Christmas Morning 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007
Side note---I did not take a lot of pictures when Will was a baby (or Harry for that matter). I only became photo obsessed when Dave bought me my Nikon D-80 last year. In fact, I had never even uploaded a photo until one year ago! Now I feel as though I missed out on a lot of shots of the boys when they were younger. I took a normal amount just not a ton. Well, now I am definitely overcompensating. I took 143 pictures on Christmas day! And I want to post almost all of them. Don't worry---I won't! But I will have two posts...a Christmas morning and a Christmas afternoon one. The boys were definitely better in the morning and Miss Kate was much more fun in the afternoon!


Coming down the stairs on Christmas morning!


This is what they saw. We honestly do not go overboard at all on Christmas. We buy the kids about 5 gifts and Santa brings a few. This year I am not sure we even bought them five each because of the BIG gift from Santa. We do not want to spoil our children and as you can see from their faces, they appreciate each and every gift.

Will saw this hat at our local health food store last week. He loved it and asked for it then. I said no but snuck back the next day and bought it. He has not taken it off since Christmas morning! See, it is the little things.

Hugging Dad with great gratitude for a new bike helmet.


Next, Will opened the WII from Santa. This is what followed:


A belly bump that went out of my camera range:)
We actually let Kate sleep in for the first half hour. The boys woke up and came into our room. They wanted to go downstairs. I debated about whether to wake Kate but I am so glad I did not. I was happy to really focus on them and their excitement for a little while.

Kate had a very confused look on her face. She was not sure what this was all about. Several months ago, I saw this "Christmas Morning Dress" here. I thought it was so beautiful. The lace collar is hand embroidered with a green and red bow. The buttons down the back are exquisite. I had to have it. I know it was a really indulgent purchase but c'mon this is the first Christmas with my daughter. So, here she is in her Christmas morning dress.

The buttons each have an embroidered rose bud on them.

She liked the high chair and immediately asked to get in it. Then we put her favorite doll in it and she realized it was for play.



Harry checked a book out of the library a few weeks ago on children's crafts. In the book, there was this game called "blow ball" and Harry told us that he wanted to make it for Will. Of course, he returned the book so he made it from memory. I am SO proud of him. He planned the project, got the materials and spent 3 days working on it. Everytime we thought it was complete, he would add something (like a concession stand and bleachers, and a scoreboard). He could not wait to give it to his brother on Christmas morning.


Will loved it and they began to play it immediately.


Will gave Kate this pinwheel. I loved watching her blow on it.
Kate was really mellow in the morning but she got into the swing of things after her nap and opened more gifts in the afternoon. In fact, she still hasn't opened all of her gifts. I have some great photos and I will post them soon. I am taking the boys and a friend to see The Waterhorse while Kate plays with Devyn at my friend Elissa's house. I am so glad to be able to spend that time with them:)


  1. Love the pics. THey are adorable and I never thought of a Christmas Morning Dress but what a great idea. Love the boys belly bump-- my boys do the same thing-totally funny!! Glad you guys had a great Christmas morning and yes, I love the pinefores!! THanks for getting me on them. I am obsessed!!

    Christy :)

  2. The pictures are GREAT and I wouldn't mind if you shared all of them!!! I love the black & white with color added. Enjoy your time with the boys!!!

  3. What a fun and exciting Christmas morning it was at your house. I love the expressions on the boys' faces as they came downstairs as well as when they did the "happy dance." Just precious! Kate's Christmas dress is adorable. I keep saying the same thing -- I finally have a little girl so why not? Sarah got a wooden highchair for her dolls also. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures from Christmas afternoon.

  4. Your boys will love the Wii, we got ours last year for Bradys birthday and have had so much fun together as a family with it. I love Kates dress its perfect, I need to get Lilly Rae one! Thanks for sharring your photos.

  5. Love the pictures...
    Looks like all 3 kids had a Wonderful Time...
    Love the last picture of Kate with the pinwheel...
    Very pretty...
    Can't wait to see the rest...

  6. I have never really thought of having a special Christmas dress, but now that you mention it, I certainly will steal this great idea from you.

    P.S. My husband thanks you (for giving me one more reason to shop, of course) ;)

  7. P.S.

    I love that you there is no over indulgence; I was just speaking to my best friend about this very thing; there will be very little of that in my house also; appreciation of the little things is of paramount importance to me; the little things are so fragile and fleeting.

  8. We got the wii too!!!! Valentina loves it!!!!
    Love Kate dress and your pictures are excellent!!!

  9. I am the same way about photos, I did not get interested until I began the blog. Several blogs inspire me and motivate me and it helps so much. I love learning!

    I can see the gratefulness in their expressions. Very sweet. I love that he wanted the hat so much! You are SO right, its the little things...
    Harry's gift to Will is so precious, so heartfelt.
    Thanks for sharing!
    I tried to email back after your last comment but it got sent back to me so I just wanted to tell you if you have any questions when you start your makeover regarding where to put what int he html or anything feel free to ask. I do wish you luck, its aggravatingly fun!

  10. Great pictures! I love the black and white picture of Kate -- she is just too sweet.

    We got your Christmas card today. Thank you so much. It's even cuter in hard copy!

  11. I have been doing the amateur photography for several years but only went digital about 4 years ago. Sara got me into scrapbooking about that time and we've done alot of that. I've only had the computer for 9 months and am still learning all the ins and outs. All I know for sure is that I love the whole business; photography, scrapbooking and computer imaging. And I very much love checking out your photos and the subjects and all the small things. Thanks for sharing.....

  12. I love your pictures - especially the action shots! It is evident, through the photos, that you have very appreciative children! Plus, I had to reread this post a few times because this is my alltime favorite Christmas song! Merry Christmas!

  13. What a great Christmas! So much excitement and many new blessings for all of us to celebrate this year. I love the expressions coming down the stairs and I think the Father/Son moment you captured is just so tender and precious.

    KUDOS to the photographer. :)

    Christmas blessings - Beth

  14. Hi Kim!
    We did the same thing... We spent a little time with Ainsley before we went to get Ruby too... Loved the reaction from the Wii! Tell the boys Ainsley will take them on in bowling anytime. Perhaps after we take the boys snow mobiling! :) I think we took the same amount of pictures! How can you not?
    I am so glad that your first Christmas with all 3 Peanuts was special!

  15. Love the pics....and the boys excitement over the Wii was hilarious! I wasn't able to find one for Christmas....luckily Emmie is old enough to be over Santa, and realizes I will get her one when I can.....and I think she was pretty happy with her Ugg and Coach

  16. How fun! Love the pics!!!! Harry looks SOOOOOOOOOO excited. Just too cute! Love Will's hat. The thought and work that went into the blow ball game is so sweet.
    Kate's dress is beautiful.... can't wait to see more pics. If I ever get my new camera that doesn't take 3 days to focus I too will join you in the picture taking. lol

  17. LOVE the happy dance over the Wii! Kate's Christmas Morning Dress is adorable. I got you beat with 187 pics on Cmas morn! :) Can't wait to see the rest of yours.

  18. Oh Kim ~please tell Harry that he did a superb job with the blow ball project! That is what Christmas is all about.

  19. Oh your little sweeties are just precious and your home is absolutely stunning! What special memories you are making for these little ones! I have been following your blog for awhile now, and have been so touched by how you share your heart with us!I have decided to jump in and start one of my own. Oh dear! I am brand new to this blogging thing and have lots to learn, but here I go! No looking back now! Thanks for sharing your sweet family with us and I look forward to seeing more of the "peanuts" in 2008. May God so sweetly bless your family, is my prayer. ~Denise

  20. Love the Wii dance! What a wonderful family Christmas morning..and that morning dress- sooo yummy (as well as the sweet one wearing it!) So fun!

    kari & kijsa

  21. I love all of your pictures...and the excitement on Will and Harry's faces is just adorable! I can remember feeling like that as a child on Christmas morning! So sweet!!

    Glad that you all had a wonderful Christmas and that Ms. Kate got to share in your celebration this year!

    I also LOVE the matching pj's on the kids!! That is SO adorable!!

  22. What beautiful pictures!!! You have such wonderful traditions with your children!! And, thanks for the shopping tip on Kate's gown... I bought one for next year... they are already 50% off at OE (my favorite place to shop)!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  23. Your pictures are great. I've only started to get into the whole photography thing. I love taking pictures of my daughter.

    Christmas morning is an exciting time for children and as parents watching the excitement, happiness, and appreciation in our kids is always a blessing. We also got our daughter the Wii as an early Christmas present. As a non-video game family, we became easily hooked. Have fun!

  24. I love the pictures, and I LOVE the Christmas morning dress... I had never heard of it, but its just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your holidays with us!

  25. The pictures are just adorable! It just sounds like a wonderful time. My boys are crazy about the Wii. I just realized while downloading my pictures that I lost the Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning pictures. I am so upset...

  26. This is Natalie. I have commented on your blog once before. Love your pictures and I think you have the nicest and very beautiful family. I do have my own large family, but I love to read your blog and see what you all are up to. It is great for a grandma to see what a great job you are doing in raising your children up well. Keep up your good work.

  27. Wow, it looks like you guys had a beautiful Christmas. Thanks for sharing it with us. The kids are just georgeous, inside and out! Good job Mom =)


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