Apples of my Eye

Sunday, September 23, 2007
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We went to visit some friends who live a few hours away yesterday. They took us to a local farm where we picked the veggies that we ate for the delicious dinner they cooked for us. We also picked a few apples! It was HOT and I look forward to going to our local orchard in a few weeks when it gets cooler here. Our orchard is on top of a mountain!
I love the first photo of Kate. Dave is a geologist and our boys are obsessed with rocks, minerals and fossils (like their Dad). Kate parked herself down among the rocks at the farm and she and her Daddy found "Skolithos" (fossilized worm burrows) in the rocks. Apparently, it was quite exciting!


  1. WONDERFUL pictures! I am so glad fall is here. Now if only the weather would cooperate. I am tired of this HEAT!!

  2. Great set of pictures! They are all WONDERFUL :D Going to the orchard sounds fun ~ we will be off to the pumpkin patch and corn maze here in a few weeks!

    Ladybug hugs,

  3. Kim, I love your collages! Your family is just beautiful and your photos are fantastic! Sounds like a wonderful day.
    Miss you all.

  4. Love the photos. It's starting to feel like fall, isn't it?

    The other day it was raining, and yesterday I was able to wear my uggs. Of course today it feels like it's in the 70s. LA weather never cooperates with the seasons.

    Thanks for the email.

  5. OK you and Diana are too cute with all the kids in red! They look very cute with the apples. My kids would think that was great! We don't have apple trees down here.

  6. Great pictures and I love your song choice! ;)

  7. Great pictures! We have not done the apple picking yet - still too hot! We did pick out spookie pumpkins today and enjoyed Indian Summer. Your peanuts are just beautiful, always a pleasure to come for a visit!


  8. Oh, those pictures are too cute! It was 91 in St. Louis today- UGH!! I want fall, and I want it yesterday! :) Beautiful reds in the pictures!

  9. You are so lucky. That last ice storm here took all the flowers off the fruit trrees----no apples this year. Your kids are gorgeous.
    I wish I had the collage knack....

  10. What a fun day! Even though I'm sad to see summer go, there are so many fun things to do in the fall. I love the picture of Kate with the rock!

    If you don't mind my asking, what program did you use to make the collage? It is so neat to have all the pictures together like that.

    Have a great day!

  11. Oh what a beautiful day! I love days at the orchard! Hoping to get there soon! I sent you a little something, (nothing major) you might receive it today.

  12. What a fun day! I absolutely loved the slide show of Kate & Scout, too - she looks blissfully happy with Scout in the doggy bed.

    I am sure you have answered this question before, but I can't find it anywhere. Kate's hair bows are always so adorable - if you have a good source for hair bows, would you mind sharing? My daughter's hair has sadly been shorn very close, so I am looking for bows/bands that will stay in nearly non-existent hair!

    Take care, Laura Beth

  13. wondeful photos! We are heading to our apple orchard this's definately Fall!

    Although ours isn't atop a mountain(hard to find in Minnesota) I remember the days before our daughter when we lived in Vermont, and our orchard was on a mountain...thanks for reminding me!


  14. Kim,

    Love your apple pics. We have a place by our house (about 40 min away) called Oak Glen where we get to pick apples and rasberries and it is always a fun tradition to go with the kids. This year will be especially fun with Mia. Im sure it was wonderful having your Kate with you. All these "firsts" are just great to experience with our new little ones home.

    Christy :)

  15. Well, I guess looking for "fossilized worm burrows" could be fun.....especially with Dad!! lol
    (So cute!!)
    These pictures are beautiful of your family and I'm sure you had a great time. They all look adorable in red and those apples are mighty yummy looking! :)

  16. I love your festive fall pictures. Looks like it was a very fun day. I am not even sure there are apple orchards in TX. Maybe we'll go to the valley and pick grapefruit...:o)

    So many lovely times...


  17. What cute pictures! I love them all in red. It is so hard having older boys now and having to force them to color coordinate :)


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