Natalie Jane

Saturday, March 17, 2007
You never really know how you will impact people in your life. I never imagined when I started this journey of adoption that I would meet such amazing "strangers." One of those amazing people is Amy. Amy is a deeply spiritual and wise woman. She is a loving mother of five children. Oops, make that six! Over the past year, I have seen her reach out to total strangers to help them through difficult times. She has prayed for people she doesn't know, offered help, advice and support. I know that I am blessed to have met her in my Yahoo adoption group. This week Amy met her daughter Natalie Jane in China. Here they are. Congratulations Amy!

Amy granted me permission to share her beautiful daughter with you!


  1. She is a beauty! It is truly amazing how we all become friends through this journey even if we never meet in person. Blessings to Natalie Jane

  2. Oh Kim, I could not have said it better. Isn't Amy amazing???


Thank you for your kindness.