and more with all of us!

  29. Kim, Happy Forever Family Day! It was so fun and so moving to go back and look at the pictures from that very special day one year ago~ you look so radiant and so pretty (with your sassy little hair cut) and all the pictures tell such a wonderful and beautiful story. I love how Kate is checking you and Harry out and how Harry is reaching up to Kate with such a sweetness. Will looks so proud (I'm sure at having been such an amazing help to Dad and sissy) and Dave just looks glad to be back. lol How your heart must have been beating to see them all!!!
    They're all such beautiful, BEAUTIFUL pictures and memories. :)
    I was doing good holding it all together until the end of the video~ that is the first time I've seen that.
    Happy Forever Family Day~ enjoy reflecting on your special day one year ago and the family you've become in the time since. :)

  30. What a very special and miraculous day. I am so happy for all of you, that you have each other and count your family as the greatest of blessings.
    I hope that Kate is well soon.

  31. Happy forever family day to all of you! Have a wonderful weekend.

  32. Happy Forever Family Day! Enjoy your day together. I hope Kate is feeling better soon.

  33. Hello Kim,
    This is a link you might appreciate.
    Blessings on your special day,
    Birgit :-)

  34. I will never forget the first photos of you seeing Kate for the first time. Gosh, I can't believe it has been a whole year already! Enjoy your Forever Family Day!!!

  35. I loved going back to read about your first moments with Kate. I love the pictures! No one ever, ever forgets their first moments with each of their children. The closest thing to heaven on earth! Hope Kate recovers soon...

  36. Happy Forever Family Day today! What a wonderful, special year your family has had - you have so many blessings! Hope Kate is feeling better today.

  37. I hope Kate is feeling better today Kim. She is in my thoughts and prayers.

  38. Happy Family Day!

  39. Happy Forever Family Day! I am so sorry to hear Kate is sick again. I hope she recovers really quickly!

    Loved the video of Mark Schultz. Thanks for sharing.



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