Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I didn't really have a post in mind today but since sweet Kim (Red Mary Janes) at the Seventh Diamond is sending people over, I thought I had better put something up. Yes, today I am 40! UGH!

I don't really have many baby pictures of myself but I dug these two out. In fact, these are the only ones I could find. My Mom took a lot of photos, we just are not sure where they are.


I am thinking that I am about 5 or 6 here.


Me and my sister, Dawn. I am the fair haired one.

My friend, Elissa brought me my favorite breakfast and some amazing gifts this morning. She gave me a charm that is the Chinese symbol for friendship and my favorite bath salts and shower gel that she tracked down at a spa in Houston. Apparently, I told her about them a long time ago. That is the kind of friend she is. I am so lucky. She is also keeping Kate busy as I type this. Thank you for all of the kind wishes!


These GORGEOUS flowers just arrived at my door from Diana and Ruby Mei! Thank you so much. You know that I love orchids! This made my day. Miss Katie Ru had us up a lot last night and I am utterly exhausted. I was having the after lunch sleepies when they arrived and they perked me right up. You are so sweet Diana!!


  1. Well, I get to say Happy Birthday again! You make 40 look gorgeous! Have a wonderful day.

  2. Oh my word! Stop it. How precious are those pics?! I see that wearing hair bows is definitely a family tradition.

    God's blessings on your birthday!

  3. Hope you have a Happy Happy Day and Many more.

  4. You are too cute!! Some things don't change with time! Have a happy day and a blessed year.


  5. Happy Birthday Kim - great pictures!

  6. I look forward to you helping me get through my 40th in a few months...ugh is right! But I would rather be 40 than 20 again...can I hear an amen?

  7. Denise--

    I will gladly help you! Amen!


  8. Happy Birthday to you! It seems like the celebrating never ends, good for you, you deserve it!!

  9. Happy brithday Kim! I turned 40 in March, so we are close in age. You were a beautiful baby and some things haven't changed - you are still very beautful! Have a wonderful day!


  10. A very Happy Birthday to you Kim! 40 is just a number--what matters is how you feel and that you are surrounded by people who love you. Continue to have a wonderful celebration!

  11. Happy Birthday! You have wonderful friends & family.



  12. Happy Birthday Kim! You wear 40 well! I must admit, I don't like getting older, but what can we do??? Except....fight it like heck and buy every anti-aging face cream out there! :)

    Here's to 40 more wonderful years!

  13. Happy Birthday!!! Listen, this is a great time to be 40. Did our parents look like us at this age? NO. You look wonderful and your baby pictures are adorable. Enjoy your special day.

  14. So gld to see that you are having a Happy Birthday!I was going to call but didnt' want to interrupt the celebrations! Maybe tomrrow. I sent out your cd's today by the way! You look fabulous at 40!!!

  15. Happy Birthday.....look at all those wonderful gifts! Hope you had a fabulous 40! ;)

  16. To my sweet Kim
    I have called you on cell and land line singing to you on this, your very special 40th birthday...where have the years gone? i am so glad (even though you are exhausted)that you are having a special day..I love the orchids.

    I am so proud of you and the women(and mom) you've become..

    hugs and love

  17. Happy Birthday Kim!!!!
    I hope that you enjoy your 40's as much as I have! Love the pics!
    Blessings for 40 more filled with hope and peace and of course sleep!
    Cheers to you!
    Diana (&Ruby Mei)

  18. Happy 40th Birthday Kim!!
    You look fabulous at 40!! It's so funny to see your baby pictures, I don't see you in the first one with the yarn bows (I use to wear those too!), but I definitely see you in the younger baby one....they're both so cute!! Thanks for sharing those. :)
    My birthday wish for you is that this next year ahead is one of the best yet and that your whole family gets a great night of rest tonight! :)
    Enjoy your special day!!

  19. Happy Birthday! You look fabulous at 40! Your weekend sounds like it was lots of fun! I love those kind!

    Will continue to keep your health and Miss Kate's in our prayers!


  20. I was going to write a special happy birthday message in my last post, but wasn't sure if you were letting everyone know today was the big day. I'm glad that you did...but I guess you didn't have a choice.

    I LOVE the photos! So cute!

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that this year brings you LOTS of joy (and maybe a little sleep, too).

    Happy Birthday Kim!!!



  21. Happy Happy B-Day!!!
    love your Blog!!!!

  22. Your parents did good raising you Kim! What great pics. I wish you all the best for your birthday. I've enjoyed the gift of your blog soooo many times. Take care!
    Kim and Katiebug

  23. you make 40 look hot (think Heather Locklear & Michelle Pfeiffer!!)I only hope I can "hold up"!! Happy Happy Birthday:)

  24. Happy Birthday!!!What a special one! Enjoy your special day and all your blessings! Those flowers are GORGEOUS! Yes, of course you can add me and I've added you! :)


  25. You were the first person I thought of this morning, my friend. I hope you've had a delightful day!

    Love to you as you begin a new decade,
    Lisa who is expecting your help and support in less than 9 months...

  26. Happy 40th birthday, Kim! Breakfast and flowers? It doesn't get much better than that! I love the pictures too!

  27. Forties are fabulous; welcome to the club!

  28. Happy Birthday!!! Just remember it's just a number and you are only as old as you act!!! :)
    Hope you had a wonderful day and the flowers are very pretty!!!

  29. Happy Happy Birthday to you!

    I totally agree with RMJ - you do make 40 look gorgeous!

    Love the baby pics...you've always been beautiful.

    You are definitely blessed with a wonderful family and OUTSTANDING friends - glad they are spoiling ya on your special day.

    (hope you get some rest.)

  30. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day.


  31. Happy Birthday! I wish you all the joy your heart can hold and more. I also pray that you stay vibrant and healthy:)

  32. Happy Birthday, Kim!!! You don't look a day over 30!! I'm so glad you had a nice weekend and that Staci was able to fly up and celebrate! I know she had a lovely time and enjoyed spending time with you! Take care.

  33. Happy Happy Birthday to you! Love the photos. you have always been gorgeous it appears!

  34. Once again I say, Happy Birthday.
    Leading up to 40 is actually worse than being 40. The anticipation is over and now you go on.
    Welcome to the "40 and still have it, hot mama, ya ya sisterhood club"
    You are georgous!
    HOpe you and Katie Ru are better.

  35. Oh c'mon, don't rub it in our faces. Especially for someone's whose starring 47 in the face! lol. You look mah-velous my dear.

  36. Happy Birthday!!

    I love the pictures of you as a little girl. So cute!!

  37. Happy Birthday! Today is my son's birthday too. He is 1, and in Guatemala. We are hoping he's home soon. I hope you had a great day!

    I Love checking your blog, you have a beautiful family!

    waiting for Isaac


  38. Happy Birthday! You make 40 look GOOD, girl! I hope that you had a wonderful day :0)

    Laura Beth
    Reston, VA

  39. I hope you had a very happy day.

  40. Happy Birthday, my friend. I am so sorry I did not get your card out, but please know I thought of you multiple time Tues. I am glad you were born! Keesha

  41. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Kim!

  42. Happy birthday to you! The flowers are gorgeous!

  43. Happy Birthday! Love the pictures of when you were little. Hope I look as great as you when I turn 40.

  44. Happy birthday to the max! i love the ponytails. you were so cute!!! that kind of cute lasts and lasts!!! have a great new year. this is the time of our lives!!!

  45. Happy Birthday!!! But you know I didn't want you to turn 40 so fast, because I am right behind you!

    Adorable childhood photos! So sweet!!!

    Happy Birthday again (sorry this is so late- we've all been sick here too & also having computer problems-yuck)!

    Lots of love,
    Shana :)


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