Christmas Past ~1998

Sunday, December 2, 2007


This was our Christmas Card photo from 1998. I had this photo printed on the front of a card. And on the inside it said, "Have yourself a Merry little Christmas."


As you can see, Will was not as keen on the big man this Christmas. It is my theory that most kids are afraid of Santa their second Christmas. However, I still always get the picture. Nobody is scarred for life. We took Kate Emerson to see Santa today. She had pretty much the same reaction! This is technically her second Christmas.


On Christmas morning...Will wasn't sure what to do with the presents, so he climbed on them. His pajamas say Ho-Ho-Ho on the bottom.


I think we were going out to a Christmas party here and we grabbed Will for the photo.


People always ask if I dressed the boys like I dress Kate. And yes, to a large extent, I did. Althought they did not have quite as many clothes. Well, maybe Will did. Mostly, I did dress them in very traditional clothes. Will was a very busy toddler. In fact, we called him "hyper diaper." Therefore, this is the best shot I got of his Christmas outfit this year!

I just noticed that he is holding one of his favorite books from that time, "Leo the late bloomer." Since, Will had some delays, it reminded us of him. It is a GREAT book. Leo blooms and does everything just his own time!


Will and Daddy (and Will's favorite blankie) around Christmas 1998.

IMG_0019 not make fun of my short, fluffy Texas hair or my jacket. It was 9 years ago and it was in style then. In fact...I think it's coming back;)

1999 was one of my all time favorite Christmases, so I am busy working on it! I am really having fun doing this!


  1. Love how you are counting down the years...
    It is so much fun to watch..
    Have a Great Week..

  2. I am glad you are having fun doing these posts - b/c I know I enjoy reading them! It's funny how similar (yet grown) Will looks now! He is such a cutie!

  3. I just got done watching Desperate Housewives and thought I better check in one last time! I love these pictures! Will was the cutest little boy. Time certainly flies when you are having so much fun!

  4. I am having fun with this too, Kim!
    LOVE the 1998 Christmas card picture...TOO cute.
    And Lily wouldn't touch Santa with a ten foot pole last year (her 2nd Christmas)!
    Looking forward to 1999's installment.
    P.S. I loved your fluffy texas hair.

  5. What a great idea to look back on past Christmases like this. And I can't make fun of your jacket because I had one almost exactly the same about 9 years ago too!!! :) Great pictures.

  6. Kim,

    I love this post. And I think the jacket is definitely "1998 fabulous".

    Will was such a little cutie! Love the Christmas card photo. I am loving the Christmas Past posts.

    Hopefully we can chat soon. Things have been crazy. Hope things are going well.


  7. great your Cruella Deville jacket! lol

  8. The Christmas card photo of Will is so adorable! Thanks for being brave and sharing a pictures of you back then -- it's fun to share your memories with you.

  9. I love that you're doing that. It is so much fun to see the past Christmas's. Will is such a cutie pie!

  10. LOL - yes that hair cut IS coming back - I just had my hair cut short like that :D

    I am so enjoying these posts! Will is adorable and I LOVE his saddle shoes. Ian had a pair just like them. Christmas 1998 was probably one of my favorites too ~ although, this year may tie it though!

    Call me later. I felt like we still have so much catching up to do!

    ladybug hugs,

  11. Too cute for words..... what a little heartbreaker. How fun this is. THank you so much for sharing your precious family and your special memories.

  12. oh i love it!
    i love him in the b/w photo....precious!

  13. I always love seeing some blast from the past photos.
    And thank you for posting that picture of Will in saddle shoes. I get so much flack over wanting my boys in saddle shoes for dress when they are small. But it is very appropriate, not girly. Love that photo, no I have some ammo for my husband who has forbidden it with Eli.

  14. How adorable is that first photo of Will!! Oh, it just melts your heart! I love that you are posting about all your past Christmases with the Peanuts! :)

  15. What a wonderful idea to look back at prior Christmases this way. I just discovered your blog, which is terrific.

  16. IMO, there is NOTHING cuter than a little guy in overalls. That shot is absolutely awesome. And I swear you have not aged from the wedding shots til now. How do you do it? Is drinking only water really the trick? You must get your supply from the fountain of youth!
    Loving the blog. It's great!

  17. Love the photos from years back. Its so amazing how fast they grow. Will was so cute and had a ton of hair. Can't wait to see the photos from 1999. That's the year Tom and I got married.

  18. Kim,

    I do hope you know how beautiful you you are :). What a gorgeous bride! You and your husband are adorable and it is no wonder your kids are so darling!

    I loved thes picts. I catch up with you every so many days and I am always glad I did.


  19. I Love your Christmas past posts! If I had a scanner, I would think of doing something like it!


  20. Okay, who didn't have a jacket like the one you are wearing?? You are beautiful no matter what your outfit or hair.

    Love Will's eton suit - I always dreamed of dressing a little boy that way and girls, well, this has been way too much fun.

    I love this trip down your memory lane, so much fun.


  21. I love the tenderness in your husband's smiles.

  22. Kim,

    Thank you for letting us all share in your past Christmas'. What a joy!! (I really want a scanner now!!)

  23. Such a cutie pie! I love your trips down memory lane!

  24. Anxious to see 1999! These are so enlightening...

  25. Loving the trips of Christmases past! You were a radiant, proud mommy and still are.


  26. hi kim! it's been a long morning and i decided to stroll your december posts because i'm getting in the mood already! anyhow, just noticed that this photo of Will climbing on his gifts resembles the photo of Kate doing the same! It runs in the family...too cute! hope you have a blessed day...thinking about you and the family.


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