The Frankenstein Walk to Will

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kate is getting better at walking. She still has the "Frankenstein, drunken sailor, wobbly walk" but she is making improvements everyday!

My friend's husband, Jeff has had another set back so please continue your prayers for him. Thank you:)


  1. Go Kate E Go!!! How precious is she??!??!!!

    Julie H

  2. OMG, how adorable is this?? I call it the "heart in mouth" period because my heart was always in my mouth waiting for dd1 to crash into something! And crash, she did. :)

    Now dd2 is working away at walking, and boy oh boy, I hope she gets it soon, because my heart can't take much more. She crashes regularly! Not to mention the Nestea Ice Tea Flop! Yikes!

  3. She's going to running in no time!

  4. Kim,

    You were so right when you told me that she has quite the sense of humor. I love how she's taking her sweet time walking over to Will, and then starts laughing. She's SO cute!

    Thanks for the chat today. Hopefully we can talk again before you leave.

    And thanks again for the cookbook. I made the roast chicken (waiting for J but I took a bite and it's good!) and the veggies. Thanks!



  5. Kate is so cute and hearing her sounds as well as the cuteness of her brother interacting is priceless!!


  6. She is so cute! And it is really touching to see her responses to Will, what a sweet big brother.

    Thanks for sharing

  7. Kim, that was SO cute, I love when she claps for herself and also her laugh, oh my, how sweet she is!!

    So fun to see more of her personality. Can't wait to hear about the fall wardrobe! Have fun shopping!

  9. OMG ~ She is beyond precious! I can't wait for this weekend! I so want to hold her :D I hope that she will let me!

  10. Woo Hoo Kate. How sweet! Get your running shoes out and lock all the cupboards!

  11. Adorable! I love how she stopped and started clapping when Will did. You could tell that Will just wanted her to walk soooo bad! Good big brother!

  12. I love that wobbly walk. Too cute. I will be praying for Jeff. Did they ever find out if it was Lymes for sure?

  13. Kim
    I have followed your blog for some while, but never have posted. The love your sons have for Ms. Kate is beautiful. We have been home for one year with our Ms. Lily Grace. We have a 13 yr old son and he loves his sister so much. He also had his own blog while we were in China. Your family is so beautiful and I love watching Ms. Kate daily.
    Please give our prayers to Jeff and family. I also followed their journey for Ms. Ruby Mei.
    God Bless YOU!
    Green Party of Four

    You may follow our daily blog of our beautiful Lily Grace at:

  14. Oh Kim, she is so darling. How I wish I would have gotten more of Hannah's first steps on video. What a hard worker she is... DETERMINATION!
    I love your description of her walking. I often used the Drunken Sailor description for Hannah. What precious times.
    I will email you soon to talk about NEXT MONDAY! WOOOOOOOOHOOOO
    I am so excited!

  15. Oh my! How sweet!

    I will be praying....

    One more thing! Will you post some of the precious clothes you bought over the weekend????!!!!


  16. Oh Wow! Kate is doing sooo well! I loved the part where she clapped for herself and when she stopped just shy of her big bro. and laughed! Such precious moments...glad you are capturing it on video and sharing it with us.

    I'll keep praying for your friend.

  17. Awwww Miss Kate! You Go Girl!!

    Kim~did they ever diagnose what Jeff had for certain? We will be praying for him and Diana and their family.

  18. How sweet ! And what a good big brother!!!

  19. How sweet! She'll get her sea legs pretty quickly from here and she'll be chasing you all about. Emma really looked just like Frankenstein....very stiff with arms straight out. The boys nicknamed her Emmastein. That was a couple of months ago and now when you hear her feet running in the house, it is hard to tell if it is her or her 4 year old sister. She's very fast! She, like Kate, has the older ones to keep up with.

  20. She's a treat! I love that she was making a game of it. Almost teasing her brother....


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