The First Big Photo Shoot

Wednesday, April 25, 2007
My friend, Elissa is a very talented photographer. We have talked for months (if not years) about how wonderful it will be when she can finally take Kate's picture. So, I asked her to come take some photos for Kate's arrival announcements. It was Kate's nap time and she still had a touch of a goopy eye. Let's just say Miss Kate was not very cooperative. We did finally get a few great ones (due to Elissa's immense talent) but here are some that did not make the cut for the announcement. Thank you SO much Elissa!

Okay, what are these silly ladies doing to me? I need to spice this up.

Hmmm...I know just how to get out of this whole thing.

First, I'll eat my dress. Mom will not like that at all.

Then, I'll make a sour puss face.

And some kissy lips...

Wow, are you guys ever gonna give up?

I need my nap!


  1. Love the faces on your Gorgeous girl!

  2. I love these pictures! Kate looks so precious. The descriptions were
    so perfect.

    Aunt Doonie

  3. I love the sour puss face & kissy lips...she's precious!

  4. jules1Kate E is so precious as is the rest of your family! I have enjoyed following your story through the blog! Makes me relive China all over again! I can remember it like it was yesterday and it will be 3 years ago in July. Plus Kate and my girls have alot of the same dresses! :-)

    Julie H

  5. with the photos. All of them are super cute..can't wait to see the one that made the cut!

  6. What expressions! You must be having so much fun with her! She's lovely!!

  7. The pictures are adorable. What a little ham. I am enjoying each and every day when I open up and see that you have put updates. Hope I get to meet Kate soon.

    Aunt Dottie

  8. Oh my goodness, Kim!!! She does the same Kissy Face as Sophie LU!!! WOW- you didn't mention that on the phone! :) Great photos of your beautiful baby girl! Miss Kate sure has a wonderful personality! I love it!

    Hugs, Shana :)

  9. so cute and funny

  10. OMW....all those faces....that was great! I like the kissy face lips! ;)

  11. What great photos! I like the kissy face best! You are doing great with the blog and I love catching up with your journey on it!

  12. Cute, cute, cute! You'll have to post the announcment when you get it made.


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