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Thursday, January 10, 2008

My creation

Even though I am posting less, I want to take time to be thankful. Today I am thankful

~that the killer migraine that rendered me utterly useless yesterday is gone!

~that Kate had a great check-up. She is 50% in weight (25.6 lbs) and 90% in length (33.5 inches).

~that Kate says "I love you" freely now (see below). I feel as though the boys were born loving me but with Kate I had to earn it. It is a great feeling.

~that Will had the confidence to audition for his school play. After his audition, we went out for hot chocolate and went in one of those photo booths and made silly faces for the pictures. It was special Mom and Will time. He has the photos on his bulletin board. Those booths are not flattering to women of a certain age!

~ to Michelle, Denise and Kimberley who all nominated me for blogging awards yesterday. Because I was so sick, I have not had a chance to post about it. But I was honored, touched and humbled. Thank you.

~ Sweet Marina got her referral for her beautiful daughter this week. You must pop over and see her gorgeous Sarah. Congratulations!

~this one is shallow, I know ...but Spring clothes are arriving in the stores and therefore they are arriving at our house too. I don't know how that happens but it does. Check out the adorable shirt in the photo above from the G*P. I love it! Spring and summer clothes are my favorite for Kate Emerson.


  1. So thankful that your migraine is gone! Good luck to Will with the school play -- keep us posted. I want to see those pictures because I've never seen a bad picture of you! ;)

  2. Sounds like you have MANY things to be thankful for and don't worry that thinking about spring clothes is one of them. Bring on some retail therapy!!!

    Sorry about your migraine. Glad you're better now.


  3. Kimberly, Kate is the exact size of Olivia. Can you tell me what size she's in? I leave in 15 days.


  4. That is totally funny because I just posted on my blog that I was in G*P on TUesday and was commenting on the cute spring stuff. In fact I almost bought the shirt Kate is wearing. I too love spring and summer stuff on Mia. It is just so fun and cute and no sweaters to cover up the cute clothes. I am trying to resist buying for a few weeks but then I think that if I dont buy now then her size wont be there in a few weeks-- the true thought process of an addict :)

    I cant belive Kate is so high on the charts. She does not look that big in her pictures. She is just precious and I cant belive she is 50%ile in weight and 90% ile in height. She is like my boys- always in the 95%ile and above. That is awesome. Now maybe you can educate me on how to make Mia grow. Poor girl is still only 17 pounds (we were at the doc on Tues) and is 29.5 inches. At least her height is on the charts (between 25 and 50%ile) but her weight isnt even close to being on the charts. It makes me worry. Nice to not have to worry about Kate plus then there is a whole lot of clothes that become available to her since she is not in the little tiny sizes.

    GLad your migrain is gone. I agree with Sheri-- I want to see those pics of you and will!!

    Christy :)

  5. Kate is darling and I love her shirt!! I'll have to buzz over to the mall and check out the new spring arivals. Glad you are feeling better!

  6. Sheri and Christy,

    While I appreciate your interest--there is NO way I am posting those photos:) LOL!


  7. I can't believe Kate is so big! My "peanuts" are usually single digit girls. We'll see where they're at at their four-year check up.

    I'm glad your migraine is gone. Have you tried accupuncture? Eliminated migraines for a good friend.

    I'll have to go peek at gap.com. Spring feels a LONG way off here but that shouldn't stop me, should it?

  8. I don't know if those photo machines are flattering to women of ANY age!! I hope Will made it in the play. Very exciting!

  9. I don't know if those photo machines are flattering to women of ANY age!! I hope Will made it in the play. Very exciting!

  10. lovely list. wow Caitlyn and Kate are right at the same size!
    I always look at Kate and think she is smaller than Caitlyn... Pics are deceiving at times...
    I love you list right down to Spring clothes, I am very thankful that Spring is on the horizon. It did bring a smile to my face though :)
    I am so glad your head feels better!
    love the photo!

  11. so sweet that top! did you say GAP?

    I heard a few people had migraines yesterday. Nasty.


  12. Glad your migraine is gone, I had one earlier this week, no fun! I too am loving the spring clothes, I came home tonight to find my order of new tote for me and spring jacket for Hubby. So sweet Miss Kate said I love you...you must be ecstatic.


  13. I feel for you with the migraine. I get them on occasion. They're awful! I'm glad you're feeling better!

    Those photo booths aren't flattering to women of any age!

    Good luck to Will with the school play!

  14. I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. I too like see Spring and Summer clothing come out. You little Kate is so sweet. What a blessing.

  15. Oooh, creepy, I had a migraine yesterday and the residual today.

    Way to go Will!

    And Kate's little blouse, entirely too cute!! Love it!


  16. Those are wonderful things to be thankful for...glad you're feeling better. My hubby has suffered from cluster migraines. NOT FUN.
    Glad Kate is givin' you lots of love...there is something special about earning it, don't you think?
    Hope Will gets the part in the play - how fun is that!?
    And finally, LOVE Kate's new shirt...ADORABLE.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  17. I totally agree with you> Daniel is just started to say momma....I nearly started bawling last night! ;)

    I love the clothes too....we leave for Maui in two months so my shopping as already begun!

    We should plan a shopping trip! lol I can just see us both, major bags, trips to the car, more bags! Ahhh....life is good! ;) lol Love shopping for my Things!

  18. So many good things to be thankful for. Sorry about the migraine! I love the shirt, just was in GP this week myself, I am in love with the navy collection!

  19. Your family is precious! I'm just being nosy...about Kate's kitchen, where did you find it? It's really cute. And...your pearl necklace with the monogrammed pendant, I love it. I need to start hinting to my children about Mother's Day! Thanks so much for sharing on your blog. You are such a lovely role model for us.

  20. Glad your migraine is gone! Kate is too cute in the photo! And, I'm loving the spring stuff too! Bring it on!

  21. All VERY good things to be thankful for! Especially that "I love you" :O)

  22. You have many things to be thankful! Our girls are almost exactly 1 year apart in age! I didn't realize how close they were in age....

  23. Thank you for including Sarah in your Thankful Thursday post! Thank you for your blog - you'll never know how much it has helped me and continues to help through the adoption process. It's given me hope to carry on when I wanted to quit, or to believe that it's possible to love an adopted child after having bio ones. I hope you carry on!

  24. I am so glad you are feeling better. Once again I love your list... including the new spring clothes... I too find so much joy in finding new clothes for Hannah. I love everything you put Kate in! The picture is precious. You are quite the photographer!!!!!
    Please let us know when casting is posted... we are cheering you on Will!

  25. Hello my dear friend,
    stop by my place.... I have something for you.

  26. I am thankful too you are feeling better!!! I hate migraines!! Your blog is great and I know I have seen it before but not a follower but now I think I will be!!


  27. Thank you for leaving the lovely comment on our website at our My Adoption Website. I have spent some time looking over your blog and your daughter is adorable. It seems your family is enjoying her as much as ours is enjoying Claire! I really love her Christmas jumper. Thanks again! I've got you bookmarked now!


  28. So many wonderful things to be thankful for....I am thankful you found relief from the migraine....


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