Thankful Thursday

Thursday, November 29, 2007
I am so thankful for the lessons God put before me this week:

First, I was reminded that we never know who or how we are impacting others with our words and actions.

I was also incredibly touched and uplifted by the kind words of many. I am so thankful for that.

On a shallow note, I am thankful that my husband walked in with DVR yesterday. Out of a complete lack of desire to enter the cable office (yes, laziness), we have not had DVR and I either miss a lot of my favorite shows or I stay up too late. I am loving this! Thank you honey!

I am thankful for so many friends but this week I am especially thankful for Diana. She shared some advice and lessons with me this week. She reminded me that if joy is not in my heart about a holiday preparation because of stress or feeling overwhelmed, then skip that task. Christmas is a celebration of the joy of the birth of Jesus. It is not about getting the decorations up or the gifts purchased. Diana, you made me laugh and made me think this week. I am so thankful for you:)

Finally, I am thankful for a brave apology that I received. I was asked to keep the contents private but know that I appreciate your honesty and I completely forgive you.


Also, since I shared about Will's surgery yesterday, I wanted to post this photo of him the day after the operation (1/9/98). The surgeons removed a large section of his skull all the way down to the outer layer of the brain. The pathologist had never seen anything like the mass they removed but luckily it was benign. We did lots of speech, physical and occupational therapy with him for years afterwards but he is perfect now! Also, he said Mama for the first time within hours of waking up from his surgery! You can see in this photo how his face was a bit lopsided back then. But it immediately straightened out. We are so lucky!


  1. Hi! What a blessing and reminder that God can do all things when you look at that picture of Will!
    Thanks for your kind words! I am so grateful that God brought us together through the journey of adoption! Someday you and I will be having lunch with our girls looking back on their first Christmas at home! We have waited a long time to celebrate with them! I hope you find great joy in all that you prepare for Jesus's birthday!

  2. Kim -- That picture is just precious. He was soooo little. I am so glad he is perfect now. Have a great day!

  3. Wow- you would never have guessed by looking at Will now what he had been through. What a scary time for you! Maybe that is why he is such a caring, empathetic mature young man today.

    I too have found myself tensing up just with the thougt of all i need to do for the holidays- I can see my tension manifesting in Z's behaviour this week (and my reactions to her behaviour) thanks for the reminder!


  4. I love my DVR, couldn't live w/o it...I guess I could, but I wouldn't be able to watch any of my fav shows.

    The pic is so sweet.

    Forgiveness is a freeing thing. Good for anon for stepping up with an apology.

  5. You do have much to be thankful for! Beautiful pictures....all of them below as well! ;)

  6. That picture is priceless!!! In our hurry up and wait world that we live in, it is sometimes hard to remember what Christmas is all about, we get caught up in the doing instead of enjoying!!! I know that you want everything just right since it is Kate's first Christmas with you. Take a DEEP breath and take one step at a time, you will have many many Christmas' to enjoy with her and you can build the traditions as the years come they do not have to be all done the 1st year. ENJOY!!! Thanks again for sharing your world with us cyber people, you truly are the light at the end of my tunnel, I have no idea how long the tunnel is but you are the light that gets me through everyday.
    DVR best thing in the world!!! Cannot live without mine. We are a reality TV family. Survivor, Amazing Race, Biggest Loser, Big Brother, Dr. Phil, Oprah, etc. and to zip through the commercials is WONDERFUL!!!!! Take less time, so I don't feel as guilty for watching as much TV as I do!!! I am so glad you got an appology, and your willingness to forgive is so Christ like!!!

  7. Will is absolutely precious in that picture. What a blessing he is. We all need to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you for sharing Diana's wonderful reminder.

  8. Kim--this is an AMAZING BLESSING to me!!!!!!!! THANK YOU for posting this!!!!!!!!!! We just got back from a trip to Guatemala and our little boy will most likely have to have surgery on his skull. I am a very worried momma but right now trying to trust in the Lord!!!

    This is private but I think it is okay to post because you have blessed me sooo much today I am in tears reading your story aobut Will! Our little boy was neglected by his foster mom--he layed flat for hours at a time in a crib his head is so flat in the back the Embassy doctors feared his brained was being compressed. They did a CT scan and all is normal! Praise Jesus!!!! We have had him moved out of that foster home. It is hard because I am not there--we are in the last phase of our adoption right now and I am trying to trust Jesus! I started a new blog and made it private if you want to join just e-mail me your address!!! Again this was a complete blessing to me I know your situation for head surgery is completely differant than our need for it but this gives me HOPE and lets me know children really are RESILANT!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you give you Will a huge hug for me?!!!! Thank you again you have blessed me sooo much today!!!!!!! hugs to you and your precious Will

  9. ps--Kim I wanted to tell you I just die over your beautiful daughters wardrobe!!!!!!!!! SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! XOXOXO

  10. Great list, Will is a miracle isn't he?! I forgot to tell you that we just got a dvr on Tuesday, I am already loving it too!

  11. What a wonderful Thankful Thursday Post!! It is all about Jesus and I totally loose that much of the time. I have to be careful so that the boys dont lose site of the meaning of the season. I know we say the words but our actions speak much louder.

    Will is perfect-- what a blessing and a miracle!!

    Love my DVR- couldnt live without it!!

    Chrisyt :)

  12. I wanted to say hi! I enjoy reading your blog. We have two children and are in process to adopt our 3rd.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a precious picture! I'm so glad that Will is ok. I know that was a scarey ordeal to go thru. My son had a tumor on the back of his neck when he was little, and thank God it was benign. I was so scared at the time though. Enjoy your DVR!

  14. What a precious picture of Will. Praise God for what he did in Will's life. I can't imagine as a mother having to go through this with a little one.

    You are a wonderful example to all of us in your thankfulness for difficult things in life. I find that we often learn the most during these times. Thanks for sharing your list of things you are thankful for!

  15. Speaking of Jesus's birthday, do you remember the "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake on the cover of Southern Living a few years ago? Sis-in-law made it for her children, and it was our dessert after Christmas dinner. It was a square cake with smooth white icing and red "ribbons" (four strips and the bow on top) made from red fruit strip candy. She didn't have square pans but made it by cutting an apx. 9x13 pan cake to make two equal size squares as the layers. simple. elegant. meaningful. memorable.

  16. Oh it brought tears to my eyes when you said your Son called her name after his surgery. Thanks for getting me started on Thankful Thursdays, I love every thing about it.

    God is good! ~Michele

  17. I am so happy to hear that an apology was given. Everyone deserves a second chance and sometimes people find it hard to forgive. I'm glad this had a happy ending. I just got DVR and LOVE it!!! I'm addicted to Des. Housewives and Brother and Sisters but could never watch them at the time they are on so DVR is great. Thanks for sharing Will's story -

  18. Kim I love your thankful Thursdays - in fact I think I might adopt the idea myself. I find myself being so miserable and negative with the long wait we have ahead of us and I think it would do me good to verbalize some of the things I am so thankful for in my life!! My first thing is that I am thankful that I came across your blog becasue it has inspired me to be a more thankful for the things I have!!

    That picture of Will is so adorable - just a confirmation that God answers our prayers, I am so happy things have turned out so well for him!!

  19. What a brave little man you have; that picture tugs at my heartstrings; he was surely touched by the hand of God.

  20. P.S. The Bachelor is going to be on the Ellen show tomorrow; set your DVR!

  21. Thank you for sharing Will's story. I think it draws people closer when they share the things that have impacted their lives. Will is just beautiful. I am glad that he was able to recover fully.

  22. Kim, your post today is very poignant. Being thankful for the trials we go through is a true barometer of growth. It is also a sign of growth for the apology given to you. I know it's not always easy to do. And it's not always easy to receive. You have represented a true Christ-like attitude in this situation. You've been a great example to those who read your blog. You showed that you are human and you can be hurt and still turn around do what is right. I'm glad to have been a witness to this whole scenario.

    I love the sweet picture of Will. What a miracle he is!


  23. God's work truly is a miracle. I'm so glad everything worked out so well for Will and your family.
    What a cute photo!
    Love our DVR too...could never go back to a VCR again!!!

  24. Kim, what a great post, thanks for sharing a few of your blessings from this week. I love the reminder from Diana. :)
    The picture of Will is so precious, what an incredibly trying time that must have been.
    Thanks for being such a great example in forgiveness. :)

  25. I love this post... much wisdom to be shared.
    Little Will is so darling! What an awesome God we serve. I am thankful that your precious Will is well and healthy!
    Enjoy your shows on your time schedule! Good for you! Woohoo!!!

  26. Oh my goodness - what an adorable picture. He is a trooper just like his mom! A true picture for "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." What a sweetheart! So glad he recovered!!!

  27. Kim,

    Will was such a beautiful baby! I love that photo. I can't imagine how hard that time was for you.

    Such a blessing that he was not affected by all of that - he turned out to be very smart, kind, giving, respectful, and handsome.

    I'll try to call you in the morning. I will be in the car for a while so hopefully we can chat.



  28. Again, so much to be thankful for!
    Your friend's advice was so right on - "Jesus is the reason for the season"...I am so much more aware of how I show that this time of year now that I have a little one watching. (and following my lead!)

    What a sweet picture of your little glad everything went well all those years ago...and yes, he IS perfect!

  29. Kim,

    I really liked your 'lessons' at the beginning of your post, especially the 1st one, it reminded me of when one of my friends introduced the important lesson of 'perspective' into my life, and now I try and apply it to all situations that are provoking any form of strong reaction!! I am pleased that the rather unpleasant episode has been resolved, it has reminded me of how much we can learn from one another.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Katie in England

  30. That is great advice from Diana. I have been trying to remind myself the same thing the last couple of days.

    Will is so cute. So pitiful with that bandage on. What a blessing that he is ok.

  31. Hi Kim,

    Thank you for your post and reminding us what matters...

    I know it must've been very scary and stressful to go through Will's medical issues and I am so glad he is so healthy today. He is one of your daily reminders of the power of prayer and God's goodness.

    Take care of yourself!


  32. What a week!! I am so happy for the many lessons in your life, God is always teaching us something. I also am so glad that you received an apology! Wow! What a great Thankful Thursday post!

    Also, the picture of Will is so precious. Bless his little heart! You would never know that he went through all of that! I am so thankful he is ok and healthy...and a very handsome boy!

  33. Love the picture of Will - what an amazing young man - the Lord certainly knew back then the promise and plan He had for Will.

    So glad for the forgiveness and the lesson offered up this week - pretty powerful in many ways.

    As for the holidays, I keep reminding myself what children remember as opposed to what Mom wants them to remember - you are so together, it will all get done, even if it looks a little different than your plan. His plan will be carried through:)


  34. What a cutie and little trooper he is. He is definitely something to be thankful about!

  35. what a precious sweet baby face!
    so glad everything is perfect

  36. Kim,
    I wanted to stop and say hello....I recently found your blog on someone else's and have really enjoyed reading about your beautiful family. We have 2 boys as well as our beautiful daughter from China and I have to say I have been drawn to these blogs with boys in the family. I just recently started blogging to keep family updated and I had no idea what a wonderful support group it is. I wish I had known about it back when we were adopting. (our daughter is now 4) This blog world is all new to me and I am enjoying so much stopping by to meet families such as yours. Thank you for sharing....

  37. I will add to my "mommy notebook" to make the Christmas card photos early like you do! I really am keeping a notebook!

  38. Such a wonderful post. Such a precious photo. You have a beautiful family and are truly blessed!!


  39. Wow - your darlings are so beautiful and amazing - it is no surprise with folks like you... :-)

    The old pics are great!! How frightened you must have been... so glad it so far behind you all. Hope these holidays are happy for you all ....


    Missy - EFP's Mom


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