Christmas Past~2003

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Christmas Cards 2003.

We were at Hilton Head and I took this top one. We were not dressed for a family photo but a passerby offered to take one and it came out pretty good, so we used it too (below).


Not bad for a quick candid by a stranger!


Will is ready with his list waiting in line to see Santa.


I think Harry's list is "illustrated."


Our "family" photo at the Galleria. If you look carefully, you'll see Harry in the left corner. He was being three and did not want to be in this picture. So, we said, "Fine. We'll take it without you."


Picking out our tree that year.

Here is our favorite lady from the Christmas tree place. She always remembered our family and was so sweet. We miss this place. Here the boys are getting their "kiddie tree."
For many years in Houston, we had a big (80-100 people) Christmas party at our house. For some reason I did not take pictures of the parties. I was probably too busy. But I did find this one of a centerpiece and the one below.

Some of my good Houston friends at the party this year. This one was bittersweet because I think it was our last Christmas in Houston.

The week before Christmas we got the BEST gift of 2003. My sister and her husband had tried for many years to have a baby. On December 18, 2003---I got the call that their son was born. They were chosen to adopt Ashton in a city near us. So, we immediately hopped in the car and drove the six hours to meet our new nephew, Godson and cousin. Here he is....


Oh wait, that is just his Dad, Uncle Moon being funny! Here he is...

Doesn't my sister look so happy?


Harry, Ashton and Dave.

Auntie Kim loved holding baby Ashton.
After a few days helping the new family settle in, we headed back to Houston to celebrate Christmas. This is the children's performance on Christmas Eve at our Church. If you look closely, you will see both Harry and Will.


The boys with their nutcrackers on Christmas Eve. Yeah--I have new Christmas pajamas on!


Harry was really into firefighters this year. He had his birthday party at the fire station and his nutcraker was a firefighter. Santa left this firetruck for him.

Will and his Imaginext.

We had Christmas dinner with Uncle Joe, Aunt Wendy and cousins Jamie and Olivia. Auntie Wendy is from England so we always do Christmas crackers when we are at their house. Thus the hats.

And since it its Thankful Thursday---I am thankful for all the incredible Christmas memories past and present that I have with my loved ones (family and friends).

I am also thankful for all of the wonderful people that have come into my life this year through the adoption community. You are wonderfully thoughtful and amazing people.

And finally, I am thankful for my darling Kate Emerson, the best gift this year.


  1. This has been so much fun...thank you for all your beautiful memories with your family.

    We have been watching the Christmas classics too....Sophia loves them.

  2. The Uncle Moon picture is hilarious! What a great call to get right before Christmas - nothing like a baby for the best present ever!

    Again, I'm loving the "Christmas Past" posts. Your cards are always so cute and have such great pictures. Only a few more years to go...what will I have to look forward to when you're done? :)

    By the way, still haven't told anyone about the blog - it's kind of fun having my own little secret! :)

  3. This has been fun to see your Christmases past. Thanks for sharing.


  4. love the lighting on the shot of your hubby and pretty.
    i also love the hilton head shot...cuteness

  5. Well, I never knew that Americans didn't have Christmas crackers. I always assumed they were an international thing.
    I'm loving your Christmas past posts. You are putting a lot of time into them.

  6. I enjoyed your Christmas past. My nieces and nephew call me Auntie Kim also :-)

    Have a great day!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful memories. It's been so long since I've checked your blog and I can't believe how much your children have grown since I first met you online during our China adoption journey. Best wishes to you and your family this Christmas and for years to come!!!

    Bruce's Mommy
    Gotcha Day 4/1/07

  8. First of all I am impressed you are finding all of these pictures from years past! I know that bittersweet feeling of your last Christmas in a special place. That is how we feel about Nashville. We left there six years ago this month. Love the new jammies for 2003!! Honestly, you haven't changed! I am thankful for you too!!!

  9. How fun! Where do I begin???? Firt I miss your traditional pajamas. lol All of your cards are so sweet and festive! The photos are wonderful and you are just so beautiful and so photogetic. Your family has the most beautiful, joy filled smiles. How happy for your sister and her funny husband. How I love answered prayers.

  10. wow what a post!
    Loved it. Too many things to comment on so I will just say lovely job!

  11. I enjoyed all of your past Christmas pictures. It's fun to see how much the boys have changed. I can't wait to see Miss Kate with them this year. She is at a fun (but busy) age!

  12. I think this is my favorite one yet. Beautiful photos and the boys are such a wonderful age. I love their notes and pictures for Santa.

  13. even though I haven't commented much lately, I wanted you to know that I've truly enjoyed living your "memories" with you. :0) I've enjoyed it so much, I think I'm going to go back through our many Christmas photos and relive a few of my own. I think maybe that's what I need this Christmas season.

    thanks again for sharing a bit of yourself and your family.

  14. I love looking at your all of our past Christmas's! Thank you for sharing! How special that both you and your sister have experienced adoption! What a gift!

  15. Great pictures. I love love love that Harry refused to be in the picture & you still got part of his head, so you will always remember WHY he wasn't in that pic!!

  16. I love your Christmas card for that year! Looks like it was a wonderful,memorable Christmas! Baby Ashton is a cutie! And of course, Will and Harry are so handsome! You will have to watch out for those girls in a few years!!

    Have fun making your gingerbread house this weekend!! I cant wait to see pictures of that!

  17. I am having sooooooo much fun reminicing with you ~ I don't know what I'll do without my daily dose of "Christmas Pasts" :)


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