Kate Update and a Good Wishes Quilt

Sunday, February 24, 2008
Kate Emerson is developing by leaps and bounds and so I thought it was time for a little update. I have finally found a baby book with adoption pages that I plan to order and I want to remember everything so I can fill it in later! Several people asked about the book I am buying....here is the link. They are beautiful.

Kate says almost everything we say and puts words together constantly (shoes off, more please, too hot, it's cold, etc). She even comes out with things that we have never taught her. For example, this week she has told me that a few things are purple (and she was right). I have not talked with Kate about colors at all yet. I try to teach my children practical communication before I teach them shapes, colors and numbers. So, I have not made any efforts yet to expose her to that stuff but somehow she is absorbing it. She is counting all the time, starting to say her ABC's and pointing out colors. I am wondering if she is getting this from Sesame Street because she watches it while I shower in the mornings.

The most wonderful new develpoment is that Kate says "thank you" spontaneously now. When people hold the door for us, she says it. Every time I check out at the grocery store, she tell the cashier thank you. Every time we give her something or make her food, she says thank you. We do not even have to remind her. I cannot tell you how that fills my heart with joy. It is one of my goals as a Mom to raise grateful, appreciative and polite children. So, I am absolutely tickled that Kate is doing this so naturally.

Kate really enjoys books now. Her favorites are still My Mama's a Llama (which has fallen apart), Little Miss Spider and Goodnight Moon. However, she has added The Rainbow Fish, The Fur Family, Leo the Late bloomer (one of my favorites) and a few others to her repertoire now. Last week, while I was cooking dinner she got a picture/word book out and sat on the kitchen floor and "read" the book. It has pictures of common items (flower, leaf, girl, boy, apple, banana, dog, potty). She turned each page and said most of the correct words. I am simply amazed that she has only heard English for 10 months and she is doing so well. I want to savor each and every step of her development.

Kate is also attempting to dress herself. She loves to put all of our shoes on and walk around the house. This week she got one of her socks on herself and she was so proud!



Kate is also a climber. She climbs onto all of the chairs and counter stools in our kitchen. It is very dangerous and it is driving me CRAZY! Just this morning she climbed up to sit at the breakfast table. She leaned on the chair and over it fell onto our slate floor with Kate in the chair. I think I had a minor heart attack and thought she broke her wrist. All is well but we cannot turn our backs for one second which makes cooking a challenge!



My little monkey climbs onto the stools and pretends to work at my computer.

100 Good Wishes Quilt

Onto to another topic....I have posted a few times about starting a good wishes quilt for Kate. I even created a quilt blog for her a long time ago. When we were waiting for Kate, I did not really know about them at first and then for many reasons, I was afriad to make one. Once Kate came home, I wondered if it was too late to make a quilt. However, many people have encouraged me to have one made for her. I do not want to look back someday when she is 12 and I wish that I had done one. So, I have decided to compile a 100 good wishes quilt for Kate Emerson and I am really excited.

I am asking those who have a wish for Kate and want to send a quilt square to choose a fabric that is 100% cotton. Please send me a 9X9 washed square of the fabric you choose. I hope to use the quilt on her big girl bed and I have begun looking for new bedding. So I ask that you send fabrics that are white, pink, green, cream or any muted combination of those colors. It is my hope to back the quilt with a white vintage chenille fabric. If you want a peek at her room or to read more about the quilt project, click here.

Along with the square, please send a wish card. This can be an index card or any other notecard that has your advice, wish, verse or words of wisdom for Kate. Please include a small piece of the fabric on that card (2X2 is good) so we can match your fabric to the quilt after it is made. I will assemble all of the wish cards into a scrapbook for Kate. Please keep your wish one-sided so that we can easily read it in the memory book. I will try post the squares as we receive them on the quilt blog.

E-mail me for more information if you wish to participate (through my profile). I look forward to finally working on this project and I thank all of you who have encouraged and inspired me to do this. Some people sent me squares months ago when I mentioned it and I have each of them saved. I look forward to sitting down with Kate Emerson one day in the future and show her all of the good wishes people had for her life. I cannot wait to wrap her up in the love that people send our way.

Tonight, is my 11th annual Oscar Party. For the past 10 years I have hosted a "girls only" party to watch the Oscars. Some years have been elaborate with lovely invitations, gourmet dinners, signature cocktails and lovely prizes. Other years have been very small and we ordered take-out because I was ill. This year is very small, very last minute and very casual. Just a few friends will come over to watch this year and I am making tortilla soup. One thing has remained consistent though----I always wear my pajamas and I always encourage my guests to wear theirs as well. I have even had contests for the cutest PJ's. The best part of the party is commenting on everyone's clothes, jewelry, hair and love life. I learn a whole year's worth of People magazine trivia from my friends in one short evening! Enjoy the red carpet! I know we will.


When we moved from Houston a few years ago my friends presented me with this "Oscar" for the best parties! They gave it to me as a surprise at my last Oscar party there. It sits on my mantle around this time of year. Some famous actors and actresses live in our area. We see one Academy Award winner at our grocery store sometimes. Well, a few years ago a worker in my house saw my Oscar from afar and thought it was real and asked if it was mine. I nodded and said, "yes" and left it at that!

Finally, several people were curious about my new lens. I really like my lens (Nikon 50mm 1.4) a lot but I do want to share a tip.....I am likely going to exchange mine for a different version (which my hubby is a little upset about). Nikon makes a 50mm 1.8 that is one third the price of what my sweet guy bought me. According to the reviews, it is every bit as good. I will never be a good enough photographer to notice the difference between a 1.4 and a 1.8! So, if the company lets me I am going to exchange mine this week. I felt too guilty. One other tip, you need to have a pretty steady hand with this lens. I am kind of shaky, so it is challenging.

Kate does NOT like my new lens and is sick of me taking her picture. She pushes the camera away just like the celebrities do to the paparazzi.


I am warning you Mom...no more pictures!

Then she covers her face....

or gives me the evil eye!

If we distract her enough....

we can get some good ones though.


(Elissa took this last collage)


  1. Wow, I'm the first to comment :)

    I came home from church put Landree down for a nap and then immediately turned the computer on to check on you guys!

    Have a fun Oscar party! Glad everything is going well for ya'll. Can't wait to see pictures of Kate's quilt.


  2. Good catch up! I love Kate in your shoes - Li Li is a show girl -like that is a surprise - and love going through my closet :D

    Big Ladybug "Cyber" Hugs until the really get to you :D

    Talk tomorrow ans can't wait to hear how the party went!


  3. Enjoy tonight!

    I sure miss you!


  4. I discovered your blog through another adoptive family (?) and have become addicted as waiting parents often do! I'm waiting on my daughter from China (LID 2/25/07) and read blogs/websites constantly. Yours is one of my favorites and actually inspired me to create my own recently! Kate is adorable and I appreciate all of your blogs! Have fun tonight!

  5. I, too, just got home from church and had to check in quick. I love the pictures of Kate.

    Have fun at your Oscar party. Of course, I think the pajama attire is perfect!

    Have a great week!

  6. So glad to catch up on all of Kate's recent developments. The baby book that includes adoption pages sounds awesome! I'm excited that you are doing a quilt -- you are going to be so happy that you did. I already had picked out fabric just in case you decided to do it. ;) Have fun at your Oscar party tonight. Too bad we'll have to wait a whole week for that update -- unless you do it before midnight! Have a great week.

  7. Okay,
    Regarding the Oscars:
    Make sure you write down your TOP 5 Best and Worst Dressed/Male and Female. I will email my picks to you (or post them?). Lets see if we agree!
    Regarding Ms. Kate:
    Hooray on the manners/vocabulary explosion. It only gets better. Also, she's only going to get cuter and cuter so be prepared (i.e. steel yourself against pouty lower lips and sly smiles when bad behavior arises!!)
    Hello to Dave and the Boys!!

  8. Sounds like Kate is doing really well..
    I so love the "Thank You's" I am BIG on manners also...
    Can't wait to see pictures next Sunday of your party...
    Have fun..
    Love Kate's clothes...she is always the best dressed little girl...
    Have a Great Week..

  9. oh its great to ahve an update :)
    I have a little monkey too. Its in my last post.
    I hope Kate grows out of it. Caitlyn keeps expanding her climbing abilities.

    Love the pics, hope you are enjoying your lens. This photography stuff is hard sometimes huh?
    I am going to read that link I shared this week in spare time.

    Hope this week is wonderful.

  10. I will send you a quilt square this week. I love little Miss Kate Emerson's pig tails, too cute!!! My girls have the same chandelier as Kate:)

  11. I love Sundays! Thanks for the wonderful updates - Kate is such a little smartie...I can't believe how much she's talking. And polite too? Very nice!
    I have a climber over here too, so I feel your pain. Never a dull moment.

    I'm glad you are doing a quilt for Kate. I think it's a beautiful idea - one that I had never heard about until quite recently.

    Have fun at your party tonite...
    and have a wonderful week!

  12. I love the pictures of Kate!! They are precious! :o)

  13. Good to see Ms. Kate! I love her puppy frocked dress - too cute:)

    Thanks for your email about the banner; I **loved** the idea of making your own!

    I am so thankful that you decided to make a quilt! I hope that you get many wishes & that you get a good color scheme. Ours will FINALLY be done in a week or so & I will be posting pics:) It has been a fun road!

    Hve fun at the Oscars!!

  14. Now I look SO forward to Sundays to read your posts :)
    If you don't mind, leave me a message about the adoption book you found - I cannot find one and I am saving all my info for Mia's book like you! Thanks.
    Also, Mia is a crazy climber too!! My boys never did these things - she carries around a step stool, when I take that away, she climbs up on the chairs or tries to move them over to the counter! Cooking is VERY difficult over here too!! Is it a girl thing??

  15. Wow...another action packed week! So much to comment on!!

    I, too, was fascinated watching Lia's language development. It was amazing to me how fast she picked things up (she was 14 months when we brought her home and had developed quite a few Chinese words already). It changed almost imperceptively overnight...we would "know" she had gained new understanding. Truly truly fascinating to watch.

    Hopefully, Kate will grow out of her climbing stage soon! Yikes!

    Good tip about the lens!

    Oscar parties=mucho fun!! Tortilla soup sounds fabulous!

    Thanks for sahring your week!


  16. I want to send a piece of quilt!!! I would love to do that! Thank you for that opportunity, they don't have anything like that for little Guatemalans or Ethiopians (we are adopting again!!)
    Have a super time at your party!! Tell us about it and take pics!!


  17. Love everything....what a fun party to be hosting....can't wait to see pictures....AND....have Kates ears always been pierced? I just really noticed it tonight for the first time.

    I'll email you about the quilt. I owe Kim and Kimberley a square but I have just not been into it with the wait. Although I have had my fabric since last summer.

    I'm still experimenting with my new camera too. I can't wait to take it to Maui. I think your pictures are looking great. But I can understand the lens issue....

  18. Good to hear about the goings on at your house! Sounds busy! Sounds like Kate is keeping your hands full! This age is tough that is for sure! Myah is way more adventurous than Dayton ever was, I can't turn my back for a minute and I try to think like a 2 year old (which isn't to difficult on somedays!)
    Love the hair clippie in the last collage (wink).
    Have fun at your party, I just turned the awards on. Have a great week!

  19. What adoption book did you get? We have the This Is Me books and they are great. Sound like Kate is blossoming! I LOVE her pig tails!

    Your Oscar story is hilarious! I bet he told his friends all about you!
    Hope you have a great week!


  20. She has monkey toes like my little Lottie!

    They are like little sponges...aren't they?

    I LOVE her room, it is so feminine and beautiful!

  21. Kim,
    I think that we exchanged quilt squares, but I'm not sure. I am looking for someone to make Sophia's but am so behind on her scrapbook. I'll check and see. I'm pretty sure we did though.
    I am glad to hear that Kate is talking so well now and I think it's wonderful how she loves books. We do too here.

  22. Just had to come check in on Sunday! Love to hear all the new things Kate is up too. The oscar party sounds like a blast! Richard hates award shows, so I hardly ever watch them. I just watch "E" the next day for all the scoop. I am about to send Lori a quilt square, so I will send you one as well. I will email you later for your address. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I think her room is gorgeous. Have a great week!

  23. Great photos of Miss Kate! Have fun at your Oscar party...any party where you get to wear PJ's sounds fantastic!


  24. Kim....your photos with your new lens look great! I understand what you mean about the lens though. I still like our Powershot! :) Chris is truly the master of our SLR and lens!

    Kate's explosion of words and phrases is so cute! They reach that stage where you take a double take with the language explosion that has just come out of their mouths!

    I would love to send you a quilt square if you are still in need! I will send you an e-mail.

    Hope you had a fun Oscar party! Love that you do it in PJs too!Have a great week!

  25. I love these beautiful pics! I have shown them to my hubby...in an attempt to convince him that we NEED (not really)... a new camera and this lens so that I can reproduce pics just like this! I think it is working because he immediately went to Consumer Reports and was checking on the cameras and lens....yippee!
    He's such a CR guru...and it has to be "ok'd" by them! ha!
    I hope you had a wonderful Oscar party with your girlfriends! Sounds like a lot of fun!!!
    Chelsi and I would love to join in and send you a quilt square for Miss Kate. Please send me a mailing address!! I can't wait to see all the beautiful squares you receive! This will be fun and very sweet as well!
    Have a wonderful week with your sweet family and I look forward to next Sunday!!!

    Sweet Blessings,

  26. Hope you had a fantastic party! That is so much fun!

    Love the photos you are taking with your new lens! And LOVE Kate in her heels! What a beautiful little girl! Love her smocked pupy dog dress and barrette too!

    I will be searching for a square for Kate's quilt! How fun to do this for her!

    Miss you and love checking in on Sundays! Hoping you are having awesome days with your family!

  27. Love your pics and so glad you are starting the quilt. I have been trying ot talk myself into undertaking the quilt project but am just not ready yet. I have way too much on my plate including a kitchen remodel. Maybe after the kitchen is done-- oh well.

    I am so impressed with Kate and her language. She is doing well!! She is only 20 months-- right?? For 20 months she is really doing very well. I am very impressed!! I cant wait until Mia really starts talking. She says single words here and there and a few combos (lets go and thankyou) but she is usually just repeating what I say. Anyway, I am so happy you she is doing so well!!

    Christy :)

  28. Kate is beautiful , I have a niece who was adopted from China , her name is Katie, she is such a doll she is now almost 5 yrs old and a blessing , it breaks my heart that so many little girls are without mommies, I wish to adopt too but hubby isn't on board, sad, but I haven't given up hoping he will someday change his mind. We have two girls already and are so past the baby stage, I just always saw myself having 3 girls , two early on and one later on , we will see.
    Enjoy your sweet girl.

  29. Kate is amazing..... I can't believe how quickly she is learning...
    How fun your party sounds. Good for you.
    I will send you a square as soon as I get my ducks in a row.
    I am going to email you right now.

  30. great update kim! what a super fun age & developmental stage little miss kate is currently in...i love it!
    from the sounds of the reviews , hope your jammies were red!

  31. I love the update on Kate. Sounds like she is quite the talker. I can relate to the climbing. Lucy climbs on everything. Sometimes I can't even imagine how she gets up there. It makes me a nervous wreck and she just giggles. I hope you had fun at your Oscars party - sounds like a good time. I had to double take at one of the cute pictures of Kate as she reminds me so much of Lucy sometimes. Have a good week!

  32. Hi!
    Count me in for the quilt square!!!! Sorry I missed the party! You know that would be right up my alley with you and your pals! I will try to catch up with you later this week!!!!
    Miss you,

  33. Boy- Lent certainly keeps you from summing your week up in 3 words!
    Love the progress reports--the shoe pics are adorable. My grandson, Cole, loved shoes as a toddler,too.
    Oscar party!? What fun! You do some fun things..Do you keep track of the best and worst dressed and compare to the ones in People?
    You will be so glad you did the good wishes quilt. My Sara is 30 years old+ and before she was born,I made her a big block quilt with southern belles on it--cute patterns and the names of female relatives embroidered on each square. It has been repaired many times over the years but she still has it and still treasures it. I knew nothing of this tradition but I knew I wanted her to have an expression of my love that would endure time.

  34. P.S. I would love to contribute to Kate's quilt. I will send you a square soon!

  35. Kim,
    I love the picture where Kate is holding the banana - such a pretty face and I love her expression! You are awesome with that camera :)Also, I would love to send a square for Kate's good wishes quilt. Fabric is one of my favorite things and I can't wait to start looking. I will get your address from Staci or send mine with hers. Have a good week!!

  36. Hi! Thank you for your sweet comment. I think you will love having a quilt for Kate and will not be sorry for the effort. You nailed it when you said, 'wrapped up in all the love." That is just what I felt about our's. I have some material I'd love to send you for it. Can you let me know where to send it if you get a chance?

  37. Kim,

    I love to catch up with your posts if only once a week at this point. You always put so much joy in all that you do. You are like sunshine on a cloudy day (I'm having one of those days today...so thanks!).

  38. I love the Oscar in your living room - too funny! Also, Kate is cute even when she's giving the "evil eye". LOL!

  39. Love these photos... the one with Kate and her Daddy is very sweet. I LOVE all of her clothes... so classic and innocent! She is beginning to look a bit more grown up! I love to see each stage, and it's fun to anticipate what is ahead. I love your oscar story... & I must add, you are such a pretty Mommy, that I can see why the workman believed it!

  40. Kate sounds just amazing!! All of the pictures are just darling. I would love to send a square for Kate's quilt.

    I just said to my husband, "I want to go to an Oscar party (or have one), but none of my girlfriends watch :( Looks like I might need to move by you :0 Sounds so fun!!

    Can't wait for next Sunday!!

  41. Wow, I'm so impressed with all that Kate does! She is incredibly bright~ and you obviously are doing a terrific job!
    Love all the gorgeous pictures of her sweet face. :)
    I already left a comment on your quilt blog, but of course I will contribute!

  42. Love the picture of your Kate trying on the shoes! And all the other pics too of course! :) Hope you had a fun Oscar night!

  43. Love the Kate update! Has a ring to it. Such a cutie.

    Your Oscar party sounds SO fun!!! I would have loved to go to my party in my pj's! LOVE IT! :)

  44. I loved every bit of this post; you've got it goin' on, my dear.

    So, I have a few ??'s if you would be so kind:

    1. Did you stencil Kate's Room--love it.

    2. How do you know when to introduce the colors, shapes, etc. you mentioned...and your wanting to teach practical communication first, does that come from your Ph.d knowledge or just a personal choice and what are some examples of practical communication and is it considered impractical to teach the shapes etc. before they've mastered practical.

    Yes, I am clueless when it comes to children; I have not had the privilege yet; in addition, I really haven't delved into the vast universe of reference books; so any wisdom you care to impart would be greatly appreciated. ;)

    Sorry this is so long, but I only have a small window in which to blog and today's your day; and besides you have all week to think about it, you Lenten blogger you;)

  45. Thank you so much for the info on the lenses. I am still fairly new using a digital camera. Your photography is beautiful. Of course it helps that you have such precious children to take photos of!


  46. Sorry I am so late leaving a comment about your wonderful oscar party. It was so much fun. Your home is a warm place to be...and your friends were super sweet! (and I need your recipe for Tortilla Soup)

    Thanks for your prayers...Maggie day will be here before we know it~

  47. Love all the pictures! Hope you had fun at your Oscar Party!

  48. Kim,

    I'm not sure the best way to respond to things on my blog...I usually just email my friends and family...I do have your email...I think I've see you respond on your blog...anyway all that to say:

    Have a great weekend with the Pixel Fairy Princess. I'd love to meet her and scrap sometime!

    And about Canton. It's my all time favorite place to shop. Canton is actually the name of a town in East Texas. They have a 'flea market' the 1st Monday weekend of each month, but I hate to call it that. It's the farthest thing from a dirty old flea market. Stores come and set up and they have great clothes and bedding and furniture. Almost everything in my house is from Canton. Still...and I live in South Carolina! There are like 7000 booths I think. People rent U-hals and come from out of state. That's probably more information that you'd ever wanted to know, but I love IT! Oh and they have all kinds of food...

    Super fun!


  49. There is so much great "stuff" in this entry. Wow...I love the OSCAR party idea. Can I live in your neighborhood? Kate is too cute with all of her great accomplishments. And I would LOVE to send some fabric for her quilt.

    Did you get my email about getting an adhesive shade made for $15? I just need the last detail to put the order. Thanks!

  50. Kate and Hannah are very similar little people:) Hannah is speaking a mile a minute - it is fun to watch these little ones just bloom and grow.

    The climbing is killing me - she is everywhere, we have been known to call her the octopus, she is soooo busy!

    And shoes...the girl lives for shoes!

    Great update,always love to check in. Hope your party was fun.



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