Kiss me Kate

Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Little Miss Kate Emerson is very fond of giving kisses to her brothers (this is Will) and Mommy and Daddy. Oops...once she bit Harry's cheek by mistake. It was just so yummy!

She is studies every toy so intently.
This is her new accomplishment of the day--pushing up on her arms.

We're working on crawling.
The doc told us we need lots of tummy time to catch up.

Today we took Kate Emerson in to the pediatrician for a total check-up. It went well. She weighs 20 lbs. 10 ounces. She is 29" long. Her weight, length and head measurements have her in the 75th percentile on the American growth charts. This is amazing for a Chinese adopted baby! She is very healthy. She seems developmentally on target in most areas (sitting, talking, game playing and social interactions). But she is a little behind on things like scooting, crawling and muscle strength. We need to play a lot with her on the floor and she will get much stronger. It is obvious to us that Kate Emerson was well cared for in China. Her foster Mother was kind enough to take a lot of pictures of her life there. I am not sure yet if I will post them or not.
Amazingly, Kate called me "Mama" today with intention and meaning. She doesn't really want to sleep in her crib yet but she was playing in there today and I was on the bed watching her. She rolled over, pushed up on her arms, looked me squarely in the eyes and said, "Mama!" I melted.


  1. Kim,
    That is great news from the dr and she looks so happy..i think she loves being the youngest darling member of the swales family..
    Kate looks so cute in her gingham dress and i noticed she has a gold bracelet on...already a jewelry person ..just like her mom....

    You all like so warms my heart so...

    love to all

  2. Hi "MAMA!"
    Just think, she has not even been home a week yet, and she looks like she has been there forever!!!
    Great news from the Pediatrician!
    So fun to see the blessings that this little girl is bringing you all everyday! Thanks for keeping up your blog~!

  3. Glad she is so healthy! So happy for you MAMA!

  4. Wow, Kim! "Mama" already? That is AMAZING! Kate is SO smart- she really is. I love the very last photo of her on her tummy with her hands together like that... Sophie Lu used to do that (so sweet)!

    So glad Miss Kate got a great review from the Doc... 75th percentile... yes sounds familiar!

    It was great talking to you the other day!

    Hugs, Shana

  5. awe...that's precious, Kim. Sounds like Kate knows her home and her family when she sees it.

  6. Kim,

    She is so cute! Your family is glowing! I have SO missed being able to see you all with my computer down!! I can't wait to read all that has happened with your Kate.

    Amy C

  7. ADORABLE!!!!! She is so cute! All of the pictures are awesome. Katie called me momma too and it is such a great feeling!

  8. ppKim,

    So glad Kate is doing great! She looks amazing! Kate looks like she's been with you all from day one. It does our heart good to see how well she is ajusting. We can't wait to meet her. Bye Bye MAMA!

    Love, Doon & Moon

  9. Congrats "Mama" !! How that must have just melted your heart! Looks like little miss kate emerson is getting along GREAT!

  10. Kim, your Kate is such a girly girl! I love her "style"!!

  11. Kim,
    Kate looks so healthy and happy and like she's adjusting so well to being part of your family.

    And you look so happy too!


  12. Oh Kim...

    Life and God are good! Kate is so darling and sounds so wonderful, I am so happy for you all. Please keep posting as I would love to keep reading!

    Take care and enjoy EVERY minute of this wonderful time!



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