First day of school and the smell of dead fish

Tuesday, August 28, 2007



Sorry this is blurry. I guess I was shaking?

Brothers and best friends

Okay, SOMEBODY (and I not not going to mention names)

decided it was a good idea to bring a barnacle home from the beach. So yesterday my car started smelling a little "beachy." Then last night as we were heading out for Chinese food, it smelled of dead fish. Finally, we figured out that SOMEONE'S barnacle was hanging out in the hot car (and likely dying). I spent a good hour scrubbing and vacuuming the car last night. I am afraid to go sniff it this morning. Any helpful hints for getting the smell of dead fish out of your car?


  1. Eeeewwww.Funny, but not clue! Your boys are so cute.

  2. Did you try Febreeze? I would think that would work. If not, you may have to take it to a car wash and have it deoderized. Sounds so much like something one of mine would do!

    The boys look so handsome all ready for school. Love the little tiger. They grow up so fast!

  3. Heehee! I have a friend with this same exact problem a few weeks ago. They used vinegar, however, it went from smelling like a dead fish to Easter Eggs!
    Good luck!

  4. Baking soda ~ we just had a bag of potatoes rot! It may work on you car :D

    The boys are so handsome, hope that they have a great first day!

    Ladybug hugs,

  5. Oh no!!! I would try ALL the suggestions!!! Love the pictures, they look happy and ready to start school. Now it will be just you and Kate to enjoy the days!!! Have fun!!

  6. I am trying not to laugh...but it is funny. Sorry, no advice. They do look so handsome all ready for school : )

  7. The boys look great - Happy first day of school! Try lemon - straight on the exact area where the smell begins and you can always squeeze the juice into water, put in a sprayer and gently mist - it's how we always cleaned up after crabbing and always seemed to work.

    have a good day:-)

  8. Odoban, baking soda, a mixture of it, a new car?


  9. Kim,

    Get a big box of baking soda open it up and it should work. The pictures are so cute. Tell them
    Ashton & Aunt Doonie said good luck on the first day! Ashton asked about then all the time. Enjoy your time with Kate!

    Aunt Doonie & Ashton

  10. LOL.. so funny. You might try a lemon freshener. that is what they tell you to do when you have a fishy smell in your house from cooking fish. maybe it would work for the car too.

    btw.. such handsome boys all ready for school :0)

  11. heheee.... memories in the making... sounds like SOMEONE wasn't ready for vacation to end.
    They are so handsome. How exciting! Hope they have a fun day.

  12. Beautiful boys! And yes, somebody once thought bringing home a bucket full of conch shells would be a great idea in my family. Of course the said somebody forgot about the critters in my truck and the only way of ridding all the bad odor after scrubbing, febreezing and lysoling was to just leave all the doors and windows open for a longgg period of time. Goodluck....I feel your pain.

  13. I agree with the baking soda - that *helped* when the gas can tipped over in my SUV.
    The picture of the two of them should be blown up - it's gorgeous! I hope they have a terrific first day and that you enjoy the day with just Kate!

  14. Odoban. It is the best spray ever! Outdoes Febreeze every time when it comes really stinky stuff.

    Cute cute boys! I hope they have a great day.

  15. First Day of school, first day of school!!!!! - Nemo!

    Love the pics. Try baking soda and leaving the windows open (if no issues of rain as that would cause an entirely new issue of mold)!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach photos! We are going in October and I CANNOT wait to get some of the girls! PLUS, what a good excuse for some new dresses!


  16. The first day of school didn't really go with "the smell of dead fish" so assumed you would have a story to tell...

    Wish I could offer advice but I have never had a dead fish in my car. Sorry. Nice of you not to name names. It was Kate, wasn't it? :)

    Good luck friend. Keep scrubbing. Maybe spray something nice to mask the odor? Bobbi Brown Beach, perhaps? I know how much you love that stuff.

  17. That is too funny! And SOOOO typical of little boys! Sorry, I don't have a clue how to clean it.

  18. Oh yuck! I hope that all or any of the remedies work. The boys look great on their first day, we don't start until the 5th. Is Kate looking around to see where they went? Myah did that last year and I felt bad for her! I guess summer is really over isn't it :(

  19. Hope your little men had a great first day of school.

    Dead fish and a hot car, not a good combo. Hope you'll get rid of the smell ASAP!

  20. oh now that sounds like something that would happen here!

    I suppose feebreeze and then I LOOVE the Yankee Candle leather car fresheners. Maybe open two or three and it would help?
    Love the back to school photos.

  21. Beautiful pictures of your boys on their first day of school.

    As for the fish smell...gross! Best of luck gettin' the smell out of your car.

  22. Ah, life with boys - it's always hysterical! I love your photos on the last post. I can't wait to do beach photos with our daughter!!

  23. Thank you all for your suggestions! The car is back to its "fresh smelling" self. A good cleaning did the trick.


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