Kate--At Home

Saturday, April 7, 2007
See my teeth? I have four and they are good for all of the chewing I do! I ate a whole talapia fillet and 1/2 a baked potato for dinner last night. No wimpy baby food for me.
Yumm. The bow even tastes good!

Playing with the shape sorter. I love toys!

I put them in and I take them out. I could do this all day. When one got out of my reach, I flipped over and started a tiny little crawling action. Maybe I'll crawl pretty soon! Who knew?

So fun! I played with that yellow piece of mail for a long time.

Miss Diana, thank you for the bunny and the gorgeous outfit! I LOVE them.

A new toy a neighbor brought over last night. Thanks Cailin and Meagan! They even brought "spy gear" for my brothers! Everyone is so nice here.

Mom and me hanging out in the kitchen this morning. Mom is a little tired (as you can see) but she is having so much fun with me that she doesn't mind a bit.

My brothers love this bunny too (from Diana). It vibrates and scoots on the floor when you pull its tail. I needed to remind them that it is mine.

Eating a beautiful engraved silver rattle from mom's friend, Miss Amber. I love this. I carry it around with me everywhere. It makes a soft pretty chime.

Okay, what is this white stuff? We certainly were not expecting snow here the day before Easter! We don't really have warm clothes for Kate so she just looked through the window.

You are just so cool Dad.

I love it here!

Looking up to my big brother already.

Sleepy baby.

Her favorite place to be...in Dad's arms. But Mom is running a close second.

Mom trying to comfort me in the sunroom when my ear infection was hurting.

Kate is doing well. As you can see, she loves to play and smile. She seems very happy and she is bonding well. She is developing right in front of our eyes every day. The first day home we were saying our blessing before eating a delicious dinner (brought by a very generous neighbor--thank you DeAun) I asked if anyone had anything to add to our prayer. Will burst out saying, "God please let Kate continue to use her fingers to feed herself like she is right now!" We all looked over and Kate was putting her first little apple puff into her mouth. A week ago Dave said she had no idea how to use her thumb! Then today, she rolled over and started to show early steps of crawling. You can see how everything is a new adventure for her. We are loving life! In fact, Dave and I kind of fight over who gets her (in a loving way of course). Sorry for the incredibly long post and tons of pictures. I am having so much fun snapping away and figured while she is napping on Daddy's chest, I would do this. Happy Easter!


  1. Oh how wonderful Kim. She looks fabulous, even with a sore ear infection. She is obviously feeling very loved and very comfortable with all of you. Wow. Wow. Wow. I'm so happy she's home with you all.

    It gives a person hope.

    Snick :)

  2. It is so wonderful to see Kate with her family - home at last! I can't get enough Kate Emerson pictures and stories. I love you Kate - Aunt Staci

  3. Yeah!!! She looks so happy!! She is right where she belongs! Enjoy, Lori

  4. These pictures are beautiful, we love everyone. She looks so at peace and so happy! We just love looking at her. Thank you so much for posting all the pictures we can't get enough of Kate. She is the most adorable precious little girl. Love the pink outfit!
    Happy Easter!

    Ashton, Aunt Doonie & Uncle Moon

  5. Kim, she is PRECIOUS! So cute and happy!

    Happy Easter!

  6. It's AMAZING to see the change in Kate already. Where before there was a sad distant look in her eyes there is now joy and hope. It's amazing to see her thriving in a loving, stable atmosphere. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~Cynthia, N.Y.

  7. Happy Easter! Kate looks so happy ... beaming! I love all the pictures, but I especially love the one of Kate with her brothers!

  8. Honestly, could she be any cuter in pink, green, white, and whatever other color of the rainbow you dress her in? I can not wait to see the Easter pics!!!
    Clearly she was born to be yours!!!
    So glad to hear that she is adjusting well, and that you are all in love! And, of course so happy to hear that the bunny was a hit! Happy Easter!
    Love, Miss Diana

  9. What a little beauty. It is amazing to see how much she has blossomed surrounded by so much love!

    Have a wonderful Easter!


  10. Happy Easter!!!! He has risen, and you have your precious Kate home! I was just thinking about what a special day this is for all of you!!! And, I forgot to mention yesterday, that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kate's adorable dimples!
    Jeff just looked at your pictures and commented on how PRECIOUS she is! Enjoy this very special day for your family! Love, Diana

  11. Kim,
    I love all the pictures you have posted of Kate!!! She is adorable and looks sooo happy with her family :)
    Happy Easter!

  12. Oh how wonderful it is to see your baby in YOUR arms! Following your journal has been such a blessing to me as I continue to wait... thanks for sharing!

  13. You have such a beautiful family. Blessings to you this easter!!!

  14. Kim,

    Kate is absoulutely adorable. She looks truly happy. My favorite pic is of her napping with her daddy. Priceless! Happy Easter, and I can't wait to see her in her Easter dress!!

    Love, Dawn

  15. You have a beautiful family. Kate Emerson looks so happy to be home. She is a beautiful baby. Oh and I just have to comment about her beautiful wardrobe! Especially love that monogrammed pink dress!
    Congrats again on your beautiful girl!

  16. Kim and Dave, precious Kate and my darling boys,Will and Harry

    what a thrill is was to see all of you today on the web cam...Kate is so very beautiful and looks so cute in her bunny dress and bunny bow.I am so glad she is feeling much better and being so good for you..and most of all, bonding very well.

    Will and Harry, you looked very handsome today and i really enjoyed my little visit.

    It's a real happy time for the swales family.everyone is glowing.may it always be that way...

    love to all

  17. Kim, Dave, Will, Harry and Kate,

    What a wonderful site seeing you all together. Kate is absolutely adorable. What lucky little girl she is. That smile, those cheeks I could just eat her up. Loved all the pictures. Can't wait to meet her in person. Enjoy!!!!
    Luv, Aunt Dot


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