Playtime with Scout

Wednesday, January 17, 2007
This was taken right after the boys realized that the puppy in Dave's arms was not a stuffed animal. They were so surprised but very calm.
Dave told Harry that he drove to North Carolina to get our puppy and Harry hugged Dave so tightly and said "You did! Thank you so much Daddy." He sounded like he was crying when he said it. So I asked, "Harry, are you crying?" He replied, "No Mommy, I just have water in my eyes because I am so happy!" Harry didn't know that one could cry tears of joy!

Harry LOVES his new friend.

Puppy in grass.

Hmmm..what is this litte furball?

Devyn (our sweet friend) chasing me around. We are both too cute!

Willie taking me down the slide for the first and last time. I was shaking. it was scary!

Going for a ride in my automobile.....

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  1. Gorgeous children and puppy! congratulatons on the new addition!


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